Ahhh … Baloney

Today is National Bologna Day.

I kind of like bologna – or baloney as we refer to it in my neck of the woods. I even have memories of baloney.

I took a baloney sandwich to school every day for many years. The sandwich only had mustard on it and was always wrapped in wax paper. By lunchtime, my baloney was warm and had extra flavor from the wax paper. Or maybe that was just an added odor. I didn’t care. I liked my baloney sandwiches.

Sundays were special in our house. My dad taught me to bake bread, and we would get up early to do our baking. Mom would then have the kitchen to make Sunday dinner – usually something like baked chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, and applesauce. There was always applesauce for my brother to put on top of his mashed potatoes.

But it was Sunday supper that made all five of us kids happy. We had baloney sandwiches, potato chips (a treat!), and ice cream for dessert. Back then, it was “ice milk.” Do you remember ice milk? Crikey, I feel old right now.

We would put two slices of baloney on a slice of bread, spread mustard on, then layer potato chips over all. The second slice of bread went on top and you pushed down hard to crush the chips. They were great crunchy sandwiches!

I’m sure there’s baloney in there.

I’ve made loads of grilled cheese sandwiches with baloney in them. Fried baloney sandwiches, too. My canned hot peppers are fabulous on baloney sandwiches of any kind.

For the past seven months, I’ve had a ball hanging out at our local pub. I’ve made loads of new friends, and some of them have provided great inspiration for my writing.

I recently helped a friend home who had a few too many. It was a debacle of epic proportions that included her dog running away. I called Rich and got him out of bed to come help me find the dog.

Chapter two of my next Two Sisters and a Journalist book has Pepper getting drunk at her monthly book club. Her sister Jo (main character) picks her up to give her a ride home. What happens next reads suspiciously like what happened to me and my friend in real life, but in the book, Pepper’s cat runs away.

I wrote the chapter on a Monday. Tuesday morning, I re-read it and laughed out loud through the whole thing. I sent the chapter off to a brutally honest friend and asked if they thought it was humorous or was I nuts. They wrote back, “Loved it!”

The same friend from the pub showed up two weeks later laughing/lamenting that a pot of chili fell over in the back seat of her car, resulting in a huge mess.

In an upcoming chapter of my new book, Jo’s husband is teaching her to cook. They start with something easy – chili. Jo will be taking a big pot of chili to family dinner on Sunday. But because it tips over in the back seat of her truck, her entire family and three guests will be eating …

… wait for it …

… baloney sandwiches and potato chips with ice cream for dessert. 😊

I love my new pub friends. I’m going to dedicate this book to them and thank them for all the great fodder they’re providing me.

What about you? Do you like baloney sandwiches? If you’re writing a book, write in some baloney!

23 thoughts on “Ahhh … Baloney

  1. Sounds like a grand-ole time.

    Not much of a bologna person (me), but Melisa really likes it. We both agree mortadella is good, and while it’s not quite like bologna, I think it’s a step up, or what bologna would aspire to be if it had a choice.

    Glad you’re doing (and writing) well.

    • You are right. Mortadella originated in Bologna, Italy, too, with bologna being a cut below.

      Rich and son have acquired a puppy. Now that Rich is on puppy training/babysitting duty, we’re not hanging out as much, and I have found loads more time for writing. It’s going well, and I’m happy.

      Hope you are well, too. Since I’m here, I’m going to run around some blogs today and will stop by later.

    • Don’t worry about visiting. While I’ve not slowed down, traffic seems to have slowed considerably, which means I’ve drifted into being one of them boring fly-over blogs.

      • Nah!

        It’s been pretty consistent through the years. I went through a brief increase in 2020 (about 40% increase), but it has slowed back to normal. Unless there’s another pandemic, I don’t see that changing, and that’s fine . . . because we don’t need another pandemic (we’re probably still not done with this one).

  2. My sack lunches when I was a kid typically included either a bologna sandwich or peanut butter and jelly. I’m relatively certain most of those bologna sandwiches ended up in the trash. And I’ve never even got close to bologna since. Just the thought sends shivers up my spine. 😉

    • It’s been a while for me. I know I like bologna (have even bought a chunk and baked it in the oven like an Easter ham with mustard/brown sugar glaze), but since I’ve been losing weight for over a year now, processed meat is out of the question.

    • Me, too! 🙂

      Steve Martin said he used to put a slice of baloney in each shoe before he performed – “Before I go out, I put a slice of bologna in each of my shoes. So when I’m on stage, I feel funny.”

      I’m not putting baloney in my slippers before I write. I’m not sitting on slices either. I’ll just have to keep winging it with the baloney I’m full of!

  3. Lots of good memories here. I remember ice milk but in a different way.
    The milkman would deliver 2 bottles of milk (with cream at the top) to our front porch. In the winter time the milk would start to freeze and pop the cardboard circle stopper at the top and the ice .. cream would start to come out.
    Good Luck with your new book. 🙂

    • Oooh, we had a milkman, too. I don’t look like my siblings, and there were jokes that I was the milkman’s kid. 🙂 I especially loved when he had eggnog on his truck. We had a bread man, too. And a fuller brush man. Strangers coming to our door used to be fun!

      Your “ice cream” sounds divine!

      Thank you for the luck! I’m having a ball writing this one.

  4. I still eat bologna, miss putting chips on it, my dentures are not quite capable of chewing them. lol Our Sunday dinners were my grandma making a big meal at 4 or so and homemade. She was a great cook, her job at the old folks home and she was a cook at school also. I grew up with her and grandpa from 6 until I graduated. So I was blessed with great meals everyday. It sounds like a great story. 🙂

  5. Aww Maddie, hello from Scotland!! Your post brought such a smile to my face. I am so delighted that you are in such a happy, productive and creative space in life. Your charisma and effervescence shine through just as they always did! So nice to read you again!

  6. I love this post so much! I had forgotten completely how much I loved baloney sandwiches when I was a kid. I often had them in my sacked lunch at school, too. I could almost smell that sandwich as I was reading your post. I am going to put baloney on the shopping list for my next trip to the store. It’s time to relive an old classic. Thanks for making my day brighter!

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