Drink Up!

ImageThere is always a glass of something to drink at my desk.

I usually work or write late into the night. On hot summer nights, a Tanqueray and Tonic is refreshing, while cold winter nights lend themselves to Drambuie over cracked ice. Bloody Marys work any time. However, most of the time, I don’t think about an alcoholic drink, and I’m in the refrigerator grabbing another Coke.Image

What I drink has become a problem this past year, and although I’m not a resolution maker, this is one area where I intend to make some big changes.

Not too long ago, I saw a post about writers and their drinking habits. After reading several online articles, I was left with the impression that writers have a reputation for imbibing. Some say alcohol lubes and liberates the mind for writing. Others say it breaks down inhibitions which enhances creativity. My one little drink every now and then neither adds nor detracts from my writing.

Then there are the caffeine drinkers. Some of these writers say caffeine helps them meet deadlines and that it extends times of productivity

I don’t need to drink anything to be able to write, but I do think having something to drink while writing is a crutch for me (much like grazing on M&M’s).

That brings me to The Coffee Quiz. This is a new quiz brainstormed by BTW – Ben Trube, Writer.  Paula Acton tagged me to answer the questions, and I think my answers will clearly show my drinking problem.

The Coffee Quiz!

1) How many cups of coffee per day? 
None. I’m not a coffee drinker. At least that’s what I tell people; otherwise, I suppose I have one cup a day.

2) What is your favorite caffeine delivery system? Image
Starbucks Frappuccino
Homemade frappuccino
Gas station cappuccino
Coca Cola
(in that order)

3) What was your best cup of coffee?
The one that I made/make myself.  About 6 oz. of cold coffee go into a tall glass, followed by too much sugar or sweetener, a squirt of chocolate syrup, followed by 2% milk to fill the glass. Throw in ice cubes, and it almost like having the Starbuck’s Frappuccino. … What? That’s not a cup of coffee?

4) What was your worst cup of coffee?
Every sip of coffee I ever took from a cup of coffee was the worst.

5) What does your favorite mug say?
My favorite mug is a large Sakura mug with a flag on it. I bought it at a garage sale for fifty cents, and even though I chipped it, I refuse to give it up because it holds two packages of hot Imagecocoa at a time. I make it on cold mornings, and I put a teaspoon of instant coffee crystals in with the cocoa – and some caramel creamer. It sits on my desk for several hours, and I just keep drinking it even after it’s cold.  Oh, the mug I do have with a saying on it reads, “Friends of Main Library.” Yep, that’s me – one of the friends.

6) How do you take your coffee?
With all of the crap listed in #3.

7) When was your first cup?
I don’t have a clue. I may have sipped Mom or Dad’s coffee at one time and declared it the most vile liquid ever. Every time I’ve tried it since, my opinion has never changed. But I do love the smell of freshly brewed coffee.

8) Have you ever gone on a coffee date?
No. Boo-hoo. No one ever asked me out on a coffee date. Not that I would have wanted to go.

So, you can see … I have a real problem with the junk I am drinking at my desk all day long. The coffee isn’t the problem; it’s all the sugar I’m dumping into it! And even though I’ll drink Coke Zero for weeks at a time, I really don’t want the chemicals.

My goal this year is to drink more water. I like water with ice. A slice of fresh lemon or lime in it isImage good, too.

What about you? What do you drink while you write or blog?

To keep Ben’s quiz alive and moving along, I’m tagging a few people to take the coffee quiz. Now, Tim Dittmer, I know you are contrary and don’t do these things, but you are a self-confessed coffee addict, so you may want to consider this one. Tag!

I’ll also nudge these fun bloggers to answer the quiz: Zen Scribbles, Carrie Rubin, Marcus Matherne, Piper George, Jackie Roeder, Dallas (that Crazy Train to Tinky Town), and my buddy Mike Akin.

72 thoughts on “Drink Up!

  1. I’ve become a huge fan of hot chocolate.
    Lipton makes some pretty good drink mixes – I keep a box of their sugar free fruit punch at work.

