Slip Sliding and Clumping Into Action

tomatoesNow that the dreaded spring cleaning is out of the way, it’s time to be more productive. I’ve mentioned before that we live in a century home, which is a fancier way of saying the house is really old. It still has its original slate roof, and the sidewalks are some type of stone that is slippery when wet. I’ve landed on my bum on the sidewalk many times over the years.

The house is large enough for me to have more than one space for writing. You’ve already seen the desk in my office. The room used to be the dining room.


Window to the left. Fresh air and sunshine available.

My office was the hub for my children’s book business for over sixteen years and for when I began writing three years ago. Now I do most of my editing, social media, and online time-wasting activities here.

After we cleaned out a “catch-all” bedroom upstairs and painted it a garish bubblegum pink for when our granddaughter visits, I claimed the little corner nook in the room for a quieter writing space. You already know I love the color pink (any shade), and the Minnie Mouse curtains and Winnie-the-Pooh desk lamp remind me of our granddaughter and make me happy. It’s so much easier to write humor when you’re happy. (Clap along!)

The ugly green carpet is original to the house. Probably from 1903. The granddaughter is too young to care, and I’m too old to care.)

The desk is a tad small, but as it was our son’s first desk, there is a certain amount of enjoyment in using it, too. By choice, there is no internet in this room, so there are no online distractions. I do most of my writing here.

I write at the table on our deck, too, but a funny thing happened on the way to the deck last weekend. I realized it wasn’t as enjoyable as writing in the nook upstairs. In the pink room, I can open the window for fresh air and look out over the center of town. Bugs, ants, flies, bees, and bird droppings are of no consequence. Neither are sun, humidity, and the dog running in and out of the house like a child. I rather think I prefer using the deck for relaxing and visiting with friends. My days of writing outdoors may be over.

deck2You might be wondering what any of this has to do with slip sliding and clumping.

That brings me to clothing. Specifically footwear.

I’ve established that it’s easier for me to write in a clutter-free environment and that it helps to have a place to write that is free from distractions as well as to give me warm, fuzzy, happy feelings. But what about comfort in clothing?

Oh, trust me. I’m comfortable. When I left the corporate world and donated all my business suits to charity, I found myself in a new type of uniform – tee shirts, jeans, and tennis shoes. Other than the colors, and buying new when the old wears out, the picture remains the same.

It’s been a fine uniform all these years – until Rich bought a pair of slippers for me. I haven’t worn slippers since I was in high school. I’m the type of person who gets dressed first thing in the morning, including shoes, and there are no pajamas until I’m ready to hop into bed at night.

hi-topThese slippers are so cute! Ciabatta hi-top booties. If you pull the sheepskin sides up and tuck them under your jeans, they double as boots, so you can run to the store and not look like you’re out in your slippers.


Rich likes shopping online. Shortly after the slippers arrived, a pair of boots showed up as well.

bootThese boots are so cute! I like the side-button closure, and they are better suited to running to the store and not looking like you’re wearing slippers disguised as boots. A side benefit is that I can walk on the wet sidewalks with no fear of falling. They are immune to the slippery stone! So are the booties. No more slip sliding on my bum.

So what’s the problem?

For the past three and a half months, I’ve been clumping around the house. Or shuffling. Or plodding. I’ve been lazy. The slippers and boots are flat-bottomed and not conducive to picking up your feet. I even “sound” louder when walking through the house.

A few days ago, I ran to the hospital to visit a family member. It was too warm for the boots, and I certainly wasn’t clumping into the hospital in my slippers that pretend to be boots, so I found my tennis shoes and put them on.

It was like magic. There was a spring in my step. I felt energetic. I was zippy! I hopped out of my vehicle and helped a man jumpstart his van in the hospital parking lot. I would have never done that in my slipper/boots.

Heavenly music plays.

I’ve made the decision there will be no more slippers or boots for me. I’m writing more words per day now, and I’ll have my next book ready in a matter of weeks instead of months.

