Comments, Embarrassment, and Free Books

ImageI’ve been blogging for seven months now, and on most days, it no longer freaks me out. I’m more comfortable with people coming to my blog, and I’m more comfortable visiting blogs.

When I was Freshly Pressed in October, I only mentioned it as an afterthought about a week Imagelater. It was a fun post (Stairway to Heaven), but I tried to fly under the radar with it. I love how my friends have celebrated and enjoyed their Freshly Pressed fame, but my heart sank when I received the notification email. I wasn’t ready for that many people to see my blog.

The notice and the link on the Freshly Pressed site came on the same day – the day my new post was titled Blogging Freaks Me Out (Part Three). Being Freshly Pressed was overwhelming and time consuming, but it ended up being a good experience, and I made some pretty great new friends because of it – but I still hyperventilated through the entire thing.

Now that blogging in itself is more comfortable, I have certainly been getting around and leaving comments and unintentional typos all over the place.

Some of my comments are pithy; a couple have been mini-blog posts of their own. I’ve somewhat regretted a few comments I’ve left.

When I find myself being early to a new post, and I have something to say, I don’t want to be the first person to leave a comment for fear of looking too eager, yet when I put a new post up, I hold my breath and worry that it’s a dud until someone pushes the like button and leaves a comment.

When someone replies to my comment on their blog, and then they finish with “thanks for stopping by” or “have a good day,” is that a dismissal? Were they done with me, and I shouldn’t say anything more? It feels like it, but I do this on my own blog all the time! I thank a lot of people for stopping by, but I don’t mean for them to leave. They can stay and chat if they want.

I’ve read a few articles giving advice on commenting. One said you should visit only three blogs per day for commenting. Read more blogs, but only leave comments on three. It has something to do with saturating the blogosphere with your voice. A couple of things come to mind:Image– Hello! Susan Hunter and Maddie Cochere. I’m definitely trying to saturate the blogosphere with a couple of names.
– I’m following 183 blogs at the present time, and if they all post something interesting on the same day, I want to comment on all of them. I hate it when I fall behind like I have lately (because of taxes!).

I’ve been telling myself that I don’t have to comment on everything. I’ve typed out comments, and just before hitting the post button, I tell myself that this person isn’t really interested in what I have to say, and I delete.  

I forget to Imageleave a like at times. I want to push the like button to help with stats, so I try not to forget. But then, it becomes a habit, and when someone posts about an illness in their family, I sometimes accidentally push the like button. Arrgh!

I’ve read where some people delete “simple” comments. One man deletes all one-liners. If all you are going to say is, “I really like your thoughts on this, Johnny,” he’s going to delete your comment. That’s ok; it’s his blog and his rules. Sometimes, I just want to tell someone that even though I have nothing to add, I really like what they wrote. I know that’s what the like button is for, but sometimes I want to say it.

Have you ever followed and commented on someone’s brand new blog only to have them never post again, and you feel like you scared them away?

Have you ever had someone respond to every comment on their post but yours?

Have you ever been lead down the wrong path when someone invited you to a “really fun” pity Imageparty, so you go there and leave a stupid humorous comment about your childhood only to find out it was a serious party, and you are an idiot?

Have you ever read blogs in the middle of the night, when you’re kind of punchy, and some of your comments are just too silly, but you can’t make yourself stop?

Have you ever proofread your comment, deemed it just fine, and then saw the typo wave at you the second you pushed the post reply button? I’ve even quickly closed a browser to stop it, but once that button is pushed, the typo refuses to die.

I like it when there are a lot of comments on a post. My comment will likely be at the bottom of the page, so if I say something goofy, it’s buried down there. Then I hit the post reply button and it sails to the top of the comments.

Your turn! Leave a comment! Tell me some of your fun (or not so fun) experiences when leaving comments.

I feel like giving away more books. I’ll choose five people from the comments section to receive a Susan Hunter book – winner’s choice, and the winners will be chosen next week.


193 thoughts on “Comments, Embarrassment, and Free Books

  1. Taxes? They make you do taxes in January? Erk. But I know exactly how you feel all the way up and down your post. And sideways too. What you said backwards even made sense. And … I hat the typo demon!!!

