I Owned a Weight Loss Company?

Before I decided to come back to blogging, I thought it would be a good idea to run a search on my name. You know, just to be certain there was nothing upsetting or that needed addressing. When you disappear for three years, who knows what can happen.

I came across the website Book Series in Order. What a cool site. If you’ve ever found a series of books with many titles, this site will tell you in which order you will want to read them.

I had no idea I was listed there: https://www.bookseriesinorder.com/maddie-cochere/

I was further pleased and humbled by the information written about me as a writer. Other than the fact that it was noted I used to own a weight loss company (I didn’t; I used to work for one), I couldn’t believe all the good and kind words written about me.

Whoever cobbled this information together must have gone through my reviews, some of my blog posts, and maybe even read one of my books. They certainly made me sound so much better than I ever thought I was.

However, I sometimes think I sell myself short. If you are familiar with BookBub, then you know they are the largest book discovery service out there. They have huge mailing lists for books, and they are also one of the biggest advertisers for indie books.

I have 94,084 followers at BookBub.

I can barely wrap my head around that number. That’s more than the woman who wrote the Fifty Shades of Grey books (E. L. James). That’s more than some high-profile mystery writers (Brad Thor, Robin Cook) and even more than The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe author (C.S. Lewis).

You may wonder how I have so many followers. Well, I wonder that myself, but I can only surmise it is because I have given away nearly half a million free books since I began writing. That’s a lot of people who have at least one of my books, and when BookBub sends suggestions as to whom someone may want to follow (based on their downloads), some people obviously click the button to follow me.

I’ve never capitalized on the fact that I have so many followers at BookBub. I can’t wait to write as many books as I can this year and see what that number of followers really means.

I’ll keep you posted.

Do you write series books? Are you listed on the Book Series in Order site? Do you check your name online every now and then? Let me know!

26 thoughts on “I Owned a Weight Loss Company?

  1. That number of followers is impressive. It might even help you land an agent and a contract. At least, it would be something positive to write on an introduction letter.

    I think I have at least 6 followers, but maybe one or two are just reading the stories twice.

    • I have been shocked as that number has grown – and saddened, too. I’ve lost so much time these past several years. But no use crying over spilled milk. Onward and upward. Let’s see what I can do going forward! 🙂 And by the way, I’d read your book again (Gin’s War). I like to read books more than once. The key for me is if I think about a book long after I’ve read it … those are the books I like to read again down the road.

      • Take that rearview mirror, grab it with both hands, rip it off, and toss it out the window as you repeat what Italian drivers say: “what’s behind me doesn’t matter!”

        As for my books, again, kind of you to say. I think “Hybrid” is the better book, and I keep thinking I’ll be shopping it around. Then I make myself a snack and shelve the idea.

  2. What a nice write up about you! A real surprise for you.
    The website writer has really done a lot of work and research. I wonder if he/she has read all the books there??
    I don’t do much reading anymore. 😦 The library was closed for a bit plus it’s just hard to get up and out much. Lazy eyes too.

    • I was actually kind of floored when I read what was written. It definitely was a surprise. Whoever maintains that site puts a lot of work into it. I wish I had more time to read, but if I’m reading, I’m not writing. Maybe later this year.

  3. I’ve published two books, working on the third in the “Leora’s Stories Series.” I’m listed with BookBub (and review there regularly), but had never heard of Book Series in Order.

  4. What a wonderful find! Very kind words about you, my friend. I will have to look around that site some more. I’ve never googled my writing name. Hmmm, I will have to now although I would be absolutely shocked if my name came up anywhere with only 2 books under my belt. LOL You rock, lady! ❤

    • Cathy! I’m so happy to see you! 🙂 It’s been a rough few years, but I am coming out of them on top. I feel blessings ahead for me. As I’ve been cleaning out my desk, I find your lovely letters. I’m so glad you’ve kept in touch and let me know what you and your family are doing. I hope to be more supportive of your efforts in the future. Love you, too! ❤

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