Princess Pancake

This is Princess Pancake. She is not only a princess, she is our granddaughter. She lives Imagenearly 1200 miles from us, and it’s really hard not being able to see her on a regular basis.

Princess Pancake will be here next week and will be staying with us for a month. I’m so excited, I can barely sleep. Her room is the large living room of our house, and every year we add something new. This year we have a puppet theater. I can see some good times ahead – especially with the chef puppet.

The reason for sharing this good news is simply to further explain why I continue to fall behind with blogging and reading blogs. I value the friendships I’ve made through blogging, and it bothers me when I can’t keep up and show support to fellow bloggers.  Between writing and planning for her visit, I’ve had very little extra time.

So, you may not see much of me in August. I should simply declare I’m on vacation and will see you in the fall, but you never know. Once the deck is finished, Princess Pancake and I may spend our mornings out there. She can eat pancakes and play games on my Nook while I try to check in with blogs. We shall see.

ImageIn other news, does this board look straight? Do most men run to Lowe’s (or other home building stores) and return the wrong item(s) multiple times? Do most men forget to measure twice and cut once, thereby swearing loud enough for the neighbors to hear? I’m not sure if everything is going according to plan out there. 

Maple Leaf Hunter will not be finished in August. I’m so sorry Susan Hunter fans. I am writing, but I suspect the writing will slow dramatically when the princess arrives.

The new series with the two sisters? Fifteen thousand words so far. Rich doesn’t know it yet, but I’m going to read it aloud to him on our way to Boston next week. It’s not like he can get out of the car or anything, right? In case you’re wondering, he has only ever read my first book – and only because I begged him to help look for typos.

Curious about the weight loss? I’ve lost thirty-three pounds so far. Rich is down twenty-five. We’re basically following a low-carb, food-combining way of eating. I spend a lot more time in the kitchen cooking fresh foods, but we are both really happy with what we are eating and how we are feeling.

Finally, I’ll leave you with this miracle we recently had in our lives. A round of wicked weather came through here two weeks ago. I was standing at the kitchen sink draining sauerkraut for a reuben casserole (it was yummy!). Thunder, lightning, the wind was really strong, and I saw a tall tree in the block behind us snap in two and over it went across the road onto the neighbor’s porch. Of course, it took the power lines down with it. Our lights flickered, some went dim, others went out. I raced around the house to unplug computers, televisions, etc. before we had another surge. When it was all over, our 220 line had been ripped from the house. Our 110 line was hanging by a thread. We had no power with the exception of at my desk (computer and tv), at Rich’s desk (computer and tv), the refrigerator, and the light above the kitchen sink. Every other light and outlet in the house was dead. That can only be a miracle that our creature comforts were left intact. It still makes me shake my head and laugh – and be grateful when others in the community were nearly a week without any power. 


I hope you are all taking care of the M&M’s, because they have not been allowed in my house – even when they bang on the door in the middle of the night.

Are any of you struggling to keep up with blogging? Have you seen your grandchildren lately? Do your menfolk build without complications? Any good miracles come your way lately? Tell me a story!

91 thoughts on “Princess Pancake

  1. Cute kid, M&M’s still rock with or without you, glad the tree didnt land on your head, I am struggling to blog, my Grandchildren are approximately -15 years old (I hope), when I build things I stare at the progress of each hammered nail for about 5 minutes, and I leave you with no story since it is not even close to bedtime.

    • I thought you’ve been MIA for a while. Yes, let’s hope 15+ years yet. 😉 I have no idea how I had so much time for blogging a few months ago, and now I can barely find five minutes. I’m cooking and cleaning around this post. I bet your bedtime stories to your kids when they were little were epic!

  2. I’m in the same boat as you. Worry has whipped in & made me think my book may not be complete by September. (Like I originally planned.)

    I have definitely missed me some Maddie! I totally understand, though. Like I said, I’m having the same problem. My own munchkin and I have been busy spending time together as well.

    Tell Rich not to drive himself nuts. I know it’s been extremely hot outside. (It hit 100 degrees here today! Ahhh!)

    • I’ve been careful not to “promise” a release date on my book, but I did say I thought it would be published this summer. Technically, that gives me until September 21. Very doable. 🙂

      I’ve missed you, too. I can’t believe how busy things are here. Rich has been working in 90+ heat every day that he has worked on that deck. He stays hydrated, and the area is shaded, but still – it’s hot working out there.

        • Yes! For a moment I forgot the genre you wrote in. I would think even the first ten days of October as a lee-way would still be good.

          I know you are ready for summer to be over. I’m looking forward to fall and hoping it will bring a slower pace. I’ve been so distracted lately. I went to the gas station this week, went in a paid for my gas, then walked back out and drove off without pumping my gas. Didn’t realize it until an hour later. Sigh. Things *need* to slow down.