  2. I always leave typo’s, as for leaving three comments only per day well I leave more than that in one sitting lol I prefer to look at is as some blogs I follow and comment others are visits to friends and it would be rude not to comment lol 😀

    • I know how busy you are, and you follow a lot of blogs, so I’m always happy when you have the time to stop and leave a comment. Three comments would be impossible for me! I probably left ten on your blog alone last night. 😉

  3. commenting is a wonderful thing if you learn not to comment when you are tired or angry–and sometimes I do like something but have nothing to add but have to say something cause it was so good–so I think this is very valid
    I sometimes don’t understand a comment so my reply may be vague–but this does not happen often
    As for typos, if I catch them I send another comment to correct– once I forgot to put a y on the end of a word, so my whole next comment was “y” –kind of exitential don’t you think
    I wish comments had spell check

  4. Hahaha, loved your post was about commenting…to do or not to do, the angst of it all. Only a (successful) writer would go through such a thought (tortured) process! Personally, When I comment I feel like I’m in a conversation, needing to respond for one reason or another….and sometimes a one-liner is the appropriate response.

  5. I used to be a little more hesitant about commenting, but now I almost can’t help myself. I love getting comments and enjoy leaving them. They’re conversations. It took me a while to understand that blogging and commenting are ways to socialize and network. The more I interact, the more fun it gets.

    • I agree! I’m truly surprised at the socializing/network aspect of blogging. I thought I would just be “journaling” when I started my blog. I used to be so afraid to step up and comment anywhere, but now, I’m only afraid of saying something stupid. Thankfully, most people laugh if my comment doesn’t turn out quite right.

  6. I used to be afraid of commenting because I felt I had nothing to add, but it makes me so happy to receive comments on my own blog that I decided it’s very probable that it’ll make other people just as happy to receive comments. So I comment. A lot. And I think that advice about just three comments is stupid and rude. If you want to say something, say it. 🙂
    As for the typos… *sigh* I wish it was possible to go back and correct one’s own comments. And one thing I really don’t like is when bloggers don’t answer comments on their blog at all. That’s a sure way to make me stop reading, because if they don’t respect their readers, why should we read what they have to say?

  7. I’ve only been blogging since October, but have been following blogs for well over a year. I am definitely shy about leaving comments. I never know what to say! Glad to know someone else shares my trepidations of posting and commenting.

    • Brooke, I was almost sick to my stomach when it came to posting a comment for the first time on someone’s blog. I had to make a real effort to just type the comment and push the button. What I found was a lot of really nice people on the other end who usually had something welcoming and kind to say back. I’m far more brave now and having a lot of fun leaving comments and chatting. … I just took a peek at your blog, and the minute I saw the M&M’s, I pushed the follow button! I’ll encourage you on your workouts!! 🙂

  8. I write stupid comments from time to time. I recently advocated, in a fit of exhaustion, that we should bring back the eye-for-an-eye, tooth-for-a-tooth policy, a suggestion which clearly has some major flaws. The blogger was very prompt in breaking down all the reasons why I was wrong, and although I retracted my comment upon waking up the next morning, I still felt very silly.

    • Some days, eye-for-eye, tooth-for-tooth seems like a good idea, so I understand why you might have gone there. 😉 I broke out in a cold sweat over a comment I made once. I didn’t see some small type under a picture, and my comment ended up being quite pervy and didn’t relate to the short post at all. I sent the blogger a personal email to apologize, but they laughed about it. I didn’t comment anywhere for over a week.

  9. Loved this. I kind of like the idea of only commenting on three blogs a day. It’s definitely an art and a balance that I have yet to find. But I really enjoyed your take on it.

    • Thanks, Rachelle. I have no discipline and would have a hard time leaving only three comments per day. On the other hand, if I *did* have some discipline, and a busy schedule in my life, I can see how this might work. You would still have a presence out there without spending too much time reading/commenting.

  10. This is a clever comment designed to reassure blogger they did good, but not so clever as to overshadow the blogger’s own post.

    Also, this is a second paragraph to show this was not some quick, pro-forma, got-to-put-something-down effort, but rather, the result of a genuine interest in interacting.

    This is the dreaded third paragraph, turning what would be a nice post into an uncomfortable ramble . . .

    Totally superfluous fourth paragraph, indicating this guy is not well-versed in the social protocols, and is perhaps a tad too self-absorbed. Probably thinks other commenters will actually read the whole thing, and will think him clever and interesting.

    Half-a$$ attempt at a clever ending.

