60 thoughts on “I’ll Be Dead By Then

  1. Maddie – I love following you – ok not quite like stalking, but you know… I saw this and cracked up – this would be me exactly! I wish I could shadow you while you write. Like you mentioned in the last post about barebones, I can do that pretty ok, well the ending always gets me – I go thru the whole scheme of things and then – “wait, no that doesn’t make sense, what about… no, that’s lame, ok, how about.. no forget it, I wouldn’t read that… oh maybe I’ll figure it out later.” And even if I get an ending (I mean it is a mystery right? it’s gotta make sense) I get so stuck in the weeds of the story itself, I’ve just resolved myself to ‘I can’t write fiction.’ Nonfiction – I’ve got a couple under my belt, but fiction? I don’t know how you writers do that. Any way, as always another post that cracks me up. – thanks K

    • Hi Kevin! Thanks for coming of out of lurkdom and commenting!

      We would definitely have fun shadowing each other. I have asterisks all throughout my current manuscript to remind me to fix actions or words characters do/say, because they don’t make sense to the story. I had criminals doing things, but I had no idea why. Lame? I have a Sasquatch making off with one of my characters. I love it though, and I’m keeping it. 😉 Fiction is so much fun, because, well, it’s fiction!

      Glad I could make you smile today. 🙂

      • One of Oscar Wilde’s characters in ‘the importance of being Earnest’ says ‘The good ended happily, and the bad unhappily. That is what Fiction means.’ How do you do it Maddie.? Clever girl.

  2. Well, the way I see it, the pressure is off , then.

    I’m at 7,396, still slightly behind, but I’ve been painting rooms and exercising, and eating, and . . . no, that’s it.

    • Ahh, one of your tricks. 🙂 The dishes are piling up. Rich can do them Sunday morning.

      You know, that Twitter can be tough with 140 characters. And then once you tweet, it doesn’t always look right. When I said we had too much going on upstairs, I meant you and me — our brains just don’t give up. I read my tweet later and it looked like Rich and I had too much going on upstairs, and I was throwing smoking pans out the door. 🙂 I love the internet!!

  3. I know how you feel. Like you, without a deadline the spigot opens and the words gush out; but set a ‘must be accomplished by’ date and the drip echoes around in my arid head. As I recently mentioned, I am having one of those dry spells with my new novel. Poor thing may start sending me post cards “Hello, you still there?” What perplexes me is that I wrote some 100,000 plus words in three weeks for Through a Stranger’s Eyes (yes, it’s edited down to about 70,000 for the soon to be published version).

    • Last year was the first I experienced NaNo’s daily deadline, and that 1666/day made me crazy! I can do that easily, but not when I *have* to. (sigh)

      Love seeing, “soon to be published version.” You’re doing great!

  4. Maddie! You came out of your writing cave to blog! hehehe. Hey this is kind of misleading. You don’t tell how you are working on a WIP and almost finished with that and that you are still going to do NaNo. Hmmm was it a secret? Did I let the cat out of the bag?? (poor kitty) Aw, you know I love you lady! I laughed though when I saw the 2150 though. I’ll have an email for you soon! big hugs!

    • Hahaha! No secrets here! It’s definitely misleading ;-), and frustrating, too. I’ve written 20,866 words since Nov. 1, but none toward NaNo. Monday at midnight will be my start time. 2150 made me laugh, too!

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    • Word count has been killing me in my current work in progress. I just crossed 45,000 words and am hoping to reach 50,000 yet tonight. I must get this book done, so I can start my NaNo book. Good luck with your writing, Lady!

    • Hey, Frank! Here are the first lines from the two books I’ll be publishing soon:
      1. The hot, sweaty man lying on top of me was dead. ~Maple Leaf Hunter
      2. I swear that body was hard as a rock when my butt bounced off of it. ~Murder Under Construction

      I think I’ll take your suggestion and leave the bodies for a bit and set my sights on something more humorous. 🙂 First line coming up next week!

    • Brooke, I’m hyperventilating over word count this afternoon. I have to get back to writing in a few minutes, but wanted to pop in and catch up with a few comments. I was going for humor, so am glad you laughed. 🙂 I’m up to 8103 words. Only 41,897 to go – in ten days!

      Hope married life is wonderful and that you are enjoying your new home and surroundings immensely. I’ll catch up with you over the holidays.

    • Hi, Rita Kay! Hope you are well. I’m so glad I could make you laugh. The new series is coming along marvelously. My mother read the first chapter of my NaNo book yesterday and said it was funny; she liked how the story started.

      Maple Leaf Hunter is completed. Yay! My niece is working on a super-cute cover, and I only have some editing yet to do. It will be ready to publish next month.

      I probably won’t talk to you before, so have a wonderful Thanksgiving! (We’re staying home so I can write, and Rich is cooking! 🙂 )

    • Hi, Pam! I swear, I’m taking February off so I can read blogs – old posts and new. I love writing, and this has been such a challenge (still is), but I really miss the blogging community. Seeing your avatar makes me want to run right over and look at dog artwork, but I have to get back to the NaNo book!

      Maple Leaf Hunter is finished. I’m just over 8k on the new book. Want to see the first line?

      ~Chasing caviar with a double shot of gin killed my stomach.~

      Ha! A murder in the first sentence!!

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