Mama’s Big Pimpin’

Early in January, a large envelope arrived in the mail. My son said, “Uh, oh. Something big. That’s not good.”

The smile on my face was huge. “This isn’t something bad,” I said. “Your mama’s big pimpin’.”

I opened the envelope and pulled out my very own license plate that sported the word BREEZY. I couldn’t stop smiling.

Ohio no longer requires a front license plate, and I hated the plate the dealership had put on my car with their name on it, so voila – I ordered my own plate.

Now, granted, nobody will know it stands for Breezy Books (, but I know, and it makes me happy, so that’s all that matters.

I’m driving a 2008 Honda Civic. I bought it in June of 2021. I knew when I went to look at the car it was thirteen years old, but it only had 39,000 miles on it! I nearly fell over when I saw the condition. This car was like new. I’m not kidding. The interior showed no signs of wear whatsoever. The engine was shiny and clean. The undercarriage was shiny and clean. It drove great. It was too good to be true – but it wasn’t.

I love this car. I envision a little old lady named Ethel previously owned it and only drove it to church on Sundays with a stop at the store for a few groceries on her way home.

I don’t drive the car very much either. I guess I am the next Ethel to whoever gets the car after me … but don’t call me Ethel.

What about you? Do you have a vanity plate? Are you as good at spotting great buys on cars as I am? Is there anything flashy and showoffy about your car like my BREEZY license plate? Spill!