  11. I love to write comments, but I cannot always think of anything great, fantastic, witty or relevant to say. I love to receive comments, it means someone thought my blog was worth a passing thought. Some comments are from the same readers and that’s wonderful as it means they are coming back and becoming friends. Some are from new readers and that’s exciting, because I have reached someone new. I only ever had one comment on a post I was bothered by – my only time being freshly pressed a comment something like ‘this is similar to something that was FP’d last week’. I couldn’t decide if they were telling me I copied someone else’s blog or complaining about the FP pickers. The more comments the better if you ask me!

    • Oh, boo, on the commenter who snarked in your FP’d comments. That would have bothered me, too. I like your blog, Piper, and I need to get over there and catch up. I know you devoted an entire post to Bagel, and I’m looking forward to reading it. I spent over five hours last evening trying to catch up with blogs, and barely made a dent. I’m going for more today. Yes, the more comments the better! 🙂

      • Thanks Maddie – nice comments are especially appreciated 🙂 I have so many to catch up on, I have decided it is a bit like Twitter, you can only read the last 5 before another 15 appear.

  12. I always freeze up when leaving comments- like now- sometimes what I have to say doesn’t really add to the conversation or it has nothing to do with the blog (the blog can remind me of somthing else and I go on a tangent). Too much pressure!

    • I’m sitting here grinning from ear to ear. I love when you stop by and leave comments, Charlie. There is never any pressure here. You can go off on any tangent you want, and I’ll be happy to read whatever you have to say. … But I do know the feeling. It’s really hard to push the button to leave a comment sometimes.

  13. A study could/should be done on the psychology of “liking” and commenting. It has probably been done already. I comment when I have something to add to the conversation. I “like” if I like it. Why limit it to three per day? Who set those rules?

  14. Well it seems sometimes I can get carried away with the comments and the next thing you know….I’ve taken up an entire page!!!! 🙂 And oh how I wish I could edit/remove some after I’ve hit that “post comment” button…..but oh well. We all have our moments!! Happy Day, friend!

  15. That’s uncanny, Maddie. I was just pondering a lot of the same stuff. It’s a conundrum.

    Sometimes I don’t know what to say, but want to show my support, so I just leave a smile. 🙂 I’ve left links to flowers for people when I thought the person could use some beauty at the time. And sometimes I just say “Here.”, like “I’m listening. I care.”.

    We do the best we can do, and you do pretty damn good.

  16. Oh, I’ve left some whopper typos in a few places. In fact, if memory serves me correctly, I think I left a few here! I’m way better at writing itself than editing. I’m horrible at editing/revising.

    As for some of my comment fears…I’m not a fan of commenting when my son is awake & nipping at my ankles. I get distracted & wind up writing something stupid. (Like now! Now is the perfect example of a bad time) but I love you, Maddie & always try to put my 2 cents in on your posts.
    That & I get pretty goofy if I’ve been awake too long.

  17. Oh good Lord, if we’re only supposed to comment on 3 blogs a day then I have supersaturated the blogosphere to the point of no return! I leave dozens of comments a day. I hope people like them. Hmm, now I’m wondering if they’re saying, “Great, there’s that Rubin lady again.” Oh boy, I’m in trouble. But I likely won’t change, which I suspect my publisher is happy about. 🙂

    As for your question: “Have you ever had someone respond to every comment on their post but yours?” Yes, I have. That stings, doesn’t it? The big girl in me knows they just didn’t see it, but the insecure girl who occasionally peeks out says they ignored me. 🙂

    • That’s how I feel! People are rolling their eyes and saying, “Maddie – AGAIN.” Especially when I go to a blog and read back about six posts and comment on every one. 🙂 I didn’t figure out that someone might not have see a comment until I was checking my back posts one day, and I saw I didn’t respond to three comments in a row on one post. I couldn’t believe I missed them! … Does your publisher really encourage you to get out there and leave comments? Because my publisher is out of control.