So there you have it. Roughly nine hundred words to tell you that I’m more productive when I wear shoes during the day.

You may throw tomatoes at me now for taking up your time.

Or you can share what it is that makes you most productive. Or on the flip side – what thwarts your productivity?

36 thoughts on “Slip Sliding and Clumping Into Action

  1. I had to laugh when I saw the pink color of the walls in your writing area. I’m not a fan of pink, and that paint would probably send me flailing and screaming toward a more neutral color. In my slippers, of course… 😉

    • The pink was so pretty on the little slip of paper in the store. I was a little horrified when it went up on the walls and turned out so dark with just one coat! And with that green carpet!! But the granddaughter loved it, and I love being up there, so it’s all good. 🙂

      • That’s all that matters then. 🙂

        I see your first MUC book is still doing great (and the second one too) with some wonderful reviews. Congrats! I’m thrilled to see others enjoying it as much as I did!

        • We’ll probably paint yellow (light yellow!) next year and switch to less childish curtains. She’s still happy with Minnie Mouse and pink for now.

          Thank you so much, Carrie. I can’t say it enough – I appreciate your kind words and support more than you know. I’m thrilled with how well the new series is doing. Getting the fourth book out is a priority right now. I’m spending a lot of time in the pink room. 🙂

  2. You know what thwarts my productivity? Reading my friends blogs. LOL I am so far behind today, I haven’t even started on todays Dee and Tee chapter! Help!!!
    I’m so glad you have several nice places to write. I have one. Period. But, it works for me and that’s what counts, right?
    I have to have my slippers on. I live in my slippers. I only wear shoes to the store. Or appointments. 😉

    • I had a feeling you were a slippers person. Because I’m downstairs today, I’ve been watching for Dee and Tee! Put on a pair of tennis shoes! You’ll have that chapter done in no time. 🙂

      Just kidding!

      I’ll read it when you post it – no problem. If I recall, don’t you have a nice open view out the window in the room where you write?

      • I do have a nice open view in my room as it is originally a bedroom. Sometimes it gets a bit distracting. 😉 Dee and Tee will be posted in a few minutes!

    • 🙂 Poor Winnie the Pooh. And his red shirt is too short. He’s definitely not getting anything done.

      Shortly after I became a stay-at-home mom, I figured out that I accomplished more during the day if I dressed right away in the morning – and wore shoes – just like I was going to work. The slippers and boots threw a monkey wrench into everything.

    • Haha! It’s actually not quite as bad as in the picture, but it’s a really deep pink – maybe even a little darker than Pepto-Bismol. I just ended a FaceTime with our granddaughter. She’s six. I asked her about painting the room while she was here this summer, and she said she loves the pink. So the pink stays. 🙂

  3. Do something about those sidewalks, Maddie. I’ve slipped on a concrete floor without much more than a bruise to show for it, until one day when I broke my left arm. Being of a certain age, it took a long time and lots of physio for it to properly heal.

    I’ve been reading a book called Odd Type Writers by Celia Blue Johnson. The title is set up in such a way that at first read I thought it was about fooled odd typewriters. There should have been a hyphen between the words ‘odd’ and ‘type.’

    Alexander Dumas was supposed to have said ‘My minutes are as precious as gold. When I put on my shoes it costs me 500 franks.’ Perhaps he worked shoeless.
    Slippers or sneakers, whatever works for you, you clever thing, keep on doing it.

    My Pearlies went back home on Sunday. I’m already counting down the days before their return. Hope your princess enjoys her pink room.

    • What an interesting book. I looked it up and found an article by the author. She shared some of the quirks she uncovered. I suppose I am a bit of an odd bird – writing all over the house, depending upon mood and needing to wear shoes.

      The sidewalks are another issue. We have a corner lot and the cost to replace front and side is very high. I should ask Rich to replace the few we walk on most often. Sounds like a summer project we should talk about. 🙂

      Sad to hear your Pearlies are gone. Hope you had loads of fun. I’m buying tickets this week to pick our granddaughter up in July. She and I are already planning our mischief!

