Six Sentence Sunday


Pick any six sentences from your writing, whether a work-in-progress or a published work, and post them to your blog on Sunday.

The six I’ve chosen are, once again, from Sin City Hunter, the third book in the Susan Hunter Mystery series.

Two days after Susan and pro hockey player, Dell Grady, were featured on a sports newscast, they made headlines in the sports section of the newspaper. Susan plans to tell her fiancé about the incidents when he arrives in Vegas at the end of the week. He shows up two days early – in the middle of the night. My six are from a few moments later:


He was standing on one side of the bed in his boxer shorts, while Darby had jumped out on the side closest to me in a much tighter boxer brief. For a split second, I visualized these two gorgeous men modeling men’s underwear on a runway in Milan, but I quickly realized Mick had slipped into bed with Darby, and it hadn’t gone well.

“Mick!” I shouted. “What are you doing here?”

“I’m registered to this room,” he bellowed . “What’s Darby doing here?”


Anyone can join in. To participate and/or check out some other great sets of six, check out the site:

Twitter – #sixsunday

17 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday

    • Christine, I just found your post today in with the spam! WordPress is squirrelly at times. Thank you for stopping by and commenting on my six. I appreciate it. I missed yours, but read them today. Love the blurb; it’s the type of story I enjoy most. (I haven’t been able to jump on the vampire wagon.) Congratulations on your upcoming release date. I’m definitely interested. 🙂

    • Susan is engaged to Mick. Mick wasn’t due in Vegas until Friday night, but flew in unexpectedly late Wednesday night. He thought he was getting into bed with Susan, because he didn’t know she was sharing the room with her best friend, Darby. The entire scene ends up as a bit of a madcap comedy moment when two more people enter the room! Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Dianne! 🙂

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