  18. I take all these “experts” ideas with a whole handful of salt. What makes them an expert anyway? Themselves? Anyway, I’ve been on the internet too many years to count. I won’t say how long because that would date me no end. haha! As for leaving comments, well this is a bit of a social experience isn’t it? I think it would be rude to leave only 3 comments. I would have to ignore so many other bloggers! That’s not fair to them. If I saturate the blog world then so be it. As a writer the whole point is to get your name out there. I bet the ‘expert’ who wrote that comments more then 3 at a time.
    Also, whats with deleting one line comments?? That’s just rude. Like what those people have to say is worthless. One can say a lot in one sentence.
    As for having someone comment on everyone else’s comments but mine. Oh yeah, had that done too. I don’t follow them anymore either. I gave them plenty of chances and each time they ignored me, so frick em. hahaha!
    Maddie my friend (we are friends!) never worry about what you have to say is silly. Who wants to be serious all the time?? You are an intelligent, talented woman, if others can’t forgive a bit of silliness sometimes, well that’s their problem not yours.

    • Yes, I do consider you my friend. 🙂 I’ve been wanting to do a post on comments for quite a while now. I searched/read a lot of articles and blog posts, and most of them made me laugh with their “professional” advice. Three comments a day is so laughable. I’ve probably left 100 in one day. I did come across the deleting of comments pretty often though. That surprised me. Some people take their blogs very seriously and they don’t want comments that don’t contribute to the conversation in a serious way. Thanks for the kind words always, Jackie. I appreciate you!

  19. I agree with Jackie “Also, whats with deleting one line comments?? That’s just rude.” – who does this dude think he is!?

    “Have you ever had someone respond to every comment on their post but yours?” – yes, I’ve had a couple of those and it’s downright weird and rude. I’ve given them a few chances and just don’t go back after a while.

    I’m also constantly making typos all over the place. One day I went to write “you’re my hero” and it came out as “you’re my homo” instead (and it was a guy) 😯

    I really like your blog. You’ve got a great ‘voice’, it’s easy (and breezy) to read and it’s refreshing. Keep up the good work, my friend and take no notice of the ‘keep it to three blog comments a day” stuff! 😀

    • I was surprised to run into several articles where the author admits to deleting one liners. There were two main thoughts – one, they don’t add value to the post, and two, they are likely someone trying to be seen so others will go their blog. I find both reasons fairly nonsensical, and I appreciate all comments that aren’t blatant spam.

      “You’re my homo” … Dianne, I’ve seen some whoppers, but that is the best one yet! 🙂 I love typos on my blog, and that would have put me on the floor laughing. … Thanks for the nice words. I would be miserable if I could only leave three comments a day, and I’m glad there are no comment police.

      • I appreciate all comments as well. No one is forcing you to click on the link and visit their site and if people take the time to read the post and leave a comment, I think that’s really nice. I had a comment deleted from a blog once (it may have been a one-liner, like ‘this was one of the funniest post I’ve ever read’ – or something like that) so I never bothered to read their posts again.

        “You’re my homo” was a great one – I just wish I’d said it to you and not someone I barely know! 😀

  20. Ahhhhh typoooooos, I’m the Queen of Typoooos, and spelling, did you mention spelling, well lets just say I’m terrrible and leave it at that !!! Freshly Pressed, I can only dream about it ….. until then …… But with that said …… I must admit that I get really excited when someone signs up to follow me. I call my husband at work, my brother, my girl friend ……It makes my day. Oh and by the way, great job for following 183 blogs my hat is off to you; and thanks for making mine one of them !!!

    • I wish everyone would follow you, Rita Kay. I enjoy when you post on your blog, and you are always a cheerful and fun commenter. Everyone should be so lucky to have *you* follow them! 🙂

  21. I once commented on a blogger’s erotic short story with a hearty “Hot story!” without actually reading the tale in question. (I was young.)
    When I actually read the story, I realized the tale centered on an encounter between two male co-workers!
    What can I say? I’m an idiot.

    • Ok, that was laugh out loud funny. 🙂 I once clicked the like button for someone I knew I liked, but their post that day was something that was totally and completely out of my comfort zone. I scurried away without a comment. Now I’m careful to read before liking and/or commenting. That’s my line, too. I’m an idiot. 😉

    • I hope! Because if it does, you are a fantastic cyber stalker. 🙂 I wish I had more time. Part of my problem is that I truly read every word of a post. Then I read the comments. If someone took the time to link in their post, I usually click the link. if they included a video, I watch the video. I’d probably get around faster if I would just get in and get out of a blog, but I enjoy the entire experience at each site, so I stay to the end – and then I leave comments that are usually too long. 🙂

  22. I’d like to tell you about a very specific time I left a comment on this woman’s blog. In fact, the comment is actually this comment. Yes, I would like to tell you about this very comment. However, since the commenting is not yet complete, I dont want to spoil it by telling you how it ends. Well, maybe I should. Ok, I will. In the end the woman thought the comment was really funny. She responded with just how funny I was being. Although, the really sad part was that I was trying to be so serious. It was embarrassing for me to realize that the serious side of myself gets overlooked so easily. Shameful really. Shame.