    I’m with you on the coffee. People say the caffeine keeps them up. Me, I just can’t sleep with that taste in my mouth.

    • I’ve loved hot chocolate since I was a kid, and I’m always adding something to it – even a little Bailey’s Irish Cream at times. 😉 I used to drink a lot of Lipton’s instant diet tea in the summer. This past summer, I started brewing my own and drinking it unsweetened with a lot of ice. I really don’t need to put all of this “drink garbage” in my body. … And yeah, coffee leaves that terrible aftertaste.

  2. Thanks so much for the tag, Maddie! Unfortunately, I don’t think I’d be very entertaining with this one, because I don’t drink coffee. Really, I don’t. I’ve tried it twice and nearly upchucked both times (sorry, TMI?). So I get my caffeine from tea or diet soda (which I know is not the healthiest way so I’m trying to stick more with the tea). Of course, what I don’t get from coffee, I more than make up for with chocolate…

    Thanks again. Always a nice surprise to stumble across a mention. Have a great weekend!

    • I had a feeling when I jotted your name down that you would not be a coffee drinker. No problem with the upchuck; I can’t stand the taste of coffee myself – even with a “little” sugar and milk.

      Now that I brought you here, I’ll mention your book to everyone: The Seneca Scourge – check it out at fine booksellers everywhere!

      You have a great weekend, too! I almost hate to say it, but we’re heading out tonight to play cards with friends, and there will be PIZZA.

  3. I drink far too many of those diet energy drinks. God only knows what kind of chemicals I’m imbibing! You’d think the colour of the stuff would put me off. It even looks radioactive. I really should replace this with simple but classic filter coffee. Or wine

    • I’ve tried energy drinks a few times, and wow, do they set my heart a-racing! I’m afraid to drink them. Some of them do look radioactive! Our son drinks those green Monster drinks, and I cringe. 🙂 Wine is always a good choice. My body is going to freak when it starts getting water again.

  4. Thanks Maddie! I am a coffee addict so you picked a good one here. haha! My first love is Tim Hortens coffee. 2 creams. no sugar. large. Do love me some Timmies. (I live in Canada, it’s a Canadian thing) Otherwise I’m a water drinker. A bottle of water is usually sitting next to my computer. I don’t drink alcohol. At all. Tea a lot in the winter. Once in a while a diet soda. Mostly coffee and water though. (a Tim Hortens is very close to my house)

      • I drink at least ….about 6- 8 cups a day. Used to be more, I cut down. haha! Truth! I’m trying to drink more water. It’s better for me. As for tea. Usually green tea, nothing in it. I always drink my tea, hot or cold plain.

  5. I’ll be on it like a car bonnet just give me a couple of days – back at the coalface on night shifts again! I have to say when I’m writing or reading on wordpress I do love a cup of tea; it’s like putting on a warm favourite old sweater

  6. I drink Instant Coffee by preference, plenty of it, if not I am swilling a beer or two. Just finished the book last night, it was good thanks. It is bizarre seeing a mention in something you can buy off Amazon. 😀

      • Thank you for giving it to me. The hardest part was using the Kindle on the PC, getting used to reading books on the screen is a psychological hurdle..

        • Oh, I agree! I have to read Kindle books on my PC, and it really slows me down. Reading blogs all day doesn’t bother me, but something about that Kindle for PC is not easy. By the way, I can’t do *hot links* in the Kindle book, but there are links directly to your page in the Smashwords copy – which will go to Barnes & Noble, Sony, Apple, Diesel, etc.

          • As soon as I think book, I think paper, bound, with a picture on the front. It is something to unlearn. Something that future generations will not be troubled by..

            • Yeah. That’s probably most of it. Sitting at the computer and “getting into” a book is not the same as being in a comfy lounge chair or hunkered down in bed with a book. I like my Nook, but I’ll never give up hardcovers.

  7. Aw, I’m a lame writer. I drink exclusively water all the time, everywhere. I used to love assorted beverages (hot chocolate, Pepsi, rum & coke), but a few years back my stomach was suddenly like, “Nope. Only water for you or I WILL VISIT UPON YOU ETERNAL DAMNATION RAWRRRRR”. So now I stick with water. Sigh.

