Ah…Stanley Pearl. He’s Free.


I don’t remember how Stanley’s story came to me or why I even started to write it, but I have an email I sent to my sister on April 8, 2015 where I made this comment: “When you have time, would you read this please.  It’s the first chapter of a completely new story – you know – that Stanley Pearl guy who showed up yesterday and demanded I write about him.”

Interestingly enough, April 7 is Rich’s and my wedding anniversary. Stanley showed up on that day and demanded I write his story. Hmmm.

The book was fun to write, and even though I kept putting it on the back burner in order to write in my current series, it was never too long before I was adding words to the story.

Stanley Pearl hit the market in June with little to no fanfare, and because I didn’t have a way to know how well the book would be received, I opted to apply for a Readers’ Favorite review.

That review came in today with a 5-star rating. Here’s the takeaway:

“Stanley Pearl is a fun and fast-paced darkly humorous story about an accountant and single dad’s sudden immersion into a life of intrigue, danger and even soul-shattering romance. Cochere’s plot is sly and masterful as she parallels her hero’s life with that of his fictional character. Stanley’s tale is part delayed coming of age, part mid-life crisis, and seeing him develop from an otherworldly and somewhat reclusive accountant into a suave man of action is entertaining indeed. The author’s characters are credible and real, and her story delivers on a number of levels. Stanley Pearl is most highly recommended.”

The review was given by a man! It was so nice to get feedback from a man that I wrote Stanley’s character as credible and real.

It’s been a while since I’ve given away any free books, so let’s give Stanley away!

Please note that Stanley Pearl is a bit racier than I usually write but would still garner a PG-13 rating at the movie theater.

Here is a code for a free ebook at Smashwords. This code is good through the end of the month and expires on August 1stYL58R. Simply go to the book page on Smashwords and enter the code at checkout.

If you would prefer to have a free ebook through Amazon, please let me know through the comments section below and I’ll email a redemption link from Amazon to you. You’ll then simply have to click the link to download your free copy.

If you choose to read the book, I hope you enjoy Stanley’s story!

22 thoughts on “Ah…Stanley Pearl. He’s Free.

  1. Awesome! Another to add to my book reading list! Love your books! I need to catch up. I have really slacked off on reading this year, sad face. Hope things are going better personally for you! Miss seeing you blog and tweet! 🙂

  2. Wow!! Stanley sounds a lot like me: “delayed coming of age… mid-life crisis… otherworldly… somewhat reclusive”– and let’s not forget “a suave man of (in)action” who finally gets around to reading blog posts by his favorite author more than 3 months late!! Ah, well… Congrats on another winner, my dear Maddie! Love that review, but I wish I’d written it myself because it needs to be even more flowery, effusive, enthusiastic, and brimming with praise!! But of course I say that about all your work because of my keen artistic sense and compulsive need to celebrate a great talent!! Hope this finds you well, and smiling, and perhaps enjoying some leftover Halloween candy!! Cheers, always rooting for you, and wishing you well!! 👍🏆😊

    • Halloween candy!! My dear sweet man, I’m showing up in time to share some sugar cookies with you! 🙂 And could you be any nicer! Thank you for all the kind words. I LOVED writing Stanley Pearl, and if I ever get around to doing some advertising for him, maybe others will enjoy his story as well.

      Things are settling down nicely here, and I hope to do so much more in the coming year – and that includes keeping up with bloggers/blogging. I’m sure I’ve missed wonderful illustrations at your place and am looking forward to some catching up.

      Merry Christmas, my dear friend. Thank you always for being in touch and for being so supportive!

      P.S. – Don’t forget to give Perry Como’s Christmas Eve a couple of listens this holiday season. 🙂

  3. Wow, Maddie!!! I’m really impressed with your amazing story telling, surprising plots and immense creativity! I guess it won’t be long before a traditional publisher realises your value and snaps you up!! Hope all is well, OG&Bs

    • Greetings, OG&B!! I’ve been missing in action here, and it’s so nice to hear from you. Thank you for your kind words. I don’t know about a traditional publisher, but this has been a fun ride, and I’m looking forward to what I can accomplish this year. Hope all is well with you, too!

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