    • “Oh, Marcus, you are being so funny!” she said. “You are never serious, and that is such a shame. I just have to see your smiling face out standing in your field, and I am anticipating your funniness before I even read a word of your comment.”

  23. I found you when you were Freshly Pressed, so I’m glad they picked you, even if you felt like it was too early. I love your posts, and I also love to read the comments on this blog – they are so funny and varied.
    Whenever my grown kids leave a typo on my blog or facebook, they say they put it there on purpose because they know how much I love catching spelling and grammar errors. They just want me to have a little joy in my life from feeling knowledgeable. I think that story works for most typos, and I have adopted it!

    • I do get a big kick out all of my commenters. I’ve made it pretty clear that silliness is encouraged here, and I appreciate that many comply while keeping it pretty clean, too. I like that your grown kids have a good excuse for leaving typos. Most people have them no matter how hard they try not to. 🙂

  24. Loved all your comment phobias. They rang all too true. I’m always in awe of the witty commenters who seem to know the right things to say or joke about on every post. Sometimes they make me not want to comment because I can never match them.

  25. I love when you comment on my posts, Maddie! 🙂

    And I don’t believe in the comment only on 3 posts rule! If I have some feedback to give, I will! And I’m pretty sure most bloggers love to hear back from their readers and know they’re really being heard.

    Leaving comments can be pretty time-consuming. So I’ve learned to not spend too much time over-analyzing it. If I’m starting to write a comment and it’s not flowing out naturally and I have to pause and think too much about it, then I’ll just stop and not send it.

    Great post and hope I get lucky and win one of your books! =P

  26. I wonder if any one out there only leaves 3 comments. Once I get time to catch up with the blogs I follow I love to read and comment. I love to see your bright breezy blonde gravatar appear on my site. I am also in awe of the 183 blogs…

    • I think the 3 comment idea was pretty far-fetched to everyone around here. Maybe the person who wrote that was from another blog site, because WordPress folks are the best at conversing in comments. I’m so glad you enjoy when I visit your site, Pauline, because I always enjoy my time spent there. As a matter a fact, I’ll be there shortly to catch up with you! 🙂

  27. PS…3 years ago, when I started blogging, there wasn’t a like button (at least I don’t think so)and I had hardly any comments, in fact none on most posts, back then. Blogging was a lonely and sterile affair, I thought I was just doing it to let my family know where I was, but I don’t think they bothered with it very much. Bring on the violins… I kept on and now I love the interactive process that is blogging in todays world, and I am totally addicted and love my “community”

    • I’m so impressed that you’ve been blogging for three years! I didn’t realize that. So glad you didn’t give in to those violins, and you kept at it. Your pictures and travels bring your part of the world to us in a wonderful way. It is a great community. 🙂

  28. I was thinking of leaving just “No comment” but that would be a tad obnoxious, wouldn’t it? 😉
    Another thing I find is when you leave a comment, they reply, you reply and you’re having a good old yarn together and suddenly you hit the reply limit and you’re left without a reply button to hit. You can add another comment in the main post but the thread has been lost and it’s like starting all over, even though you’re continuing from somewhere else… Or you just give up.

  29. I know what you mean. Sometimes I want to comment on a post, but I worry that what I say won’t be of interest to the blogger… especially if they’re new. I’m also sometimes intimidated when I see all the comments on a post full of wit and charm, and worry that my comment will stand out as dull and boring, haha.
    When someone doesn’t reply to my comments, I worry that I’ve said something wrong! 😦

    • Zen, I actually sent an email to a blogger once because they moderated all comments and didn’t put mine up. I was so afraid what I had said offended them, but it was simply a time issue on their part. That paranoia that raises its head because of comments is usually unfounded every time. Sometimes, a sane voice is need amongst all the wit. 🙂 And from experience, I’m finding that just about everyone appreciates a comment no matter what we have to say. … Comment often, Zen!

