There’s no such thing as a free lunch …

But there is a free book!

I was thrilled to receive a notice from Amazon over the weekend that they have agreed to set Murder Under Construction to permanently free. They made the price change today.

Knowing I was ready to set this first-in-series book to free, I pondered the simple cover I had originally devised. With two more books in the series now, the first cover was too plain, and the title wasn’t in the same style as the others. I asked my cover artist to make some changes. With my bare bones idea, and her creative enhancements, I’m thrilled with the new cover.

Murder_Under_Construction_blog_4-2015I’ve mentioned before that my cover artist is my niece. She’s a graduate of Columbus College of Art & Design. It’s wonderful having an art major in the family, and I love working with her.

I’m busy with an editing project, and I continue to move forward with writing my new book. I may only write a few paragraphs each day, but I am writing!

If you haven’t yet grabbed a copy of Murder Under Construction, a humorous mystery, you can find it free at all major online eBook retailers. Links are conveniently grouped at my website: Breezy Books

I now have two books that are permanently free. Tell your friends!

photo_substitute_4-2015Update 03/24/2015 – 8:30 p.m.Murder Under Construction has broken into the top 100 free books in the Kindle Store at #97. It’s also #5 in Cozy Mysteries and #6 in Women Sleuths. I’m excited!!

27 thoughts on “There’s no such thing as a free lunch …

  1. I thank you for the freebee! I’ve wanted to read your book for a long time, anyway. I’m just always ten steps behind the rest of the world. Congrats at the #24 spot! That HAS to be exciting!

  2. Excellent, I love free books, interestingly I worked in a place in dear old blighty where the company paid for lunch off the snack wagon. So the free lunch thing is a myth, I ate it five days a week 😀

    • Yes, you may be a watermelon, because who doesn’t love to watch a grown man standing in his cornfield spitting watermelon seeds. I know I do!

      P.S. – When I click the link to “thatfunnyblogguy,” I am whisked away to a Japanese ballroom dancing site. I had no idea you had become so diverse.

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