Vacation, Writing, and An Aussie

My husband says his vacation is technically over, but I still consider this weekend to be the last two days of his vacation.

I thought about doing a Christmas song post like this: On the First Day of Vacation, My True ImageLove Gave to Me … a rude awakening to the sound of a saw. Not a manly man chainsaw like a burly woodcutter in plaid would use in the forest, but a Sawzall with its weenie little sound. He was outside and finally cleaning up the large tree branches from the wind storm a few weeks back. I made my way downstairs, opened the back door, leaned out to give him a thumbs-up and said, “You go girl!”

But the rest of the days sort of blur together, and I don’t remember what day he slept on the sofa all day so I could write. Or what day he went to the grocery store for me so I could write. Or when he cleaned the kitchen and then cleaned out the junk drawers. He ground up dried jalapeno peppers in the coffee grinder and filled a spice jar for me with “jalapeno dust.” I also noticed the fried microwave disappeared. He kept me supplied with chocolate.

On Wednesday, he took a drive up north and picked up my mother. Then he came back for me (because I am not riding 60 minutes round trip listening to those two moan andImage complain!). We went to Warther’s Museum to see the Christmas tree displays. Local businesses set up trees, sell them, and the proceeds support the local hospital. Mooney Warther was “the world’s master carver,” and we always enjoy the time spent in the museum – Christmas trees or not.  Afterward, the three of us had lunch together. It was a nice day.

I’m still slogging away at writing my book for National Novel Writing Month, but I’m woefully behind. I’ve broken the rules of the experts, and I’ve taken the time to read what I’ve already written. I’ve also done some editing, and I’ve rewritten a few passages. Sue me. As of this post, I’m at 20,894 words. Unbeknownst to my husband, I’m going to continue to slip Nyquil to him so he’ll sleep all weekend so I can write.

I haven’t been able to keep up with blogs very well, but I will catch up soon. There is one blog I must point out to you today. David Harding is a teacher and an author of children’s books. He lives in Australia, and he recently had a blog post entitled, How to Talk Like Me. It was a hoot, and I suggested he do a video explaining the rules Imageto his favorite game, Gorilla Dice, so we could actually hear him speak … and he did! He titled it, Me Talking Like Me. I’ve watched this thing at least a half dozen times already, and I still laugh when I watch it. There isn’t sound for a few seconds, so be patient and watch with amazement as he affixes a moustache to his face for Movember. If you haven’t already clicked one of the links for him, click this one and go see David and follow him. 🙂

56 thoughts on “Vacation, Writing, and An Aussie

  1. You’re so funny…slip him nyquil. Today I’m coming to you from the deep north woods. Opening day of deer hunting in WI. I’m sopposed to be looking for deer but I’m reading your blog instead. My hubby is on the next ridge. Glad he can’t see what I’m m doing right now. My fingers are starting to freeze…must put my gloves back on. Keep up the good NaNo work!

    • I am sooo impressed! I’ve been out with the hunters before, and I hated the freezing part, and the being quiet part, and the paying attention part. You are so lucky to be able to read blogs in the wild. 😉 Hope you go home with your limit. Thanks on NaNo!

    • Yes, we use it. I put a heaping teaspoon in the pot of chili I made this week. He used a dehydrator to dry the jalapenos last year. They’re stored in a canning jar. Every so often he puts a handful in the coffee grinder and we fill the spice container. I use it in a lot of dishes.

  2. Your husband, I shall call him Captain Fantastic (no obligation on your part to be The Brown Dirt Cowboy), sounds like a GREAT guy! Lucky, lucky girl! May the force be with you as you write!

  3. Vacations…they always go too fast unless you have uninvited guest. Your hubby loves you & supports your writing…that is awesome! Keep writing, girl! ♥ (nyquil or geritol! do they still make that, I wonder? )

  4. “You go, girl!!” Aw, the poor sap! I’m wiping away tears here… : P

    Tell hubby it’s worth spending a few extra bucks for a Sawzall with multiple audio settigs. I can set mine to mimic a 20″ gas-powered, no-muffler chainsaw, and I get respect from the neighbors, even the ones a half-mile away that I wake up at 6 AM… : P

    Extremely funny post, Maddie– do give that husband of yours a box of chocolate cigars! : )

    • Ooh, chocolate cigars! I’ll get some for him tomorrow. Haha … you got me on the Sawzall! I had to Google it to see if there really were audio settings. Thanks for coming by; it’s always a treat to see you, Mark!

  5. I think I have redefined “woefully behind” for this competition. I’m positive you will make it through this with 50K. Go-go-go! 😀

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