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  31. Just in case you were counting this is comment number 3. I read other people’s comments when I have time and respond to them also. I try not to get carried away but I think comments add to a persons blog, comic, photo or whatever they post. If I didn’t want interaction or feed back I would just print my stuff out and throw it in the trash or put it in a box and store it.
    I have made dozens of new friends by commenting on their sites and responding to their comments on my sites.
    I do have one general rule on most but not all sites. If I leave several comments and a person never responds to a comment I will stop commenting. It means they think I am not worthy of a response.
    The main point is that I have a very hungry ego and comments and likes are what feeds it.

    • Comment number three – duly noted on my paper under Bo Lumpkin. 😉

      I think we all want validation for our posts and our comments. I can see where someone might not be able to – or even want to – comment on every single comment (not me!), but I agree, if you ignore every comment I make on your blog, I’m probably not going to stick around any longer.

  32. “I really like your thoughts on this” is a typical spambot comment. The important thing in a comment is to project your own personality – *thumps chest and growls*.

  33. I have commented like a lunatic, up and down the sphere. It’s only recently I’ve let myself just click like and move on.
    But on some of the blogs, it’s like a long conversation that carries through the posts and the comments after.

    • It’s hard to click like and move on – because I’m afraid the person might think I didn’t read their post. Arrrgghh!!! Once I get these comment paranoia moments under control, I think the entire blogging experience will be so much more relaxed and enjoyable.

      I’ve had your blog open on my computer ever since you put up your Friday Foolishness post. I can’t for the life of me think what I would do with extra daylight. I have nothing dull nor witty. Your blog is staying open in my browser until I come up with something! 🙂

  34. First-timer here … and this post covers a lot of ground (with good stuff). As a first-timer I try to keep comments short, but this is going to be a challenge. 😉

    I was FP on Christmas Eve, with maybe an hour notice. Quite hectic. But I tried to follow my own mantra by responding to all comments.

    I am one who typically ends comments with a thanks of sort, but do so out of appreciation and respect, certainly not dismissal.

    I agree that first time comments should be short. I recall one visitor who (to me) felt think he was bullying his way in … which actually turned me off. Oh well … longer than I wanted. Thanks for your insightful post … and for visiting my little corner …plus I see some familiar faces above. 🙂

    • Hi Frank! Thanks for dropping by.

      Familiar faces – my post was so long, I took a few things out, and one of them was familiar faces. Sometimes, when I visit a new blog, I’m hesitant to comment, but if I see familiar faces and friends, I’m much more likely to join in. I waded into the pool at your blog with a short comment, and I appreciate your welcoming response.

      I had less than three hours between the notice and “live” on my FP, and it happened on a day when I already had unusually high traffic. I wonder why some people get a few days to prepare, and others don’t. It must be a test. 😉

  35. I blame it mostly on my pervvie phone… but yes, and yes, and yes. Just finished chapter one in Windy City. (Hauled arse through the last hundred pages of Outlander in anticipation…). And I LOVE IT!!!!!! (Yes, it deserves thirteen bazillion exclamations.). I will be buying all of them. Can they come in a boxed set for my library?

    • !!!! I’m so glad you like it!! 🙂 You’re reading the last one in the series, but it stands alone just fine. The books are chronological mostly with respect to Susan’s relationship with Mick. I *wish* they came in a boxed set, but because I self-publish, they are only eBooks right now. Thanks for letting me know, UL. I haven’t had too much feedback on this book yet, so I’m glad you’re enjoying it so far. … Phone replies are great for typos! 🙂

        • I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your kind words, UL! My writing in my last book is probably a bit better than my writing in my first couple of books. It’s been a learning process. I’m going to continue to market on my own this year, and then re-evaluate everything at the end of the year. Thanks again! You make me smile!! 🙂

  36. I am intimidated by too many preceding comments. Like above. Normally it would scare me away, but (1) I am trying to break out of my fear-of-commenting box this year and (2) This post was about commenting fears so I figure it’d be okay. I don’t know what I’m afraid of… that someone above me said exactly the same thing perhaps?! Oi. Well, for the record, on my blog, you can stay and chat as long as you like. I usually say thanks just to let you know I read it, not to shut ya down. You can comment with one word, or a sound, or a picture. Or just like, it’s all good. I know that people have different ways of responding to things, and that’s a.o.k. My commenting typos are brutal. They all are typos, though– not spelling errors or atrocious grammar, just good ol’ fashioned fat fingers. Loved this post, it’s very … well… honest. 🙂

