A Quickie

Realizing I do not have enough pertinent material to justify a blog post every week, I accept defeat of my good intentions.

For the time being, I’ll be at Twitter. I’ll post my everyday drivel there which will include my continued efforts at exercise and weight loss. My writing progress will be logged there as well.

I’m not leaving blogging. I just want to at least have something worthwhile to say when I post here. I’ll definitely post when I have major news about my writing or my books.

A photography post, a cooking post, or a ride on a motorcycle might also garner a post.

In the meantime, if you want to see what I’m up to, follow me on Twitter. I’ll follow you back and see what you’re up to as well. Maddie Cochere / Twitter

Research for My Next Book

Ok, now I’m having too much fun.

I finally broke whatever mental log jam I was experiencing, and I’ve been writing with higher daily word counts this past week. My apartment has a patio out back, and I’ve been sitting there to write during the day. I don’t feel as confined as I did on our deck, and I love it out there. Check out the view:

Yep. Loads of heavy-duty machinery while workers tear up the road behind my apartment. The noise is all day long, and sometimes everything around me shakes like an earthquake. Why I can write with all this commotion around me is a wonder, but I can!

I called a couple of the guys knuckleheads when they accidentally cut the television cable in the ground, and I lost my internet connection and my music. But I smiled when I said it, and they laughed. They knew they were knuckleheads. They also took down the mailboxes for our complex. I don’t mind. It gives me a reason to ride my bike to the post office every day to collect my mail.

I’m still going strong with riding. I’ve only been “almost” hit twice, but I was in control, and I’m now more careful when running stop signs in the alleys. My chain slipped off yesterday. That was quite a jolt to realize I had no brakes once the chain was hanging loose (forgot about that tidbit). I think I’m up to about ten miles per day now.

On to my research!

A while back, ladysighs posted some creative poetry and information revolving around Tarot cards. (Her High Priestess and Empress cards were so cute!) This reminded me of a time long ago in my early twenties. All the girls from work decided to go out to dinner and then have “fortune teller” readings.

My reading was interesting. Nothing really outstanding, but later that evening, I wrote down the things I was told. As the next few years unfolded, I was amazed and even shocked at times that just about everything I was told came true – right down to a job I would have, what it would entail, and the initials of two of my bosses. When I took that particular job, I had no knowledge of any of those things at this particular business to influence me. To eventually see her words in front of me amazed me.

After reading more of Ladysighs tarot poetry, the idea for my next book fell into my head. Plopped right in there with a thud.

I love the Mama in my Murder books. She’s eccentric and causes a ruckus everywhere she goes. I’m going to have Mama watching online tarot readings and deciding she can do readings, too. Mama will torture Jo (her daughter; my main character), telling her what she sees in the cards for her every time she sees her. Jo will be annoyed, but this will ultimately affect how she handles her cases.

I’ve been watching online tarot readings to gather information to write for Mama. Oh my gosh! I’ve never giggled so much in my life. I am NOT a giggler, but I sure have been lately. According to these online readers, I am going to be wealthy! More than a million dollars! I am going to have new love come in and sweep me off my feet! I am going to have past love come in and sweep me off my feet! I am going to have alien love come in and sweep me off my feet! I am going to be famous! Think of any over-the-top good thing that could (or could not) happen in your life, and these online readers will tell you it’s coming in fast!

However, all this entertainment is wonderful fodder for writing Mama’s antics in my next book. I can’t wait to get started! I’ll still need a murder (maybe Mama will see a murder in the cards), and I’ll need a good murder title. I’m sure those will plop into my head soon, too.

There is one thing I won’t share. The fortune teller from my twenties told me something that never came true. I am in a position in my life for this to happen now, and I’ve recently had a partial glimpse of this. I’m looking forward to seeing the rest! If it comes to fruition, I’ll tell you then.

Have you ever had your fortune told? If you have, tell me about it!

Hmmm … Your thoughts?

I submitted fellow blogger disperser tracks‘ idea for the remake of my Stanley Pearl cover – “…how about a woman helping a guy with a briefcase (accountant) out of a giant shell. Half of him could be dressed in a suit, and the other half (out of his shell) with more casual attire.”

My description to the design company read: A woman helping a guy with a briefcase (Stanley) out of a giant clam shell. The same type of shell a pearl would be in. Half of him could be dressed in a suit, and the other half (the part out of the shell) with more casual attire. Or show the suit faintly slipping away as he comes out in casual jeans, gray t-shirt, possibly a sweater tied around his neck. The girl should have brown hair reaching just below her shoulders, wearing a skirt and possibly even a cute apron as she is a waitress. No glasses. Stanley also has brown hair, no glasses.

Below are the two rough drafts sent to me. Any details could be changed. The artist is asking me to approve one of the designs.

I’d like some input from you. Do you like one over the other? Do you dislike either/both? What changes or additions would you make? Are you disappointed there is no shell? Would this style be cohesive with my other titles?


Design 1:

Design 2:

Thanks for your thoughts!

That Didn’t Take Long

Three months and twelve posts. Coming back to blogging is great – until you run out of material. Today … I’ve got nothing.

Actually, I was supposed to have the rough draft of my new cover for Stanley Pearl on Saturday and had planned to show it today for your opinions and suggestions. Obviously, that didn’t happen.

I used to look for those weird national holiday days as blog starters. Today is World Tuna Day. I can eat sardine and herring fillets every day (blackened and fried), but I’ll pass on extolling the wonders of tuna, thank you.

Let me show you the present I bought for myself for my birthday.

Ain’t she a beaut! An Electra Beach Cruiser with no speeds and coaster brakes. It’s old school, and I love tooling around town and through the alleys on it. That sounds kind of creepy, doesn’t it? But I feel safer in the alleys than on the main road. Over 2,000 semi-trucks pass through our village each day, and I don’t need to get sideswiped by one. I recently found our local park has a 1.1 mile walking/bike path, and I’ve been riding there, too. I try to get out and ride three times a day.

I wish I knew how many miles I’ve logged so far. I see a speedometer in my future. But I’m delighted with how steady and in control I am, and it only took three days to make it up the hill behind my apartment without having to walk my bike. I’m getting stronger and faster which each day of riding.

What else?

Oh, I’m becoming a regular at my neighborhood pub. 😊 Not really. Stopping in once a week doesn’t constitute a “regular,” but I love that I’ve found a comfortable place to go, have a bite to eat, schmooze with the locals, and have one drink. Yes, one is my limit. I get a kick out of a couple of the guys who think I’m famous because I have books at Amazon.

I’ll close out with some writing news that is more pathetic than news.

I made a huge editing pass on my new book, but I still need to finish writing the last two chapters. My daily schedule is still on the chaotic side. Because I lost two of my proofreaders, I’m going to have to hire someone to make a proofreading pass for me. That will take a little time.

But there’s something else going on. I can’t quite put my finger on it. I “feel” something. It’s as though I’m close to realizing something. Maybe coming up with another idea for my books? All I know is I feel like I’m on the verge of a breakthrough. But I don’t know what kind or where it will come from. I do like having this underlying feeling of excitement in my life. It’s never let me down in the past, so I’m excited to see where this month leads.

Ok, enough rambling. Hopefully, I’ll have something solid for next week. Feel free to do your own rambling in my comments section. Rambling Monday. That sounds like a good idea for the first Monday of every month. I’ll keep that in mind.