Guess Who I’m Talking About Today

ImageThe Cheeky Diva. Do you remember her? I miss Julie. Her blog was one crazy place to hang out. Her hilarious haiku was the best around. She hasn’t been blogging lately due to a move and a change in jobs – both good reasons, and I’m happy for her.

I bring her up today, because it’s her fault I met Adam Sendek. Yes, folks, we are still talking about Adam Sendek. In case you’ve been living under a rock, I lost a baseball bet to Adam. The loser had to highlight the other on their blog for a week. You know who lost.

Julie mentioned Adam to me a few times. She encouraged me to check him out. She was quite fond of him. I finally dragged myself over to his blog – only to find him Freshly Pressed! Art Blogging vs. Conversational Blogging. Here is our very first exchange: ImageAt that very moment, a friendship was born

His posts cover a variety of topics, and his blog seems to be evolving. It used to be called My Right to Bitch, but now it’s Chowderhead. Don’t let the name fool you; he is one smart guy.

You can thank me for boosting your stats today, Adam. I was digging around through some of your old posts. I looked at your very first post, 5 Creative Ways to Avoid Small Talk. There have been 58 likes (59 now – I pushed the button) and 96 comments on that post. Who gets that kind of mileage over time from a first post? You do!

One of my favorite posts was when we role-played on his blog. We had to address him as Drill Sergeant, Sir! He was going to instruct us in the ways of car buying. I showed up and reported for duty. ImageI came back later looking like this:ImageIt’s never a dull moment at Adam’s blog. His comments are always as much fun as his posts.

I recently listened to a podcast by Peter DeWolf. Adam was his guest, and they were Two Dudes Chatting about Chicks. The conversation confirmed my overall opinion of Adam. He’s caring, kind, and has a soft heart. He admits he’s a hothead, but I think that rounds out his personality in a good way.

He’s a good man, and I haven’t minded at all highlighting him on my blog this week.ImageBut I’m not placing any more baseball bets. And don’t even try to discuss the Super Bowl with me!

Leave a comment! If you know Adam, share something great about him.

126 thoughts on “Guess Who I’m Talking About Today

  1. I don’t really know Adam, even though I do follow him, but I haven’t read much. Shame on me! But Maddie my friend, if you say he’s an upright kinda guy I believe you. Cus after all we’re friends! hahaha. All right I will read more of his posts. Such a nag! hahahah. hugs! 🙂

    • *Yoo hoo! Hi, over here, no not there, yeah, Jackie, Hi! Over here! Hi!*

      Hi there Jackie, my name is Adam, but you may call me whatever you want. I can’t offer any name suggestions because me and Maddie have a contractual agreement to stay below the PG-13 line. It’s been a tough go, but I’m almost to the finish line here, so I have to write this out really quick and sit on my hands before I goof.

      Stop by anytime, and I’ll fix you a Jack and Coke or something. Or a wine cooler, or a Zima or zomething. No wait, I don’t have any of those. But you’re still welcome to stop by and write your graffities on my wall whenever you feel compelled to.

      But time is of the essence, JackieP! So you must go, and go now! Before it’s too late!

  2. Maddie, although I didn’t really have to do much of anything, this was still a lot of fun. Actually, I think that’s what made it so fun! Seriously, I appreciate all of it a lot. But my stat tracker thingy blew up by the way. No really, it did. My computer is smoking right now and there’s a big blue line shooting out the top of the monitor with the number ‘10079’ hovering over it. So thank you!

    I also want to say thanks for reminding me of our first encounter. Seems like it was yesterday, Clearly nothing has changed…Thanks for all the love, and congrats on finally finishing up your new book!

    P.S. I want to be in the next one and play a character named “Butt Hunter”. Think about it, ok? Just think about it. You don’t have to say no just yet. Let it simmer awhile.

    \m/ 😉 \m/

  3. Reblogged this on Chowderhead and commented:
    Last Day at Maddie’s place, and I’m kinda really sad it’s over. I’m feeling verklempt. And itchy. But the itchy thing is because of something else. I think I’m allergic to fabric softener or something. Or peanuts. It could be the peanuts too. I have to go now because I

  4. It does seem like yesterday for me too, Maddie. I met Adam on ‘Right to Bitch’ as well. Now he’s the sleek Chowda, a swell and fun guy. I’m really happy he did this so I could meet you. I know our paths have crossed, but we have not hung out much. Congrats on your new book. What a great accomplishment!

