Recovery Phase

Princess Pancake was safely delivered to her mother in Texas yesterday. It took four flights and a fourteen-hour round trip for me, but everything went well.

The past twenty-eight days have been a whirlwind of energy and fun. It was fantastic! This little video is just a snippet of what every day was like from morning to night:

The video is only 47 seconds, but because it’s kind of big in size, it seems to take more than a few seconds to load.

I’ll be taking some time to get my schedule back to normal, and I want to have my writing groove back before I jump back into blogging, so I won’t see you for a few weeks yet.

I’m looking forward to catching up with all of you!

I’d turn off comments, because I know I won’t have time to respond any time soon, but I don’t know how!

22 thoughts on “Recovery Phase

  1. She is adorable, Maddie. Check your e-mail. 😉
    As for turning off comments. In the top-right corner when you’re adding a new post, there should be something that says “Screen Options” with a little arrow next to it. Click that arrow and a menu should open. Once you’ve got that open, click a check in the box under “Discussion”.
    After that’s complete something should show up underneath the post that says “Allow Comments”. Same applies here. Leave a check in that box and Voila. 😀 You can now turn them on & off for each individual post. Hope that helps!
    I just learned myself.

  2. Welcome back. From the video it is obvious that Princess Pancake is an amazing super hero because she can dace horizontal on the side of the house…oh, wait, the video was playing sideways 😉 Glad you enjoyed the visit and the exercise.

    • Frank, I must pop in here and say, “You are a gem!” We didn’t miss it! If you can see in your stats the last time the links were clicked (earlier this week, I believe), that was probably us! She loved the video clips and insisted I let her watch more YouTube Shaggy video clips. Thank you so much. You went above and beyond on that one. I had planned to send you an email soon to thank you, but might as well do it publicly now and let everyone know that you are really a special guy, and I appreciate you!

  3. Two things. First, convert your video to an mp3. That will make it about 10% of the size without losing any clarity or audio. Google “convert mov to mp3” and you’ll find lots of ways to do that. Second, to turn off comments, simply go to your dashboard and click on settings. There you’ll find so many settings and can tweak comments or completely turn them off.

  4. Wow, I think you have been feeding your little Princess jumping beans, she is adorable. Now go write that book and we will see you when it is finished. TTFN…

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