A New Book for a New Year

I’m celebrating the New Year with a book!

I’m excited to announce Murder Under Construction, the first book in my new series, Two Sisters and a Journalist, is published and available at Smashwords and will be available in a few hours at Amazon. It will become available at other outlets as Smashwords distributes the book.

ImageThis is the book that came to me out of the blue one day. While my sister was in the doctor’s office, I waited for her in my car. I found a little notebook in my purse, and I started scribbling. By the time she came out, I had scribbled almost 1300 words.

You won’t find pink on the covers of the new series. The main character, Jo Ravens, isn’t a girly girl. In fact, at times, she doesn’t act very lady-like. She’s not a shopaholic, men don’t swoon over her, and she’s not a crier.

The new series will be more true mystery than the Susan Hunter books, but don’t worry – they’ll still have my own brand of silliness in them. I enjoy writing lighter fare, and the genre for this new series will be humorous mystery.

Four people have read the book so far.

My mother loved the book. She said she liked it better than my Susan Hunter books.

My sister enjoyed the book and said she couldn’t put it down until she finished it; however, she said she likes the Susan Hunter books more. Secretly, I think she loves Mick. That’s what’s going on there.

My dear friend over there in Australia, David Harding, read the book and gave me a wonderful surprise one day by sending this email to me:

Hi Maddie!
Sorry I took so long but I finished your lovely new book and it is great!!!!
I’m so torn – do I like this better than Susan H? I don’t know! It’s so amazing both of these worlds came out of your head! Wow!
And how in the world do you go about writing a mystery that makes sense and is exciting (and funny). I don’t know that either!
So good!

His email put me on top of the world. (Of course! Because he’s Down Under!)

And last but not least, my sweet friend, Jackie, wrote a review for the book for my post today. Oh, did I mention the journalist in the book is named Jackie?  Yep! Once again, a blogger provides inspiration for one of my characters.

“Maddie’s new book is a funny, feel good cozy mystery. Even though it has a dead body (I mean a good mystery has to have a dead body!), the dialog between the two sisters and the journalist (which is my favorite, but I am a bit prejudiced) is filled with laughter and love. The secondary characters are believable and round out the book in a great way! I found myself laughing out loud in places and cheering the ladies on! If you want a great read, go get this Imagebook and see what Maddie does so well – write good, fun books!” ~Jackie

I love my early readers!

And yes, I allowed the first line to stand. It was, after all, what started the series.  I swear that body was hard as a rock when my butt bounced off it.

So let’s give some books away to start the New Year!

If you would like an eBook copy of Murder Under Construction, leave a comment and tell me how you would like to receive the book – through Amazon or via a coupon code at Smashwords. I’m offering a limited number of books, but at least thirty, so don’t be shy about asking!

If you are shy (cough, cough, men who like my books but don’t want others to know), feel free to ask for the book through email. My email address is on my About page.         smiley

You can leave comments about other things, too.

Onward and upward! The second book in this new series is the book I wrote for National Novel Writing Month in November – Murder Is Where the Heart Is. Hopefully, I’ll get that book under control and publish it soon, too!

86 thoughts on “A New Book for a New Year

  1. Hi I had meant to spend the holiday period writing but instead I have been reading, now that I have read and enjoyed two of your Susan Hunter books I am looking forward to reading the others but if you feel so inclined to send me a coupon for your new book through smashwrds I would be delighted to see how this book differs from the others.
    your newest fan LiR

    • LadyinRed, you tickle me so much! I’m really happy you are enjoying the Susan Hunter books. I’ll have the coupon to you for Murder Under Construction in a day or two. 🙂 Happy New Year to you!

        • I am so happy you liked the book! Thank you for letting me know. I wasn’t sure how I was going to end the book, but I loved when that ending popped into my head. It would be fun to have a Chummy Burger. 🙂 Thank you so much for giving Susan Hunter a whirl, too. I appreciate it.