  5. If you want to nag about it! Oh ok, I’ll go take a look. Only kidding, I’d go even without nagging if you think I should, Maddie!

    • Yay! Another person/avatar I see all the time and finally have a reason to say hello to. 🙂 It’s nice to meet you, Emily. I had to take a quick dash to your blog to see if I could round up your first name. I LOVE your About page! No wonder you have a million followers. Yes, hopefully, we will dig up this post one day … but that means mentioning Adam Sendek again.

    • Hello, my dear Emily! Thank you, and I love you too. We share the same brand of humor, and I really dig that. By the way, I gave a shoutout to Green Day’s ‘Dookie’ in a recent article. \m/

  6. I don’t know him other than just a comment on his blog and reading some of his interesting posts and following his blog ! This post has just made me a fan of him 🙂 I loved your honesty and those lovely comments about him. Mr. Chowderhead If you are listening, just value this person…. Don’t lose her ever !

    • Mrs. Lala,

      Consider us friends now, and thank you for the kind words. I love having fans, and you are officially the first one. So that’s cool. I need more. Do you have friends that would like to be a fan too, by any chance? I’m paying. Well, not much, but I think I have a few expired gift cards laying around here somewhere…

      Also, I will take your advice. Thank you.

      -Mr. Chowderhead \m/

      • First of all, I am not a Mrs. 😛 I am a Miss yet.
        Thank you for such generosity 🙂 I appreciate it. We ARE friends now 🙂 Lol I will make sure all of my friends know about you. I welcome you on my blog too for that 😛
        And I desperately need those expired gift cards…. they will help me throwing something back on you 😛
        Much love xx

        • Miss Lala/new friend,

          Please forgive my hasty title assumptions, and thank you for spreading the Chowderhead gospel. New members this month get free cookies too, so keep that in mind. Maddie is baking them. They’re good, I hear.

          Keep your eye on the mail box. The gift cards and cookies are on the way!

          -Mr. Chowderhead

          • No need to apologize Lovely friend 🙂 Aww I would love to eat cookies made by Maddie ! I already know they are delicious.
            I am waiting desperately for all these gifts from you 😉
            Much love xx

  7. You are totally Susan in real life, and here you go with your friends! I love the give and take! I’m going to go check out their blogs, and I haven’t had time to go blog checking for months! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas, and are ready to celebrate New Years! Have a great new year, and I hope to see lots of you in 2014! 🙂

    • I had a lot of fun last week doing the posts to include Adam. It was so much more work than I thought it would be, though. I don’t know how some you do it – posting daily. Phew!

      You have a wonderful New Year, too, Marsha! The book madness is winding down, so I definitely expect we will see more of each other. Good luck with your book!

      • I’m afraid my daily posting has dwindled terribly. I haven’t posted in a week. I can’t write and edit a book, address the needs of a conference 2 months away, and write a blog daily. Besides my computer is no longer accepting my downloaded pictures. I need to clean out my cache. 🙂 Thanks again for all your marvelous advice and links. 🙂

  8. Something great about Adam . . . hmmm . . pretty sure he led me to you. Or was that someone else? Oh well, it’s a great thing about someone. And Adam is pretty great too. He always makes me laugh. Or shake my head in confusion. Or both at the same time.

  9. I used to follow Adam too, but I think he made a joke I found very offensive & I stopped following him (not sure about that though so don’t quote me). I see him from time to time & a lot more lately, maybe I should give him another chance.

    • I’m a PG kind of girl, so it can be rough running with the big boys at times. I do find myself ducking out of posts that get a little over the top for me, but for the most part, I really enjoy the people I follow. In eighteen months of blogging, I’ve only been offended enough to unfollow someone one time. It happens. Thanks for stopping by, benzeknees!

    • Hi, stranger! I’m intrigued here, what did I say?? I say lots of stupid stuff and it’s getting hard for me to catalog it all…

      Come back please? Pretty please? My charm isn’t working, is it…

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