The Eternal Optimist

That’s me. The eternal optimist.

I wake up on the right side of bed every day. I aim to be cheerful as much as possible every day. I always believe that today will be better than the day before.

I’m an onward and upward type of person. Pick yourself up by the bootstraps and move on type of person.

In the past year, I’ve had some heartache like I’ve never experienced before – in several sectors of my life. But I refuse to dwell on heartache and pain. When I moved into my apartment, I found myself pacing quite often from room to room to room (it’s a pretty open layout). It’s one of the reasons I made myself go out – to dinner, to a movie, to the mall – anyplace to be with people.

It took a couple of hit-or-miss places before I popped into our local pub. I was thrilled the employees – bartenders and kitchen staff alike – made me feel welcome right away. I’ve made numerous friends there – guys to play cards with, women to go out with, a gal thirty-six years younger than me who likes to hang out and ride bikes with me.

With the pub being part of the local hotel, it’s been a perfect spot to meet people from all over the country. I’m collecting stories to incorporate into some of my future writing. “Captain Daddy Butch” bugs me all the time to put him in one of my books.

It’s slow going, but I know I’m healing. Having friends and good people around me certainly help with that.

I still have the feeling I’m on the verge of something big. I still believe I have a bright future. It’s the eternal optimist in me.

Want to know what prompted this post about optimism?

I realized I’ve been entirely too optimistic about saying when I would finish a book or when it would be published. I said my new Two Sisters and a Journalist book would be published last March. Ha! Here we are in September, and it’s just now been released.

Am I embarrassed I do this all the time? Maybe a little, but I’m usually excited and optimistic when I post information about writing and publishing. The first book in my new cozy series is finished (Delicious Death). I’m going to publish this book in October. Do you think that will happen? I’m optimistic it will, but I won’t be upset if I’m overly optimistic and it doesn’t happen until November.

Optimism. I think being the eternal optimist has served me well. I think I’ll just keep being me.

Murder Runs Amok – book number NINE in the Two Sisters and a Journalist series – has been published at Amazon and Smashwords. Look for it to be available today at all outlets – Amazon, Apple iBooks, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, etc.