  4. I think a room that pink would probably be the biggest distraction for me, haha. I’m very used to wearing slippers, though more often than not I will walk around my apartment barefoot. I don’t have any kids or pets to cause any messes, so my floors are almost always clean and it’s comfortable to just feel the cold tiles under my feet. I will only wear slippers these days if I’ve got guests over, or I’m in the kitchen cooking. I’m a messy cook and I often spill things on the floor.

    The main thing that hinders my productivity is internet. I could start writing and then get distracted for hours by some shiny new thing. Work also keeps me very busy, and I have barely had time to write lately. 😦 I really want to fix that soon.

    • Hi Zen! For some reason, I’ve pictured you barefoot and wearing a flowing dress – at least when you are at home. I get that relaxed vibe from you. Do you wear dresses?

      The internet hinders me something fierce. I’ve lost way too many writing hours to the internet. Oh well. I enjoy messing around online. 🙂

  5. Love it! I actually have some boots that look like your slippers. They are comfy. I tend to wear either socks around the house or my tennis shoes. I am a tennis shoe girl! 🙂 Be careful on your sidewalk! TV and the internet stop me from writing and that has been very much so the last six months. Sigh. I don’t know if I could handle writing in that pink room, but it does fit your brand. 🙂 I like that you have different spots to write. Sometimes that is what is needed to break a writer’s block. 🙂 Happy writing! 🙂

    • I’ve really slipped away from my goal of writing every day this year. My mother has been in and out of the hospital, and Rich was having heart problems earlier this year. It’s hard to write humor when life gets in the way. Everyone is doing well now, so I hope to hunker down and get this book knocked out before the granddaughter gets here next month.

      Where do you write? Happy writing to you, too!

      • Sorry to hear you had family health issues, but glad everyone is doing good. I agree difficult to write humor if your own life is not. It use to be the living room but now I have been working on my Creative Cave in the basement so new place to write! No distractions unless you count the noisy air conditioner/heater unit. LOL Happy writing and have fun with your granddaughter! 🙂

  6. Interesting to hear about all your writing spots and slipper/shoe personality change. Actually those slipper/boots look just like the ones we call Ugg boots over here, my Jack loves his.. I’m a bare foot girl around the house it helps me keep cool in the summertime and I actually have some old socks I plod around inside in in the winter…

  7. Oh my, that’s two posts that I have not seen.. Colour me mortified 😦
    My steel capped boots are my faithful companions, they are so comfortable 🙂 They are work boots, hiking boots and any other occasion.

  8. Throw tomatoes?? I could only throw bouquets at you, dear Maddie!! OK, and maybe some M&M’s to keep your strength up!! I like thinking of you in tennis shoes and leaping over logs like the carefree kids I used to see in Keds TV ads when I was a lazy young ‘un. What thwarts my productivity? Reading anything not written by Maddie Cochere!!! : )

    • Hello, my favorite illustrator in the whole wide world! Hope you are well. I’ve been tragically absent from my blog, because my tennis shoes have had me zipping around. I remember Keds – and Red Ball Jets. 🙂

  9. I had a third bedroom that I had turned into a lovely library. Writing table facing the window, wonderful scenery, surrounded by books and nic nacs and unicorn plates. And where did I wind up writing? Sitting on my livingroom sofa with a laptop on my lap. So much for atmosphere. I’ve tried outside, but the light is always awkward, the bugs love to swarm, you know. My library is now a temporary room for my grandson, so it’s back to my livingroom sofa. Which isn’t half bad, especially when I’m alone.

    • I love the idea of a bedroom turned library, but I understand gravitating to the heart of the house. My biggest problem with writing outside has become bees! At least your grandson can enjoy the room with the books. 🙂

  10. Oh – just re-read this and that reminded me. I just bought new trainers that are so soft and comfy it’s like wearing slippers, and light and breezy. Try these. Skechers Go Walk 2.

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