    • I did that, too – made myself leave comments. It was the only way I was really going to get to know people. When there are a lot of comments, I don’t have the time to read them all, so I usually just say what I want to say – even if it’s probably already been said before. Most people appreciate the support of any comment, and I appreciate that you stopped by and left one today! 🙂

  37. Gosh you’ve got so many comments I nearly wore out my mouse wheel getting to the comment form. I like the stairs to nowhere. A great conversation piece. I don’t worry about how many comments I leave per day. If I don’t comment the blog owner doesn’t know I’ve been there. I don’t care how many comments are before me or if I’m the 1st one. I love to comment as I really like the interaction it gies me with other people the world over. I have Anxiety Disorder & that’s probably why I don’t have a lot of friends ‘cos social situations freak me out a bit plus I’ve always been a bit of a loner. However commenting on blogs & webcomics has given me a great opportunity to make many bloggy & cartoonist friends whose online association I enjoy.

    • Tony, I used to be a social butterfly, but after many years of being a stay-at-home mom, I’ve become somewhat reclusive and bordering on anti-social. Not that I don’t like people, I simply like being at home with my husband and our dog. I agree with you – blogging is a great opportunity to make friends who I can enjoy online. They don’t get mad when you don’t want to go out to lunch or shopping. 😉 … I like to comment, too, and it does tickle me that I’m chatting with someone in Tasmania who draws a Tasmanian devil. I would have never believed it a year ago. 🙂

    • Hahaha … debate, not so much. Conversation, yes. I think there are a lot of people who are trepidatious about leaving comments. I used to have a lot of angst before pushing the “post reply” button, and although some of what I wrote was tongue-in-cheek, I’ve felt or done everything I mentioned. Obviously, I am no longer the shy blogger I used to be. 😉

  38. It is an extremely voyeristic thing to read blogs, maybe that’s why I don’t think about it. I met two of my best friend, Britt and Becca, through livejournal. I think they both really The Dresden Dolls icon I was using at the time. Present times? I have a hard time keeping in touch with Britt, but that’s because she’s just as busy as me. As for Becca? If she doesn’t hear from me at least every other day, something has to be off or I’m just exhausted. We’re always texting, instant messaging and occassionally dial each other on the phone. This year, I’ve decided to take Becca on as my writing mentee.

    So maybe once I’m on a laptop I can stalk you more easily. Yup, that didn’t sound creepy at all. I bet I’m too late to enter for one of your books, but it’s worth a shot since I’m defintely curious about your writing after reading about it so often. 🙂 I should leave others more comments, but I barely have time to read these days, although I will have more ease once my laptop is up and running since I do tend to procrastinate reading. Haa.

    • That’s really great that you’ve taken friendships beyond just “comments.” Helping someone with their writing craft is really great. I follow a lot of blogs and leave a lot of comments, but it’s becoming a full-time job. I’ll have to get a handle on that pretty soon if I want to start writing the next book. You aren’t too late for the drawing. I’ll probably do it closer to the end of the week. Our genres couldn’t be further apart, so if you’re drawn, I hope you wouldn’t mind some fluffy chick lit. 😉

  39. I have mixed feelings about the “likers” on my page. I like my posts being like, but sometimes it gets weird. When I posted about my dog dying I got a lot of ‘likes’. What does that mean? Some visitors are all like and no comment. I wonder if they are even reading or just trying to lure me to their page.

    • The “likes only” are usually a couple of things. Some are truly people who come by to read and like the post, but they are either too shy to comment, or they simply never comment anywhere. The likes that show up very quickly after a new post goes up, and there is no accompanying comment, tend to be from serial likers. They are folks who follow 100s of blogs and as soon as a new post shows up in their reader, they push the like button right in the reader. They don’t bother coming to your site to read what you’ve written. That may be why you received likes when your dog died; the likers had no idea what they were liking. They do this hoping you will visit their blog and follow them thereby boosting their numbers. I’ve been sucked into a few of those before, and then they never come back to my blog again. It’s just one of those blogging things, I guess.

  40. I don’t usually leave a comment to all the bogs I follow but I always make sure to respond to their comments as much as possible. Clicking like for me is to let them know that I am there with them that I support and thank them for their posts plus to let them know that I don’t forget them. And this is my belief too when my followers clicked like to my posts. Either they would leave me a comment or not I trust that they are there to support me too and I am already happy about that. To see my buddies clicking like already a heaven to me 🙂 You are gifted with words Maddie and keep it up! I love your work!

