First Reviews

March 1, 2012. My book was finally done. Now what?

I needed to find out if it was good enough to publish on Smashwords. Those tough critics who call themselves my family would be the first place to start.

My sister doesn’t have an eReader or read online, so I had to print a hard copy for her. I asked her to look for typos and obvious errors as well as anything that was clunky when she read it – or if something simply didn’t make sense. I told her I trusted her to tell me if it wasn’t any good and to stop me if I was embarrassing myself.

She called a couple days later and said, “I loved it!” Well, she is my sister after all. But she was off work recovering from a surgery for all of January, and she had a stack of books from the library. She said no matter how hard she tried, none of them held her interest. She assured me that my book was an easy read, and when she put it down, she couldn’t wait to get back to it to find out what happened next.

My mother was so cranky about my writing a book, I really didn’t want her to read it. But after getting positive feedback from my sister, I thought I’d give the copy to Mom and let the chips fall where they may.

She read it in a day and called that evening. She was quite prim as she said, “Maddie, I’m calling to tell you what I thought about your book.” Then she hesitated.

Crikey, Mom, just spit it out.

She finally said, “I liked it.”

Well, knock me over with a feather! She told me that she’d take a break from my book and try to watch something on television, but she kept thinking about the book and had to go back to reading. She, too, thought it was an easy read, and she enjoyed it.

Awesome. Now I had to figure out how to get a cover.

2 thoughts on “First Reviews

  1. you do know don’t you that when I get ready to publish my book I am going to tie you to a chair and pick your brains out like a zombie. haha! You are going to be my goto person!

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