Family Game Night

ImageOne sister + three brothers + two parents + me = game night every night.

Growing up in a household of game lovers was a blast. There was always someone to play with, and we had everything going from board games to card games to ping pong and shooting pool in the basement.

Mom and Dad loved to play games. I have warm, fuzzy memories of my dad laughing like Muttley the dog as we played games around the kitchen table. My brothers thought they were comedians, so there was no expectation of calm or lack of nonsense when we played. In our house, we rushed to finish homework – not to watch television – but to play games.

One of the best parts of Christmas Day was playing the new games. Mom always ordered a few from Christmas catalogs. Thanks to eBay, I was able to buy many of my old favorites to play with our son when he was a little guy – Camp Granada, Park and Shop, Lie Detector, Go For Broke, Careers, and many more. I recently bought a vintage Barbie Queen of the Prom to play with our granddaughter.

That brings me to a new game I’m excited to get my hands on.

If you’ve followed my blog for a while, you probably know I think David Harding is a great guy – Imagea super great guy! It was his fault we were calling pizza shops last December and asking the employees to draw pictures of gorillas throwing dice under the box lids.

I knew David was working on an actual gorilla dice game, but then this happened:ImageA new idea fell out of his head and onto a little piece of paper.

David Harding has devised a wonderful card game. Elevenses – The Card Game of Morning Tea. In case you’re wondering, elevenses is a real event. “In the United Kingdom and Ireland, elevenses is a snack that is similar to afternoon tea, but eaten in the morning.”

I’m impressed David knew this. I’m more impressed that his game has come to fruition and will be coming to market soon. The game has been fully funded on Kickstarter and is in the last few days of raising money for “overfunding” goals.ImageI’m proud to have had the opportunity to help fund David’s game, and I can’t wait to play Elevenses. Congratulations, my friend. I wish you many more successes in the future! xoxoxo

There is still time to support the game: KICKSTARTER

The gorgeous artwork is done by the lovely T. J. Lubrano.

This is a fun video review of the game by a man who enjoyed pretending he was a lady while playing the game: UNDEAD VIKING

Another video review of the game from a charming couple: COUPLE vs CARDBOARD


Are you a game player? Do you have a favorite board game? Do you like morning tea? I actually like tea quite a bit!

47 thoughts on “Family Game Night

  1. I actually knew about the game through T.J. It’s a beautiful game don’t you think? Of course you do! I wish I could have helped donate as I love games too, but being dead ass broke it’s kind of hard. But I wish them well and I hope it hits the big time!

    My family were mostly into cribbage (which I’m very good at) or penny ante poker. They loved card games more than board games. Except don’t play cards with my brother in law, he tries to cheat. hahaha!

  2. Hiii Maddie! Thank you so much for this fabulous post!! I’ll add you to my recap about Elevenses as well. 🙂

    Hmm when I was younger me and my siblings used to play card games (just with a deck of cards) that we made up ourselves. There were a few “official games, but not sure how they would be called in English. We also played monopoly and another one called “Levensweg”, literal translation would be “life road” haha. Basically you started as someone who just had a job and you had to “walk through life”, get married, move houses/jobs, pay money to the bank etc. But to be honest, I was more of a book reader than a gamer I think haha.

    Oh and YES! I love tea! Sometimes with homemade cake or cookies or a nice sandwich…hmm I think I’ll make a cup right now!

    • Hi TJ! You did such a beautiful job on this. I’m excited to get my print. I missed out on that adorable butler, but am happy to have the sugar bowl with sugar cubes – it’s apropos for my sweet tooth! 🙂

      The game you played sounds just like our board game of The Game of Life. It was one of my favorites! I’ve been drinking quite a bit of tea now that its’ so cold. Can’t wait to drink and play this game! Thank you so much for stopping by!

  3. Great post, Maddie, thanks, and congratulations to David – hats off for originality and innovation – the world needs people like you!
    Elevensies: as a UK resident I associate it with a touch of naughtiness – “mmm, I have the elevensies, I’m peckish for something and I can’t wait for lunch, plus lunch is healthy, whilst elevensies can be anything! Lovely idea, well done!
    In our Italian family we are massive card players. Burraco is a real addiction – my parents and their siblings would stay up late into the night perspiring competitiveness and plotting revenge if beaten. I have had my telephone conversations from the UK cut short if interrupting a game!
    Scala quaranta and Machivaelli were all the rage when I was growing up, and Il Mercante in Fiera is still a MUST at New Year’s eve – large tables of young and old effectively gambling on which cards would be extracted by the game master. Surely illegal in other parts of the world???
    My 7 year old daughter asked Father Christmas for board games this year – I am sooo glad!

    • Oh, I love that you view elevenses as a bit naughty. I’m going to use that attitude when we play. 🙂 I like the idea of having tea and some type of cookie to go along with the game.

      How fun your family plays cards – competitively! I’ve had euchre parties before with tables set up all over my apartment ( when single). A wild time was had by all.

      I miss playing board games. Only my granddaughter plays with me now, and you know how often we see her. Have fun playing with your daughter!

  4. That’s pretty cool. Having an idea for a game is one thing, but seeing it to fruition is another. Impressive.

    We like to play games, though we haven’t done it as much lately. We like to play poker (great mom, huh?) and other card games. Some board games, too. In fact, although my husband often beats me at games, two he’s NEVER been able to beat me at are Boggle and Scattergories. It’s that word-thing I guess. Drives him crazy that I always win. So this Christmas, I’ve been challenged to these games by both sons (who’ve never beaten me in them either) and my husband. Although I remain confident in my abilities ( 😉 ), oldest teen son could give me a run for my money. We shall see…

  5. Just pledged! Looking forward to getting my copy of Elevenses in the mail. Is it safe to assume that either David or TJ will be hand delivering the game?

  6. Looks like a really fun game! That is cool that he was able to make it come to life. 🙂 I will have to check it out when it does.

    I grew up with my grandparents so games were played pretty often. We played scrabble, trionomoes (not sure on spelling), Pitch (forgot how to play now), Skipbo, Uno, and good ole solitaire. We had a pool table. I was taught to play pool as soon as I could reach the table. I remember Saturday nights of family over and lots of laughter coming from the “Shack” where the pool table was. We still have that pool table and it is still at my grandma’s house which hubby and I take care of along with our other Money Pit house. 🙂 lol. Unfortunately, the “Shack” is filled with grandma’s stuff so no pool playing for awhile. I play some games with my kids but no where near when I was growing up. I was usually working a lot. We are trying to change that with more game playing. Monopoly is our favorite family game now. 🙂

    As for tea, I like good old cold ice tea. I’m not much of a hot tea drinker or the different flavors. We had tea all the time in the fridge and that was what we drank. 🙂

    • Those are great memories with your grandparents. I remember the adults playing Pitch, but they never taught us. I’m sad that Rich and our son haven’t been big game players. A game of Monopoly would be welcome! I shouldn’t complain. We had a ball playing video games as a family when the boy was little. We have cold tea in the refrigerator all the time, but I enjoy hot tea, too … probably because I load it up with sugar! 🙂

    • Good for your granddaughter. The other might come around. 🙂 I played a lot of chess with my brothers. I still enjoy it today, but alas and alack, I have no one to play with. Rich does play backgammon with me off and on.

  7. Elevenses looks like a winner.
    I’m already familiar with T.J. Lubrano and her splendid work, but now I can add David Harding to the list of people I admire.
    Thanks, Maddie!

  8. How cool! We were big board game players in my family, too, and my children were brought up that way. They’ve both created games throughout their childhoods and some of them are actually quite fun. I love creativity. 🙂

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