Book Sale

I’m popping in with some news today.

The Summer/Winter Sale at Smashwords starts today and runs until the end of the month. The first three books in both of my series are free. The remaining books are half price. There are loads of good books on sale, so take a little time to peruse the site for some great summer reading.

At long last, Murder Runs Amok is finished! This book WILL be published this month! I’ve never taken so long to write a book, but now that the logjam has been broken, I feel like I’m on fire. The editing is going well, I’m making notes and a rudimentary outline for the next book in the series, and I know how I want to finish the book that’s been dragging in my new series. Everything feels right in my writing world – much like it used to.

The book has to be a success; there is a dog on the cover!

In other news …

I’m still riding my bike as much as possible. I rode almost 14 miles a couple days ago – a record for me.

Rich and I have been out on the motorcycle on the hottest days we’ve had so far. I still love riding with the sun on my face and the wind in my hair.

For the first time in thirty years, I’ve started wearing shorts. Yep. My legs haven’t seen sun for thirty years! They were shockingly white but are finally getting some color. I suppose that’s too much information, but I’m so happy to have lost enough weight to be comfortable in a pair of shorts. Now, a swimming suit? That’s a whole ‘nother animal. My stomach will have to wonder about the sun for a few more pounds yet. 😊

I’ll leave you with this. Rich has been sitting on the deck feeding blue jays and squirrels. The blue jays are now standing on the rail and making loads of noise, trying to get him to come out of the house and give them peanuts. The squirrels are bolder. They come up and knock on the door.

What’s new with you? Are you on fire, too? Has your summer started off with a bang? Do you have critters knocking on your door?

14 thoughts on “Book Sale

  1. Good to hear you’re back in form . . . good luck with the sale.

    Our squirrels take the peanuts we leave out, but not when we’re outside. The moment I open the door, they scatter (we have 5 young ones who are making a bit of a mess with the potted plants because they’re digging in them).

    Birds are a bit more accustomed to me being out there, but not enough to approach.

    • Thank you, Kay! This was such a long slog through real life difficulties. I love the story and had no trouble writing it; I just had trouble being able to write it. I feel like I can finally move on now. Onward and upward!

    • The feeling is mutual, Julia. I’m so proud of you for your persistence and not giving up. Your progress is amazing. I know you are working hard.

      It rained today. When the clouds cleared, I didn’t want to ride my bike, but I did anyway. Headwinds were pretty rough. I only did about four miles, but I tried to ride as hard as I could for most of it. Two more pounds to go and I’ll have lost 80 pounds. It’s hard work but feels so good.

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