Spring Cleaning

spring_ cleaning1Spring cleaning is for the birds!

I like a clean house. I even like the lingering smell of cleaning products. I just don’t like doing the cleaning. I’m a minimalist when it comes to cleaning. I do what’s necessary and leave the rest to Rich when he can’t stand it anymore. I love coming downstairs on a Saturday morning and realize the “kitchen fairy” showed up during the night, the dishes are done, and the kitchen is spotless.

However, we recently decided to have the house appraised, and when I found out the man was coming inside to not only take measurements but pictures as well, the spring cleaning was happening whether I wanted to do it or not. I couldn’t let there be a photo record of my lackadaisical attitude toward cleaning.

Cue the upstairs bathroom. Could any one family have any more problems with plumbing than we do? Our new upstairs toilet thought it would have some fun with us. I woke up one morning to a note on the lid – “Clogged. Do not use.”

The sink and bathtub weren’t affected. The clog appeared to be somewhere between the toilet and the common pipe they all shared on their way to the basement.


Evil Clog

No problem. I am a master when it comes to unclogging toilets in this house. The water was clear, and I plunged a few times throughout the day. The toilet drained slowly, so I knew I was getting it. I poured hot soapy water down and plunged again. I heard the clog move down the line. Yay!

Oh wait. Now the bathtub and sink fill up when I run water in them. Time for the Drano Full Clog. Guaranteed to work!

So much for the full clog fix. Have I mentioned yet that we are on day eleven of living with this clog?

Two days before the appraiser came, Rich went to the basement and opened the drain cleanout. He had the foresight to put a wastebasket under the drain. Unfortunately, he opened Niagara Falls and missed the basket entirely. I actually thought that was hilarious. Thankfully, the water was clean and the floor in that part of the basement is dirt, so no harm, no foul. The clog had moved along far enough that it is now somewhere between the cleanout and the main line.

Side note: Rich, honey, just go to Home Depot and get a snake and be done with this.

cleaning_suppliesFor two days, I busted hump scrubbing, sweeping, dusting, and finding a home for every bit of clutter in the house. Rich only had to take the vacuum cleaner apart once to clear out its own persnickety clog.

I quit cleaning one hour before the appraiser came. Everything looked great and felt “sparse.”

The man showed up, raced through the house, and snapped only one picture through the doorway of each room. Poof! He was gone just that fast. I suspect if I had known there would be no real scrutiny, I might not have put so much effort into the cleaning, but, of course, I’m glad I did.

It’s so much easier to write when there’s no clutter. And when your son walks through the house and says, “Wow. Everything is so clean,” you know you did a good job (and you are definitely a bad housekeeper to begin with).

We’re having a day or two of warm weather right now before the snow shows up again this weekend. The birds have been spring cleaning outside. I hear them picking in our dryer vent, working under the eaves of the house, and quite possibly in one wall … but that’s another story.

Are you spring cleaning? How’s it going for you?

30 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning

  1. I’m boycotting spring cleaning until nyc has spring temps
    You hear me, Big Sponge!?!

    (Big Sponge is the umbrella name for the massive corporate military-hygienic complex.)

  2. Doesn’t that clog realize you have writing to do? Ugh, the disrespect our drains have for us is ridiculous!

    I agree–it’s easier to write when the house is clean. Since you’re in the momentum now, want to come clean mine? 😉

  3. Funny! I hate clogs too. Never ending sometimes. We just had to do the snake thing in our basement drain. So not fun. The Spring cleaning, I really should but so far have no ambition to do so. Maybe a little bit here and there. I do the necessary cleaning but I am terrible about doing it every week, maybe every few weeks. LOL. Clutter….somehow that seems to appear all the time. 🙂 My hubby use to help a bit but now he doesn’t do so much. He just makes more messes with his remodeling and then leaves the mess for me. Sigh. 🙂 I am glad you have some nice weather. It is really nice here. Evenings are a bit chilly yet but no snow. I hope you get just rain and no snow! 🙂

    • I wonder if the way a person cleans is directly related to the way they were brought up? We didn’t clean the house through the week other than to do the dishes and make beds. All of the scrubbing, dusting, and vacuuming was done on Saturday morning. I’ve carried that into my adult life. Other than laundry and dishes, I don’t clean daily; it’s done all at once when I think it needs it. 🙂 I don’t have time to clean every day.

      As for clogs. Oh.my.gosh! They are killing me! This old house has the weirdest plumbing in the world. Small, twisty, turny pipes all the way through the house until they hit the larger pipes in the basement. We’ve been dragging our feet taking care of this evil clog, because we don’t have a snake big enough for the line. We’ll have to buy one, and no wants to take the time to go to the store. If we didn’t have running water/toilet facilities in the rest of the house, this would be a higher priority. (And hubbies are notorious for clutter; it’s in their genes.)

