Murder Wears a Veil, Two Sisters and a Journalist #7


German chocolate waffles from Duncan Hines

Edited 3/10/2017

The waffling is over!

Majority ruled, and I decided to go with the blue sky.
(That lasted a little over 24 hours. I’ve already swapped out the blue sky and uploaded the orange background to all outlets.)

Was it my choice? No. I actually liked the orange sky better for its uniqueness. The orange also seemed a better fit with the branding I’m trying to achieve via a different color background for each cover.
(This is what I kept coming back to – the overall branding. Plus, the cover was originally designed with the orange background in mind.)

However, the response here as well as in private emails was overwhelming for the blue cover. I kept waffling until nearly midnight last night. Rich was relieved when I finally made a decision. His vote was for blue as well.
(I wonder how heavily he influenced my decision?)

My choices were:
a) stick with the orange background, because that’s what *I* wanted
b) accept the fact that most people like a realistic scene with appropriate colors, making the blue sky more marketable/appealing to consumers.

Stubbornness aside, if I’ve learned anything over the past few years, it’s that what I want isn’t always what’s best for my books or my marketing attempts.
(But I also know that even if I don’t get things right early on, my instincts usually get me going in the right direction later. In this case, the next day!)

So, there you go. The book has been published at Smashwords and Amazon. It’s now a waiting game until the book is live at all outlets. (Fingers crossed I didn’t make any huge formatting errors.)
(I’m still waiting on Smashwords for approval. At least the cover will have the orange background once it hits their premium catalog for distribution. The change to the orange cover at Amazon may take a day or two.)

I’ve already started on book #8 in the series – Murder Breaks the Bank. I don’t have a clue which way to go on THAT cover. Gray background? Blowing up a safe? A cover full of money?
(Ha! ‘m already planning a gray background.)


We might be doing some more voting when the time comes.
(We probably will!)

Thanks to everyone who helped me make the decision on Murder Wears a Veil.