Bathroom Humor and a Free Book


My mother is a good sport. I’ve used and abused her in my books but always with a loving heart and with her knowledge and support.

My mother and father were the inspiration behind Susan Hunter’s mother and father. When physically describing Susan’s father, and her close relationship with him, I may as well have been talking about my own late father. Susan’s mother doesn’t resemble my mother in appearance, but many of her characteristics and her love of laughter do. Mom loved reading my Susan Hunter books, and I know she enjoyed knowing so much of her personality went into Susan’s mother.

My mother is now eighty-five years old. A few years back, she proclaimed she didn’t care what people thought any longer. She said she’s lived long enough to say and do what she wants. That made it easy to base Mama in my “Two Sisters and a Journalist” series on my own mother in her later years.

I grew up with three brothers who thought they were comedians. I can’t tell you how many whoopee cushions, fart machines, farts recorded on cassettes, belching contests, and just about any other manner of PG-13-rated potty humor went on in our house. I won’t say which brother, but one of them had so much gas one summer, he kept a notebook and logged each one as it passed.

My mother laughed at those boys until she cried. We all did.

If you don’t know by now, my “Two Sisters and a Journalist” books have bathroom humor in them. With the popularity of Melissa McCarthy and over-the-top humor in movies, I decided to go this route with the series. Where Susan Hunter wouldn’t pass gas in front of herself, Jo Ravens and her family are less couth. There are a few incidences of minor swear words (four in my new book), but they are used as humor rather than as angry swearing.

In Murder Under Construction, Jo laments the fact that her mother passes gas while shopping and then walks away, allowing Jo to come around the corner and walk into the gas cloud. Anyone coming near Jo would assume she was the offender. True story. I told my mother if she didn’t quit doing that to me, I wasn’t taking her shopping any more.

My sister called one day to tell me she picked Mom up to take her to the grocery store, and as Mom walked across the back porch, every step produced a puff of smoke. Upon further inspection, she realized Mom had put foot powder in her sandals. She was laughing so hard, she could barely tell me about it. In Murder Welcomes You to Buxley, Mama has an incident with baby powder in her shoes at the bowling alley.

One of my nieces read Murder Under Construction and asked her mother, “Has Grandma read this? Does she know she’s in here?” The false teeth incident gave it away for her.

My mother has threatened my siblings on occasion. She’ll tell them not to tell me about something she did, because it will end up in one of my books. She’s right, but she always laughs when it does. I know she secretly loves it.

Just last week, I published book number six in the “Two Sisters and a Journalist” series: Murder – A Chummy Affair. Mama is her usual inappropriate and silly self, but her bowling crony Lucille, who was mentioned in a previous book, has a bigger role this time, and she has chronic flatulence.

My mother loved the book and thought Lucille was hilarious. Of course she did! My mother’s middle name is Lucille.

I’m in the mood to give books away today. If you would like a copy of Murder – A Chummy Affair, let me know in the comments section below, and I’ll send a book to you from Amazon. If you need a copy for a different format, I’ll send a code for a free book at Smashwords, and you can choose the file that’s right for your eReader. Just make sure you let me know which venue – Amazon or Smashwords. If you prefer to write and ask me personally, my email is on my About page.

Finally, I was going through old pictures for a family member last week, and I came across pictures of my mother and father. I forgot how attractive my dad was when he was young. He could have been in the movie Grease!


31 thoughts on “Bathroom Humor and a Free Book

  1. I think families are the most colorful group to incorporate one way or another into stories. And I think it’s great that your mom is such a great sport. Makes me really miss my own mom.

    • I’m sorry your mother is no longer with you. I’ll certainly miss my mother when she’s gone. She’s had a rough couple of years with a bad fall and some illness, but we can still make her laugh until she cries – and she still proofreads my books. She’s a trooper!

  2. Fun to hear about your family and the inspiration you draw from them for your characters. You know I love your series. I still need to read the third one. I’m so behind with my TBR list, it’s not even funny. But your books are!

  3. I’m heading over to Amazon now. I can use a good laugh. Your mom reminds me of my own in her last years. That’s when we found out she had a funny bone. Each step she took would have a toot to it and she just kept saying “oops”. “oops” all the way across the store. Thanks for making me laugh here. You had a couple of great parents.

