Walking the Streets of New York City

Shortly before I finished my first book, the story for the second book started rolling around in my head. While I waited on others to read and proofread, I started writing again. The first book took my main character to Florida; this time I wanted her to go to New York.

I’ve been to New York City twice by myself. The first time, my boss asked me to fly up on a Friday afternoon to deliver his passport to him at the airport. Instead of turning around and flying right back home as he expected, I took a cab to the St. Moritz Hotel and stayed the weekend. The second time, I won a contest at work. The prize was a trip for two to Disneyworld. Disneyworld? I traded my tickets in at the travel agency for a weekend in New York City with a girlfriend. A few days before we were to leave, she had to cancel, so I went by myself. I had a blast on both trips.

As I’m writing my book, I know I want Susan to walk around the city, but I don’t remember enough details to write from memory. I will never again complain about the slow-moving Google car that comes through town and takes pictures. I toggled back and forth between the Google map of the city and the street view. The street view is amazing, and I spent a couple of days with it walking around New York City reliving memories and plotting Susan’s route. I have a healthy respect for writers before the internet age. Research for everything must have been so much more difficult then.

I currently have Susan in New Orleans. I’ve been there before, too. I’ve already spent a few hours walking around the city via Google Street View. I don’t need to do it for this book, but I can’t make myself stop as I look back over fond memories.

2 thoughts on “Walking the Streets of New York City

  1. Aren’t those Google Street views just great?? I go all over the place with them! But, I do agree with you, before the internet research must have been a bitch! 😉

    • If I had to leave the house to do research, I wouldn’t have written a word! I would have Susan in mom jeans if I couldn’t have looked at current fashions. 😉 But I love walking around cities with Google Street. I’ll be all over Niagara Falls soon – I hope!

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