A Signature Color

Yellow is my favorite color. It’s cheery, sunshiny, and brings warmth. It’s a happy color. Decorating with yellow promotes a cheerful atmosphere. When playing a board game, keep your hands off the yellow token; that one is mine.

However, I chose pink for my signature color when I started writing my books. Pink is lovely. That’s it in a nutshell for me. Pink is lovely.

But I also think pink oozes from my soul. I’m a romantic at heart. Pink makes me want to kiss someone. Pink is sweet and romantic. I prefer pink roses over yellow or red.

I loved writing my Susan Hunter books. It was wonderful to put myself in Susan’s shoes as I wrote and envisioned myself in the love affair she had with Mick. I think the storytelling felt more real because of it. Every book felt pink to me.

In my life, I happily embrace pink. My wallet is pink. My new white computer has a pink keyboard and mouse. The setup is lovely! My mp3 player is pink. My earbuds are pink. Remember how I was going to the library to write? Ha! I gave up on that and started checking into a Mariott for a day or two at a time to write … and my suitcase is pink. I have a double-breasted jacket in pink I can’t wait to wear this spring. With the weight loss, it might be too big. I don’t care. I think it will still look lovely.

Do you have a signature color? Is it different from your favorite color? If so, how did you choose it?

I love my pink note cards from Modern Pink Paper!

9 thoughts on “A Signature Color

  1. I’m not certain, but it sounds as if you like pink.

    No signature color here. My current logo is B&W (photo turned into a drawing) and I like simple (black, gray, white) for my blog (doesn’t clash with the photos).

    Previously, my avatar was the zombie look:

    I tend to buy basic colors (drab) when purchasing stuff. My goal is to attract as little attention as possible when out and about so that my millions of fans won’t bother me and I can move around undisturbed.

    • I love that photo. I want to meet that man. LOL! When I was younger, I was all into red and loud everything. Then I hit the drab years – most of my married life. And, like you, drawing as little attention as possible to myself (but not because of my millions of fans). 🙂 I’m looking to go back to color again. Vibrant colors will match my energy these days. As much as I like yellow, the colors in my new apartment are black, white, gray, and pink.

  2. My favourite and signature colour are the same, shock horror it is purple lol 💜 my hair is usually a mix of pinks, purple and blue, it has become the norm to the point where people comment that if I ever went back to normal colours they wouldn’t recognise me.

  3. I love all colors, must be the artist in me. I also notice varying shades of the same color. Yet, I usually dress in jewel tones and my house is mostly grey and white, inside and out with bursts of color inside. Eh, I’m just me…..Hugs!!

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