    • LOL! Yes, that’s exactly right! Good for you! 🙂 My body is rebelling, and my shriveled brain wants to know why there is a drought. I like water, and I don’t think I’ll mind making the change.

  8. I’m a diet coke gal. i drink waaaaaaaaay too much of it. I need to cut back. My friend crams a drinking glass with fresh mint leaves and then fills it will chilled water or sparkling water. She keeps her glass filled all day and sips on it all day. Doesn’t that sound nice? I should try that.

    • I’ve heard that before via mint leaves in a pitcher of water in the refrigerator. It does sound nice. I have nerve damage in my shoulder, and I’ve noticed a correlation between Coke Zero and the numbness in my shoulder, but I kept drinking it! I really want to concentrate on water for a while and see how I feel.

  9. Coffee . . . and sometime tea (but then cookies have to partake . . . they can be so bossy, horning in on my tea time).

    My answers:
    Nespresso (made at home)
    stuff they sell everywhere
    with milk, or black
    very, very young

  10. That’s a fun quiz and I’ll take it up now. 😀 I’m actually like you, I don’t need to drink anything when I write, and I’m not really a coffee person, but when I do drink it… helloooo sugar, haha.

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  12. I go into town every morning and get a cappuccino – I don’t like hot “instant” coffee, it has to be real. Once I get that into me I’m firing away on the keyboard! Look out world!

    I love the cold coffee that you made/make myself – wow, I’m trying that one! 😀

    • The wife usually knows. 😉 Soda was a big downfall of mine over the summer. I switched between diet and high-powered Coke all the time. It’s a lot of extra calories – but sooo good!

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  14. I’m with you on the taste of coffee! I do like mocha fraps, though! Also I drink coffee, but only with hot chocolate in it!! Swiss Miss’ Chocolate Sensation!!

    • Hi Ben! No, I’m not a member of the “coffee-clatch,” but Paula Acton tagged me to answer the questions, so I did and passed them on. More people are answering the quiz and passing it on, so it will likely be a famous WP meme soon. 😉 Thank you for using the word “breezing” in your comment!

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  16. Maddie, does instant coffee count? When I’m home working I can’t be bothered tinkering around with machines. I have a lovely dripolator (given to me by an interested party who wants me off the ‘fake stuff.’. Alcoholic drinks haven’t helped me with my writing but I do enjoy a drop of Baileys for its own sake, or anything else alcoholic, Can I have some of that Drambuie?

    • I’d love to share my Drambuie with you. I actually have *one* piece of Waterford – a brandy snifter, and I only use it for Drambuie. It just seems so “upper crust” instead of drinking out of a glass tumbler. :.. I always keep instant coffee on hand because I like to put it in cocoa. I think instant always counts. It’s a caffeine delivery system! 🙂

      • A piece of Waterford sounds elegant, Maddie. Do you actually keep booze in the snifter? I think I had one once. I have a Royal Doultan cup and saucer given to me by a friend years ago. I call it my happy cup and only use it when I need cheering up.

        • Happy cup! 🙂 That is what my Waterford is, too. No, it’s just the glass, and I only bring it out with the bottle of Drambuie. It’s almost 11:30, and it was a long day with my mother and to our accountant’s office. I should have thought earlier to have a glass to wind down from the day.

  17. I am reading Sin City Hunter right now and love Susan even more now. She went to Starbucks and ordered a mocha frapp which is the only thing I ever order there. I am already on my third Susan Hunter mystery and am loving them!!

    • Barb, you have no idea how happy you are making me! 🙂 I’m beyond thrilled that you are not only reading my books, but that you like them, too. Thank you so much! … And yes, mocha frapp is the way to go! 😉

  18. What would Susan say if she knew you were drinking on the job? Haha, I’m only kidding. I couldn’t help myself… Cheers, Maddie!
    I’ll be thinking of you tonight as I crack open the Drambuie and try to catch up on my in-box 🙂

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