  4. Maddie!!!!! My mom does the toots too! I think it’s funny as she does that in stores too. ha! They get to be in their 80’s and they have a right to toot if they have to. She usually says “sorry” and then giggles. Why are toots so darn funny? Can’t wait to read your new book. 🙂 ❤

    • My mom laughs at herself, too. I used to know not to go near her in the store just by the look on her face. I knew she was trying not to laugh. 🙂 Hope you like the book! Email about other matters is on the way!!

  5. Loved all the family anecdotes Maddie and I would love a smashwords copy of your book. I nearly didn’t spot you with your new gravatar, very 1920’s and art deco looking.

    • Hi Pauline! I thought it was time to give Susan Hunter a rest. There were some instances of mistaken identity, and as I am a tad older than Susan (like 30+ years!), I thought I’d finally make the change. 🙂

      I’ll make this easy and put the Smashwords code right here: WP97D
      It’s good until March 5th, so if anyone else pops in and sees it, they can grab the book, too.

      I appreciate that you stopped by. I’m not doing too well with my resolution of visiting blogs more often this year, but I am trying to write every day. I’m working on two books right now. I hope to catch up with you soon!

  6. Oh, Maddie, my husband and I love your Jo books! We both laugh out loud at the antics of Jo and her family. I just found this blog so I missed the smashwords deadline by a few days. Any chance it can be extended?

    • Hi, Mary! I’m so glad you found me here. I started my blog when I began writing in 2012. I wanted to have a place to chronicle my writing journey and have some fun doing it. I don’t take myself too seriously, so you never know what you’ll find here. 🙂

      I’ve extended the coupon through the 10th. I’m already working on book #7. It’s tentatively titled, Murder Wears a Veil.

      Code # WP97D Happy reading!

    • When my mother found out I was writing a book, she was horrified. She was positive I would write something “tawdry” and embarrass our family. As it turned out, she has been my biggest fan – and she’s a great proofreader, too. 🙂

      Your Piper Morgan books look adorable! I love the covers. I just pre-ordered Piper Morgan in Charge for our seven-year-old granddaughter. Thanks for stopping by, Stephanie!

  7. Oh Maddie, I havent been here for ages, and every time I visit you there is a gift! New books for me to read, perfect! I’ll go download the next one in the series now! I think I’ve been left behind a little.

    How are you anyway?I cannot believe it’s been so long. x

    • Hi Piper! I’m sorry for the late reply. We’ve had a lot of family ups and downs lately (mostly with health issues), but all is calming down now, and I’m hoping to get back to writing soon – as well as being online more to catch up with friends. I’m having fun writing these Two Sisters books, and I’m so tickled you are still reading them every now and then.

      I hope you and your family are well – and your children are keeping you on your toes. 😉

  8. I need to download the book. I need to read a lot of your stuff! Got thinking about you the other day b/c I was on my kindle, had to slide the screen to open it + was pleasantly surprised to see a cover of yours being advertised to buy on amazon. Finally signed up for your newsletter (was there one a few years ago? If so, I had no clue).

    • Kris! I’m terribly sorry for not catching up with you sooner. It was great to see a comment from you. I looked for you around Christmas. You crossed my mind at that time, and I wondered where you were and if you were still writing/drawing, but I think when I found your blog again, you hadn’t posted for quite a while. I’m having a terrible time balancing family, writing, and reading/writing blogs, but I’m trying to get more organized.

      That’s pretty cool that Amazon promoted one of my books. I don’t use Amazon exclusively, so they don’t usually throw any love my way. 😉

      Keep in touch! I’ll try to do the same.

      • I just saw this. Truth is that my manic depression has managed to overturn my life completely. I even bought the .com status hoping to encourage myself. I mostly just put up awful poetry on instagram these days. There’s a new story that started to knock at the door, hoping it takes.

        It’s all good. I completely understand life getting to you. I need to catch up on your blog.

        Yes, I was pretty hype when I saw the advert. Made me happy. I will definitely try to keep in touch. I’ll also try to update my blog w/in the next few days.


  9. Hey Maddie, Remember me? (tc history gal) How are you these days? I’ve missed talking to you. I’m in the process of putting together a book on blogging and came across a great quote by you in one of my comments. Do you mind if I quote you? On another topic, I have a new blog, which is specifically writing. I would love to interview you if you are interested. Talk to you soon, I hope. 🙂

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