          By the way … I finally took a peek at your about page and found those adorable pies! So cute! 🙂

  2. I think this book is going to be a smash hit Maddie! You’ll see your name in lights yet! Um, I all ready have an advanced copy of the book, but you know me, can’t let a post of yours go without saying something.

    Come on people! This book is fun, funny and really darn good! (Oh and I did NOT get paid to say that, really. All though I am open to bribes, Maddie did NOT bribe me.) hehehe 😉

    • Hey, you have to tell me Amazon or Smashwords. Your copy doesn’t have final edits and an extra scene. You need a shiny new one for whatever you read on. 🙂

      I was up all night formatting and publishing for both SM & AZ. And then the blog post. I think I went to bed at 6:30 this morning. I’m just now getting around to fixing dinner for the menfolk. Hope you day is going great!! We’re going to have fun in the near year, Jackie!

      • Oh well in that case I will get me a new copy then! 🙂 Girl you are going to wear yourself out! My day is going pretty good so far, but we have um, company coming soon. sighhhh. Anyway, Have yourself a big fun day today and relax a bit! give Rich a hug from me!

        Oh, you betcha we are going to have fun this new year Maddie. You betcha we are! 🙂

  3. Great first line! Of course I want to read your new book; soooo, if you have a copy left, I would like it by a coupon from Smashwords. Steve

  4. Hmmm . . . I did not get an e-mail notice for this post. Only came to it because of the comment on my post. I swear, the subscription service leaves a lot to be desired, like notices.

    Anyway, I want to say congratulations, but I will not be asking for a free book.

    Now, don’t take offense . . . I would if I knew I would get to it, but my reading list is already impossibly long. As a result, I’m stopping subscriptions to all magazines, and even my Analogs, and not buying any new books until I get through what I have.

    Besides, I rather someone who will actually read the book in a timely manner gets a copy as opposed to a copy sitting in my reading pile.

    Again, congratulations and Happy New Year.

    • No offense taken, Emilio. I’m have far too many books waiting to be read, and many are from fellow bloggers. I haven’t had time to read, so I understand time constraints.

      I wonder about WordPress sometimes. There are people who are no longer on my follow list, and I know I didn’t unfollow them. Notices are squirrely, too. I usually have to check my Reader.

  5. Wow Maddie! Congratulations! I could swear it was only, what!?, a few weeks ago that you were mentioning this idea in your head and the idea is now a published book and one close to publishing? I’m proud of you lady!!! And if a Smashwords coupon were to be available please send it my way!!!!!! I’ve got a long list of books to read, but I’ll happily bump them off for breezy reads from you! Well done again,

    • Thank you! This book was so much fun to write – and more so because I wrote quite a bit of it outside on our new deck. I’ve had the book written for a while, but the final editing and proofing wasn’t done. I had to let it sit until I finished Maple Leaf Hunter. A coupon code will be coming your way before the weekend!

  6. Congratulations! 🙂 Currently I have Sin City waiting to be read on my Nook. 🙂 I’m a bit behind, but will catch up. I look forward to reading the new series as well. 🙂 Happy New Year!

    • Thank you, Julia! I’ve always thought that if I could just get readers into Sin City Hunter, they would go on to read the others in the series. I think I finally had a better handle on story-telling by then, and the humor started to work for me.

      Happy New Year to you, too. I read your account of your New Year’s Eve. It actually sounded lovely. And I understand eating too much on New Year’s Day. I have to figure out a way to work off these mashed potatoes!

  7. Congratulations on the new release! You’re so prolific. I’d love a copy from Amazon, but I’m more that happy to purchase my own. You know I enjoy your writing style. Good luck with the launch. I’ll share the news on Twitter later when I get off this tiny phone. 🙂

    • Hey, I appreciate your encouragement and support. Amazon will be knocking on your email soon! Thank you for the wonderful Tweet. I just saw it! 🙂

      Launch – ha! What launch? I just published two books without nary a word. I really should think about doing some marketing this year.