    • Hi Dolly! Thank you for stopping by for a bit. I am like you … I don’t always have a comment, and your blog is so visual, it’s easy to stop in, enjoy a few moments, and leave a like. Occasionally, I’ll leave a comment, but mostly I just love your stuff, show my support. and move on. 🙂

  41. Here’s the thing, Maddie. I’ve often heard actors say they would love to play drama if they are into comedy roles and vice-versa comedy if all they do is shoot em up big and car chases. I sometimes think I am writing something funny or tongue in cheek. I mean, I have a smile on my face as I’m typing. Now and again my words sort of backfire on me. Those disastrous occasions have taught me to use smileys to good effect. Although I do lapse now and again. 🙂 🙂

  42. I think this a brilliant post, Maddie! You sound very self aware when it comes to your blogging, but it’s just like life, sometimes we get it wrong. It’s frustrating to make a mistake when leaving a comment and then to discover that once it’s gone you can’t go back and make an edit.

    I think your blog is great and I totally get what you mean about etiquette and worrying about how your work will be received. I don’t know why that guy would delete seemingly simple comments, that’s not very inclusive… but as you said, it’s his blog and his rules, eh? 😉

    • Thank you Katykins!! The bottom line – the nice thing – is that I’m finally following and interacting with people who don’t mind when I leave a typo, or misread something, or I simply do something dumb in their comments section. I find a lot of humor in blogging, and I laugh at myself, too. … So nice of you to stop by! I know how busy you are right now. 🙂

      • Well it sounds like you’ve reached a great stage in your blogging. 🙂 My man, as I’m sure I’ve said before, always comments on how nice everyone is that I interact with and he’s always surprised…!

        Never too busy to stop by your blog, matey. 🙂

  43. I don’t blog, but I do have several blogs that I follow. I do get behind and sometimes, by the time I can comment, everything I wanted to say has already been said. So, instead of being redundant, I just hit the like button and leave.

    • Hi Barb! I wondered if you had a blog. I’m with you, sometimes I’m pretty late to a good comment party, and I’ll just leave a like. I think it’s nice we show support in any way we can.

  44. Winners have been drawn for the five free books. I’ll be contacting each of you this week to see which title you prefer. Thank you for commenting, everyone!

    The winners are:
    st sahm
    Janice / Cafe (it was the *second* number assigned to you which was drawn, Janice) 🙂
    and only one man this time — Richard Leonard

  45. AAAAAAAH!!!! OMIGOD I WON!!!! Hehehehe =P
    Thank you so much! Wow, I’m so excited *happy dance*
    Well, gosh, I have no idea which one to pick! Can you please recommend one for a Breezy Book newbie? 🙂

    • I put you in the drawing twice. You had better odds. 🙂

      If you don’t think you want to wade through all of the books, the newest book, Windy City Hunter is more “pure mystery” than the others. My sister’s favorite is Vegas – Sin City Hunter. But Sunshine Hunter is the start of it all. The books are chronological mostly in regard to Susan’s relationship with her boyfriend.

    • Thanks, Ned. I wasn’t familiar with blogging when I started, and I was completely freaked out when the first few people stopped by to read my posts. I’d become quite anti-social in real life, and now, after seven months, I’m an idiot – running all over the blogosphere, having a blast, and leaving typos and inane comments wherever I can. My hyper, type-A personality has been awakened. I’m enjoying it quite a bit now. It still freaks me out to some degree, but I’m way more comfortable than I was.

  46. Oh to become a ‘Fresher!!’

    Am I wishing for too much? 😉

    Thanks for sharing your feelings… I often think I’m leaving myself too exposed… especially when strangers stop me in the village and ask if I am he of OMBH… then I wonder what they’ve read and what they make of me…

    • I am fairly new to you, AJ, and I am just now starting to read your blog. In a few weeks I will let you know if I would stop you in the village, and I will tell you what I would make of you. 😉 As for the freshly pressed, I think I know the easiest way to get there, and it is also the way I got there (by accident). WordPress puts out daily writing prompts, but they also put out a Weekly Writing Challenge. They select a few of the weekly challenges to FP each week. It’s a little easier to have your post noticed in a pool of 100 blogs than it is to be found amongst the millions. If you’re not already writing for these, give some a try. 🙂

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