Social Media and Twitter

ImageI’ve previously admitted I’m quite the social media dolt.

Even though I have a Facebook page to promote my books, I don’t post to it very often. Forget my personal Facebook page; a Christmas ham from Australia in 2012 is still on the front page.

I’m comfortable doing my social media thing here with my blog. I can bloviate about my writing and my books, but I can also just be myself.

For some reason, I’ve been terrified of Twitter. I made a tweet once, but I deleted it a few months later. Quite a few of my fellow bloggers encouraged me to give Twitter a whirl, but I always resisted.

This past September, I finally made a couple of tweets. I hyperventilated a little, but nothing bad happened. I figured out how to get someone’s attention via a tweet, and I think a *favorite* is like a blog *like,* so that’s how I’ve been using them. I’ve even retweeted a few times. After almost four months, I’m now following a whopping 39 people, and I have a whopping 33 followers.  Woohoo! Image

I’m following a few people who tweet about writing. I follow some blogging friends. (A huge thank you to Carrie Rubin and Tim Dittmer for engaging me. You kept me from feeling as if I was floundering.)

However, I’m still trying to decide what to do with Twitter or what to take away from it. I’ve made a few tweets when I’m writing or editing, but I don’t want that to be my main focus. I simply don’t want all of my social media to be about books or writing.

Then I remembered there are celebrities on Twitter. Image

When Rich and I started drinking fruit smoothies this past summer, it was because I found Jessica Seinfeld’s recipes. These smoothies are awesome! I started following her on Twitter, which then led me to Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. Rich and I love watching this series!

One evening while editing, I was listening to Mary Lambert sing. Her voice is beautiful. I promptly ran over to follow her on Twitter. She’s lovely, and her tweets make me smile.

In October, I discovered Hugh Laurie had just started using Twitter under the name of jlumbrozo, because the name Hugh Laurie was taken. I thought it was hilarious when he finally realized he was the scoundrel who had reserved the name years ago. I get a huge kick out of his tweets. He’s a funny man.

The show, Kirstie, starring Kirstie Alley, recently premiered on TVLand. I’m a Kirstie Alley fan from way back, and I was tickled to see Michael Richards and Rhea Perlman in the cast, too. The new show is funny (I’ve had sink cake before!), and I was especially surprised by Eric Petersen. He plays such a lovable character. I’m following him and Kirstie both now – because they’re fun and they’re funny! I was thrilled when I responded to one of Eric’s tweets, and he favorited it! (Ok, he favorited everyone who responded, but still …)


What a great cast! This picture of Eric makes me smile every time.

I’m just getting such a kick out of looking in on what other people say and do. And OH.MY.GOSH William Shatner. I love him! He is everywhere these days, and I love his tweets. What a character!

Forget this book/writing stuff on Twitter. I want to tweet John Travolta and ask him if he remembers meeting me in Cleveland at the Keg & Quarter in 1976 when his song Let Her In debuted.

There’s no denying the internet has made the world a much smaller place. You no longer have to write a fan letter. Simply tweet!

I’ve thought about people who are no longer with us. I would have loved to read tweets from Frank Sinatra. Swoon! And Walter Matthau! I bet his tweets would have been epic.

I admit it. I’m a fangirl at heart.


Boston Legal is on my wish list for Christmas this year!

How are you using Twitter? Who do you like to follow? Do you follow celebrities?

49 thoughts on “Social Media and Twitter

  1. I basically make inane comments everyone ignores.

    Celebrities usually have huge followings, and even with the ones I respect (somewhat), the chances of interaction are zero to none. Not that I want to become buddies, but without interaction it seems kind of pointless to me.

    I suppose if they have funny stuff, links, etc. it might be worth my while, but given that I’m already short for time, adding more to my reading list seems counterintuitive.

    As for writing, writers, etc . . . I have followers who are writers (and I follow them back), but as best I can tell, they are following me to let me know stuff of theirs I can buy.

    About the best thing I ever did on Twitter is write a small short story . . . my first tweets, actually, and it’s now also copied on the blog.