      • Haha, well, yes, a bit of marketing never hurts. 😉

        You’re welcome for the tweet. Glad to do it! And I look forward to the email. Thank you!! I’ll read your book after I finish Grisham’s ‘Sycamore Row so I can get an early review up.’ I’ll be ready for something lighter after that.

  8. Wow, check you out! Two books one after the other.
    Please don’t consider this an entry for a free book. I’m more than happy to pay for a copy, having enjoyed everything I’ve read from you so far.

    *clicks away to purchase*

    • Surfer dude!! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that you read my books. Thank you so much, El Guapo! If you ever Kickstarter that Ski-Doo ride across the Atlantic, I’m right there for you.

  9. Congratulations Maddie! And Thanks So Much!! That was so thoughtful of you! I got it today at lunch and read through the first chapter. I Love it!! You’re awesome. Happy New Year.

  10. Woohoo. A new book for me to read. I’ll be getting to it as soon as I finish the last Susan. If you have any more copies I’d limoce one. But by to worry if you don’t. A non girly girl character huh, sounds more like me. Looking forward to this one. Xx

  11. I read your new book today, and it was great! Funny, fast-paced, interesting! The characters were a hoot and very believable – I loved Jo. Thanks for sharing your work with us!

    • Traci, it was my pleasure! I can’t tell you how tickled I am to know you enjoyed the book. I’ve been holding my breath a bit wondering how it will be received. Your comment tonight has put a smile on my face for sure. Thank you!

    • Hi Zen! How did I give you a book before? If I send a coupon code, you can download a .pdf or another type of file from Smashwords. Would that work? Or can you redeem a gift card from Amazon US? I’m happy to send either to you! Let me know. 🙂

      • Last time I do believe I bought yours from Kindle, then when it wouldn’t allow me to actually access it, I asked if you could send me a copy. xD I can do that again!

  12. This is very exciting news! Always looking for new books to read so if you do have any available I would love to read it! You are an inspiration to me and I hope one day I will have a book to share with you!

  13. Maddie, thank you so much for giving me your new book “Murder Under Construction” that was so kind of you. I’m not quite sure when I’ll get to reading it, I’m still under the weather these days. Congrats on your new book and thanks again.

    • Rita Kay, I am so sorry to hear you are still not feeling well. It doesn’t matter if you never read my book. I just want you better and back visiting with us and blogging your wonderful tips. I’ll be praying for you.

  14. Murder Under Construction?? Is it too late to suggest a subtitle? The Corpse Wore A Hardhat. You can never be too careful when you’re a cadaver, take it from me… : P

    I’ll take a copy, if there are any left– sounds like a hot item!! Didn’t you just publish Maple Leaf Hunter?? How can you keep churning out these bestsellers?? Oh, that’s right, I forgot: two words: Literary Genius… : )

    Very proud and happy for you, my dear Maddie– take a bow, you deserve it, yer a Super-Duper Superstar, and no mistake!! : )

    • Yes, yes, copy is on its way!! I would love for you to read it.

      She didn’t wear a hard hat; she was naked. 😉

      I published one on Christmas Day and the other on New Year’s Day. Now I’m finishing up the book I wrote for National Novel Writing Month in November, and I hope to have it out by the end of April. Then I might take a break. It’s easy to write fast when the fare is lighter and the prose not so deep. It’s fun, too!

      • Arrrggghhh!!! I’m an idjit, and I was afraid I’d be revealed as such!!– my fears have come true!!

        Sorry, Maddie, I don’t have a Kindle, and I should have said so. Never gave it a thought, blush, blush!!

        But I just checked out Smashwords, and it sounds like I can read the book right on my computer screen. Naturally, I shoulda checked all this before leaving my comment, blush, blush, and blush again!!

        Can I just ignore the Kindle Book Gift and get a SW coupon instead?? Very sorry to be an idjit and cause you inconvenience, dear Maddie!!! : (

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