That Didn’t Take Long

Three months and twelve posts. Coming back to blogging is great – until you run out of material. Today … I’ve got nothing.

Actually, I was supposed to have the rough draft of my new cover for Stanley Pearl on Saturday and had planned to show it today for your opinions and suggestions. Obviously, that didn’t happen.

I used to look for those weird national holiday days as blog starters. Today is World Tuna Day. I can eat sardine and herring fillets every day (blackened and fried), but I’ll pass on extolling the wonders of tuna, thank you.

Let me show you the present I bought for myself for my birthday.

Ain’t she a beaut! An Electra Beach Cruiser with no speeds and coaster brakes. It’s old school, and I love tooling around town and through the alleys on it. That sounds kind of creepy, doesn’t it? But I feel safer in the alleys than on the main road. Over 2,000 semi-trucks pass through our village each day, and I don’t need to get sideswiped by one. I recently found our local park has a 1.1 mile walking/bike path, and I’ve been riding there, too. I try to get out and ride three times a day.

I wish I knew how many miles I’ve logged so far. I see a speedometer in my future. But I’m delighted with how steady and in control I am, and it only took three days to make it up the hill behind my apartment without having to walk my bike. I’m getting stronger and faster which each day of riding.

What else?

Oh, I’m becoming a regular at my neighborhood pub. 😊 Not really. Stopping in once a week doesn’t constitute a “regular,” but I love that I’ve found a comfortable place to go, have a bite to eat, schmooze with the locals, and have one drink. Yes, one is my limit. I get a kick out of a couple of the guys who think I’m famous because I have books at Amazon.

I’ll close out with some writing news that is more pathetic than news.

I made a huge editing pass on my new book, but I still need to finish writing the last two chapters. My daily schedule is still on the chaotic side. Because I lost two of my proofreaders, I’m going to have to hire someone to make a proofreading pass for me. That will take a little time.

But there’s something else going on. I can’t quite put my finger on it. I “feel” something. It’s as though I’m close to realizing something. Maybe coming up with another idea for my books? All I know is I feel like I’m on the verge of a breakthrough. But I don’t know what kind or where it will come from. I do like having this underlying feeling of excitement in my life. It’s never let me down in the past, so I’m excited to see where this month leads.

Ok, enough rambling. Hopefully, I’ll have something solid for next week. Feel free to do your own rambling in my comments section. Rambling Monday. That sounds like a good idea for the first Monday of every month. I’ll keep that in mind.

15 thoughts on “That Didn’t Take Long

  1. Breaking news! Writer runs out of material to write!

    In other news, every corner of the Internet has been surfed, so it can now be shut down.

    Nice bike, and it’s good exercise. I had one in Colorado, where the hills have 10% grades and never end. Wouldn’t have had a chance making it up any of them without the 15 gears. As tiring as they were going up, they were positively bloodcurdling coming back down.

    These days, I prefer rowing (on a machine, not an actual boat, although that might be fun).

    Anyway, good luck with your impending breakthrough.

    • LOL! Writer runs out of material.

      I knew my legs were getting a good workout walking. I’m shocked at the sore leg muscles from biking. This is an entirely different set of muscles. I used to have a rowing machine. I enjoyed it quite a bit. I’m just so happy to be able to exercise at all.

      The impending breakthrough … it’ll be good. I’m sure of it! 🙂

    • I haven’t been on a bike in almost thirty years. I guess the old saying of “just like riding a bike” is true – once you master it, you never forget. It’s certainly not the same as riding on the motorcycle, but I sure do enjoy the fresh air and sunshine!

  2. Well well, that is a mighty fine bike indeed. You sure chose well. Weirdly enough for me, I don’t really have too much trouble with writing ideas. It’s the actually turning them into something readable part that’s the problem. Anyway, thanks for this post!

    • Hi Stuart. Thanks for stopping by! I love my bike and just put a BREEZY license plate on it (to match the one on my car). 🙂

      I do fine when it comes to writing my books. I can honestly say I’ve never experienced writer’s block. Laziness, yes, but never the dreaded block. It’s these blog posts that give me fits at times.

      I did take a quick perusal of some of your posts and love the topics. When I have a bit more time, I’ll definitely stop by to do some reading.

  3. Finally made it over, Maddie. Welcome back and cheers to the new bike. Enjoy riding! There are numerous gadgets to track mileage, so I encourage you to go to a bike store for some help. Congrats on being a celebrity at the pub! 🙂

    • Julia, you will ride again one day. I’m sure of it. I do worry about flopping, but I think the wider tires are helpful. I feel like I have good stability.

      I managed quite a bit of writing today and hope to finish one of the two books this weekend. I even had the idea for the next book in the Two Sisters series fall into my head recently, so I’ve been doing some research to flesh that out. I still find how these ideas pop up to be so much fun. 🙂

    • Annie, I am having a blast on that bike! And I get such a kick out of people who smile and wave at me. I don’t see any other people my age out riding a bike, so I might be an anomaly.

      The feeling is still there. I had a fun new idea for the next book in my Murder series, but I don’t think that was the “verge.” It’s still something to be determined. I wish a verge for you, too!! 🙂

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