    I typically get on once in a great while, look around, favorite a few things, comment on a few others, get ignored, never get any answers, and I leave, going back to my cave.

    Pretty much like FaceBook (although I interact more on FaceBook, usually – like today – pissing off people).

    Glad you’re enjoying it, and hope you can leverage some contacts from it.

    • I have noticed that the majority of the tweets I read go unaddressed (unless the person is a celebrity). People send thoughts, comments, and ideas into the Twittersphere, and they just hang there. I like that. With only 33 people seeing my tweets, I’m not too embarrassed yet.

      It’s obviously a shiny new toy for me. It will be interesting to see where I am with Twitter in another six months. 🙂

      • I think it’s just another medium to play with. I have a Twitter account, but only 13 or so followers. That’s okay — keeps another line open. Try it! Don’t try and tweet a dozen times a day (some people do!)…just be you. Unless you ARE a dozen times a day kinda gal…

        • I’m not a dozen times a day kinda gal. 🙂 I have so little to tweet about, so I read others and then reply here or there. But I do like that I’ve finally become comfortable to dip my toe in and make a presence. Now if I could just stop spending so much time there.

  2. I feel like the awkward kid at the middle school dance sitting on the gym bleachers, not sure whether to dance or not, but watching a lot. Like you mention, once you realize a lot goes unanswered, it is less uncomfortable, and you find it just fine to be talking to yourself and reading others talking to themselves, but people coming and going to the conversation or lurking without concern. (Found you and followed!)

    • At first, I thought I was doing something wrong by responding to the tweets of others. I thought maybe most people wanted to simply float their thoughts. 🙂 I’m braver now though, so I just reply anyway.

      Thanks for the follow, Kat. After you told me about Banagrams, I sent this tweet later in the middle of the night: Yoohoo! @carrie_rubin Wake up and check this out: Looks like fun. 🙂

      I can see losing a lot of time on Twitter. 🙂 I’ll never finish my books.

  3. I’ve had a twitter account for over a year now. I’ve got like 140 followers now. Damned if I know most of them. I very rarely use it unless I tweet articles I’ve found. I too recently found celebrities. hahaha. I am following pretty much all of Criminal minds and a few others. I never tweet them. I suppose I could but hey I’m a lurker in most things I do. I’ve been on facebook seems like forever, but as a ‘writer’ only about a year. I only have 40 some followers which is fine with me. 🙂

    • My twitter feed is small enough that I’m enjoying pretty much everything that goes by. I only had to write 1200 words tonight, but I spent all my time on twitter and then the blog post, so my writing still isn’t done! 🙂 But I can’t help it. Some of these celebrities are just so much fun to read!

  4. I have made a twitter account but so far I have not tweeted once…I’m still in stage 1. I guess I need to learn the ropes with that realm of social media. I have also thought that instead of participating in every aspect of social media, maybe I should just try do the ones I do well. :)They do take up time! But definitely, they make the world a smaller place and I really don’t know if I could live without social media now that it has become an important part of my life.

    • My perception of Twitter was that it was so “fast.” It made me nervous. I’m really enjoying it though.

      And yes, you do your blog very well. I say it all the time, but the stories you tell, the recipes you post, and the divine pictures you take all make for one of the finest blogs on WordPress. If you haven’t been Freshly Pressed, you should be. 🙂

      • Blush…you are too kind! Maybe I will have to give twitter a try. I think that it is quite the skill to get a concise and interesting message in just a phrase or sentence. Definitely one worth pursuing in the new year. 🙂

  5. Those smoothies look incredible! I especially like the chocolate/banana/peanut butter one. 😉

    As for twitter and social media in general, I admit I’m quite bad. My personal Facebook is all but completely deserted, but I occasionally do remember to make a tweet. I’m not sure if she qualifies as a celebrity, but the only “famous” person I follow is Catherynne Valente, author of The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of her Own Making (it’s a mouthful!) – she’s a lovely person. Oh, and R.L.Stine too. =D

    • Hi Zen! That chocolate/banana/peanut butter smoothie will not disappoint you!