      Glad you have nice weather. I can’t wait!! I want to open my windows. I want to feel sunshine on my face. 🙂 Hope you have a wonderful, warm weekend, Julia!

  4. Maddie!!! Spring cleaning is ugly lady, Ugly! Here anyways. LOL I do what I have to, but with no one to help sometimes things are a bit slow in getting done.
    It’s been nice here, but we are supposed to get snow this weekend. Which doesn’t surprise me, as it’s Easter. lol We always get snow on Easter. 😉

    • This was horrible!! I did a mountain of laundry while I was at it, too. I never knew three people could own so many pairs of socks. 😉 I cleaned out closets, and the appraiser didn’t even look in them.

      I understand about not having help. Rich usually helps, but I was a woman on a mission, and he would have been more of a hindrance than a help.

      I didn’t even know that Easter was this weekend until my sister mentioned it two days ago. We’ll have snow for sure. 🙂

  5. 1/2 cup Bicarbonate soda. Pour onto drain. Wait twenty minutes then pour 1 cup of vinegar. That should set up a fizzy reaction. Wait a couple of minutes and pour boiling water into drain. Your drain seems badly clogged, so plunge, then repeat the above a couple times more. The only time this didn’t work for me was when some tree roots found their way into my pipes. 🙂 Maddie

    • Hi, Mary! I forgot to mention that somewhere along the way, a pipe under the bathroom was compromised from the plunging, and now it leaks a bit into the den below. I don’t dare pour the bicarb/vinegar mixture in there for fear of further opening a seal. The clog is actually long past the bathroom by now, and is outside the house. It’s only a few feet from the main line and only a drain auger (known as a snake) will get this now. Most people would call a plumber, but Rich can do this – and will eventually. 🙂 Hope you are well. Thanks for stopping by!

      • Oh Maddie, I empathise. We had a ;pipe under the kitchen floor. Same thing with the plunging as the Bicarb thing wasn’t working. Plumber dug up the floor and replaced part of the pipe that was broken. (That was the one with the invading tree roots.) They made a mess of the floor and charged us a thousand dollars. How lucky that you have a handy man in the house.
        My Pearlie girls are coming to visit for a fortnight. Will be here this afternoon. Yay!!

        • Plumbing! Blech! Rich promised the line will be snaked this weekend. I’m hoping he can replace the leaking pipe, too. I’m really grateful that he can take care of so many things – even the dishes and the vacuuming when necessary. 🙂

          I envy you that your Pearlie girls are coming to visit! 🙂 Just tonight I confirmed a five week visit for Princess Pancake in July. I’m buying the airline tickets tomorrow. It will be a long wait until I can go pick her up. Have fun with your girls!

  6. We had the house painted on the inside. It was like moving….so yep…..I did the clean thing. Got rid of lots of junk. Why does it look like I need to begin again???? Btw….we went to home Depot and bought a snake!!!! 😉

    • Hi Paula! I’m late getting back to my blog, but I’ve been writing! 🙂

      Painting on the inside – the house must feel like new! I always loved when my mother repainted our rooms. Of course, we had to rearrange all the furniture so *everything* seemed like new.

      We bought the snake! And it didn’t help. Forty feet out into the main line – nothing. Poured water in the upstairs drain and it came right down out the cleanout. We are completely stumped and still dragging our feet on this. A plumber will have to be called, but not until I have the time or mindset to deal with one. 🙂

      Hope all is well with you!

  7. sigh… I hate cleaning, but love a clean house, just like you. We did a bit of cleaning in our bedroom and cleaned out the closets a smidge. But it’s nothing like the cleaning required when you’re selling a house. But I wish my house looked that clean!

    • Juliann, I like cleaning just a smidge. Usually that’s all that necessary!

      We aren’t selling. We were looking into a home equity line of credit. Nixed that idea this morning! I like having a house that’s nearly paid for, and it’s not worth it to take the equity out. I learn something new every day! 🙂

  8. Ah, good. It’s autumn (fall) here. Can’t possibly do spring cleanig until September! I was reminded of the post I wrote a couple of years ago about my own toilet unblocking adventures before I realised you’d already commented on that one! This sounds like a toilet blocking challenge. 11+ days – you win!

    • Ha! I’m setting a record. Twenty+ days now. We realized if we take less than 3-minute showers (by turning water off and on while sudsing/rinsing) the line doesn’t fill up and into the bathtub. Then – if we wait several hours between showers, the line has drained well enough for the next person’s shower. It’s a fine shower dance we do.

  9. We do a full house clean once a month. Everything gets vacuumed, dusted, cleaned, etc. etc.

    Sweep and vacuum every other day.

    Pretty much, we try to keep the house picture ready all the time.

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