See You Later, NaNoWriMo

ImageAhh, National Novel Writing Month, you are here once again.

I signed up for the writing marathon this year, but I’m somewhat second guessing that decision today. I’m not usually one to set myself up for failure.

My first day of NaNo last year was spent chasing squirrels, and I logged a big fat zero for word count. Each day I fell farther behind, and by Thanksgiving, I was ready to throw in the towel. But then it clicked, and the words poured out onto the keyboard. I wrote 22,000 words over the next four days. I finished Windy City Hunter on November 26, and I published the book on December 21. I was proud to grab my first NaNoWriMo badge.

So why not do the same thing this year?

Because Susan Hunter is still in Canada, that’s why. When I last saw Imageher around three a.m. this morning, she was fishing for muskie. It’s going to take a while yet to get her back home.

Maple Leaf Hunter is the one book I promised for 2013, and not only do I want to keep my promise, I want to finish the book. It’s shaping up to be a lot of fun, and there’s a Sasquatch (my brothers will be delighted). With over 20,000 words yet to write, I’m going to go into November with Susan Hunter. When the book is finished, I’ll take a day or two to make an editing pass, and then I’ll set it aside and move on to NaNo.

The book I intend to write for NaNo is Murder is Where the Heart Is, the second book in the Two Sisters and a Journalist series. I only have the bare bones of the story in my mind, but I’m looking forward to the challenge of penning 50,000 words toward it in November. I’m not confident about reaching the goal, but I’m not defeated before I start either.

So, I’ll see you later NaNoWriMo. Probably around November 10.

If you are participating, are you ready?

59 thoughts on “See You Later, NaNoWriMo

  1. It seems like you’re on a constant cycle of NaNo. So productive you are! I’m not participating. Too busy getting the current novel finalized. Hoping to send a partial out to an agent tomorrow.

  2. Ah Maddie my disappearing friend! You don’t have to put so much pressure on yourself, if you can’t do 50,000 words for Nano no big deal. You write all year and big time! So hey, don’t worry so much about it. 🙂

  3. NaNoWriMo? Not I said the critic, who has been enthralled by the Siren call of writer’s block for a month; not even a short story has blossomed. My new novel sits all alone in some corner of the computer…waiting, waiting, for words.

  4. see you around the 10th, Maddie. l am ready or l will be after work tomorrow when l get back from going to my parents’ old house again with a friend from work who is going to work on the water and do whatever he has to do. l’m not a Lowe’s person, but everybody says he’s right so he’ll do his thing and l’ll pack up a few more boxes. Today, l am beat. l left work early yesterday to work over there and then my friend’s husband picked me up and l talked to my parents’ old neighbor, who did some repair work…lt looks wonderful.

    Today l had to take off because l had to be wlth my dad at the eye doctor (Greg drove us). Then he want up to visit my mom for a couple of minutes.

    For NaNoWriMo, l’ll be writing different stuff than l originally thought, too. There are some characters who won;t leave me alone so Seth and Naomi and my mystery romantic comedy is on the back burner.

    Back to work tomorrow unless they decide to have a NaNoWrlMo N’tl holiday.

    • Hope your day went well today, Nancy. Glad you’re getting help over at the house; I’m not a Lowe’s person either. Also happy to hear you’re writing something new, too. I’m finding it a lot of fun. Good luck with NaNo!

      • Thanks, Maddle. Yesterday dld go pretty well, although my plans changed after l got to work. The ppes were postpned untlll Monday and l ended up leavlng early and golng to the old house for a few mlnutes. Greg plcked up some boxes there for me so l wouldn’t have to walk up that blg step agaln and he looked for the bourbon but couldn’t flnd lt elther. And lf he can’;t flnd lt, nobody can because he;s the human GPS…LOL.
        Thanks for the NaNo luck!

    • 🙂 But you are a great blogger!! I may not get to visit you regularly until after November, but I do catch you in my reader every now and then. I tried to come up with a song for the last time installment, but I saw Minute by Minute (Doobie Brothers) was already taken, and I didn’t have time (a pun!) to come up with another. Things will ease up for me before Christmas.

    • Thank you, Mary. I always appreciate your support. If nothing else, it will be fun – and *I am* having fun. I read a passage from my Susan book to Rich this morning. It had the effect I hoped, and he laughed pretty hard. 🙂

  5. I’m no more ready than I was last year – though I was full of great intentions end of November ’12 for this year ha ha ha!

    I’m starting with the 15,000 I got up to last year and going from there – only cheating myself…

  6. Is there any way you could put your old manual typewriter on a little stand with wheels, so you could type and chase squirrels at the same time? It’s called multi-tasking, I believe… : )

  7. Haha i remember the first day of your last NaNo but what a great book you gave us! To be so full of ideas and about to start the journey of soon finishing another two books, well… I wish I was you!

    • Hi Kate! Has it really been a month since you left this comment? 😉 November was swallowed up by writing and NaNo. Hope you’re doing well, and it would be fun to read about one of your Christmas adventures – if you are so inclined to blog about one. 🙂 Are you and Annie still getting out and about?

  8. We are new to your beautiful blog by way of mutual blogging buddy Carrie Rubin. 22,000 words…unbelievable. That’s dedication my dear. We haven’t participated in NaNoWriMo yet, but we’ve been so busy with our books, that we felt it would take from them. But we can appreciate the work that would take to do something like that in a small window of time. And earning your badge…kudos to you!! 🙂

    • Hello, ladies!! I am so sorry to be so late in responding to your comment. NaNoWriMo took so much of my time, and I’m rushing to get a book ready to publish this month. Thank you so much for stopping by. Carrie Rubin is wonderful, and I’m glad you came here via her blog. I’m off to check out your blog right now!! 🙂

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