      I thought maybe you didn’t tweet very much because you were too busy with your new job. Some people are just so creative with their tweets. Daniel puts out tweets that make me smile. 🙂 I haven’t looked up authors to follow – other than some of my author friends here at WP. I’ll have to put some thought to that.

  6. I just started using twitter. I find it odd that my facebook goal was to reach family and friends and my twitter goal is to reach strangers, but then I tied all my twitter posts to my facebook account. Apparently my thoughts for strangers are good enough for my family and friends…

    • Good job – on the tying thing.

      When Carrie retweeted this from you:
      “What should I do if I don’t want to work, but I don’t want to bang on the drums all day either? #ToddRundgren wasn’t clear about my options.”
      It was a laugh out loud moment for me. The voices in your head – no kidding! 🙂

      I find it interesting that we both took upTwitter this past September. Great minds think alike. Or maybe it was an Ohio thing. I’ll see you over at Twitter!

  7. I only follow a couple celebrities, mostly comedians, but your post makes me think I should follow more of them. I think I’m missing out!

    I enjoy Twitter, and I think out of my main social media venues, it’s the least time-consuming. I really enjoy the interaction there, and I learn new things, too. I’ve had a great time tweeting you as well. Thanks so much for the mention!

    • No, thank you for being so willing to engage. It helped me to find my way quite a bit. And I get a kick out of the things that happen in your household. 🙂

      Yes, Twitter is less time consuming. 140 characters goes much faster than reading and interacting with a dozen 1,000 word blog posts. I just have to watch my time with both.

  8. I view Twitter almost like texting now. It’s nice to stay in touch with people I’ve come across. People are very busy, so it’s kind of hit-or-miss, but that’s life.

    I started using Facebook to keep in touch with my family, but it’s gotten a little bigger than that.

    • I was checking in on your Twitter feed before I ever became involved with Twitter. I appreciate the posts you highlight, and they are usually of interest to me. You are always so gracious to highlight others.

  9. Twitter to me is a joke, which I guess explains why I only follow A. very funny people and B. the occasional motivator. I, too, would have loved a Frank Sinatra tweet. Probably a few drunk from him here and there…. 😉

  10. No Twitter for me, even though I have considered it for staying informed, but not Tweeting. Heck, … and I seldom go onto Facebook any more. …. FYI: My holiday party is on Saturday … so look for something with your name on it … and your readers are welcome to attend too!

  11. I’m a little afraid of Twitter. It makes me feel dumb and I certainly don’t need help for that. With that said, I have improved and I think I have almost a 100 tweets so far. I do like to retweet because people like you, when you do. But I love Facebook and LinkedIn. My kids and grandkids are all on Facebook and many people I knew in school. I also have an author page. I have met some great people on LinkedIn, some are business associates, some are authors and bloggers and some are just nice people.

  12. That’s some ham.
    The best thing about twitter is what u found out! You dont need to say anything!!!! 99% of my time on there is browsing! Shatner is great on there. Didnt know about Laurie he is so funny. In the British world (ackk) thats how we know him – a very silly man. House is really weird!

    • Merry Christmas, you sweet little monkey! Yes, that was some ham. I’m sure the ham this year rivals that one. You should drop the new ham on my Facebook page. 😉

      Hugh Laurie – I loved him as Bertie Wooster!

  13. I’m not a fan of social media, Maddie, but I do like the people you like. Particularly Hugh Laurie who was a comedian before he got his doctor’s degree and William Shatner who has kept on keeping on way past his travelling the universe days. I’d rather keep to watching my faves act than keep up with them on twitter. But that’s just me, out of sync with everyone else. 🙂

  14. Haha, this made me laugh =P
    I stopped using my blog Twitter account – used to post new blog updates on that and converse with some blogging friends 🙂 there’s so many different social media avenues now that sometimes i feel a little overwhelmed with it too! sounds like you’re having lots of fun with it now though!

    well, i wanted to wish you a very merry christmas and happy holidays, Maddie! i hope you’ve bee keeping well and warm 🙂

    janice xoxo

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