  3. Hope you have lots of fun with your Princess Pancake. You’ve had a busy, jam-packed adventure of a time these past weeks. As for the road trip reading, if I remember correctly, slipping the word bacon (preceded by a words like ‘crunchy’ and ‘crispy’) in every other paragraph will keep your husband’s rapt attention. 😉 Enjoy your time away from Blogging.

    • LOL! You are a genious. My main character’s name is Jo. For my husband’s benefit, I shall call her JoBacon. I’ll switch the last name back and forth between Crunchy and Crispy. Thank you! 😉

  4. Maddie,
    I’ve had so much going on this summer, I don’t get around to blogging until my class assignments are done. I hope Princess Pancake finds everything in order when she arrives.The “menfolk” around here don’t build anything unless it comes pre-measured from The Container Store. HA! (we love elfa shelving) Always a pleasure to see you around, when you have the time!!

    • You learn something new every day! Elfa shelving is fantastic; I must have some. 🙂 I’ll catch up with blogs one day. I’ve been working on an awards post, and you are at the top of the list. I hope to get that award to you before the end of the year. 😉

  5. Maddie!!!! I’m working on that email lady, so I hope you will at least read emails. 😉 What a cutie pie she is! I know you will have loads of fun!

    We’ve had our share of storms too. More then our share. Hope the books are going good (wink wink) ha!

    As far as building things, hubby don’t. He has zero patience and zero know how. We have a friend who helps us with all our building needs. Thank goodness. We just have to supply the beer. 🙂

    Anything that needs fixing, yours truly does it. He just gets in the way. Or I send him for parts. hahaha. Big hugs lady. I miss you!

    • I wanted to say that in my post and forgot. I can always handle some email.

      I’m having a blast writing this book. Our favorite redhead has been deemed to look a bit like “Jessica Rabbit.” 😉

      Thankfully, all of the minor mishaps with the deck won’t show, and won’t matter in the grand scheme of things. I think it will be great. You are lucky to be so handy. The only thing I seem to have any sway over around here is the evil downstairs toilet. I still have the upper hand in that battle. 🙂

  6. Sounds like you’re out enjoying everything! Princess Pancake is adorable, hope you have a good time during the visit.
    Sadly, I have no new good stories to tell.
    Ah well…

    Looking forward to seeing you, whenever you come around!

    • Thank you, El Guapo; you are always so supportive and kind. I’ve invested in loads of art supplies and books, so we will stay busy. I know the month will go by too quickly. See you soon!

    • Thank you, Dianne. She is certainly a happy little girl. I have no idea what she likes to eat, so one of the first things we’re going to do is go to the grocery store – and she can pick out her food. 😉 It will be fun to see what a five-year-old buys. I’m like a kid myself. I’ve been making stick puppets all evening.

  7. Hi there Maddie, have fun with your princess! So awesome that you are still avoiding those darling little candy coated devils! Can’t wait to read your new books. Keep on truckin! As for the blogging? I’m ashamed of myself, I just got notified that I started by blog one year ago today, and am not even doing a celebratory post. Too much on my plate in the real world (as you know) to worry about this right now. Tomorrow, we are looking 6 more houses. Keep your fingers crossed that we find “the one” and finally buy our new home after many months of fits and starts. Have a great weekend!

    • Hey, I am so happy for you that things are going in the right direction. I’ll shoot an email to you as soon as I can. Congratulations on blogging for one year! Your blog is great, and I know you’ll get back to it when you can. I think there are quite a few of us who need things to settle to a less hectic period of time. Yes, fingers crossed for good house hunting tomorrow! Let me know if one jumps out at you!

  8. No grandchildren . . . I blog enough to keep my head on straight . . . pancakes are, in my opinion, much worse than M&Ms (just a guess; depends on amounts) . . . certainly no miracles . . . ain’t got me no menfolk, but when I build, by hook or crook I make it fit.

    • That’s what hubby is doing – making it fit. At least the few things that had to be adjusted will be under the deck and not seen. But then, he hasn’t started on the upper part yet. It’s been fun watching it all come together though.

  9. Princess Pancake is adorable! Your summer is going to be spectacular. You can write all about it once she leaves. 🙂

    I am so in awe of your 33 lbs. I can’t even lose three. Oh well.

    Have a great visit!

    • Juliann, I missed most of your trip to China. I only had time to quickly read one post. I will be back to read more about it when I can.

      We are definitely going to have some fun this month. Princess Pancake is a bit of a girly girl and loves dresses, so I have a dozen new dresses here for her (between thrift shops and end-of-summer sales in the box stores). I can’t wait to spoil her!

      The weight loss was fast out the gate, but has slowed to a more normal pace now. I know that’s a good thing. I don’t miss sugar, but I swear my writing is slower without a big bowl of M&M’s to graze on. Who knew M&M’s could be a muse? And then I threw my muse out!

    • Thank you, Carrie. We were originally only going to have her for two weeks. I’m ecstatic to have her for a month! Hope you are still having a good time and enjoying your summer.

  10. Hello! In answer to your questions:
    Yes, no, I’ve never built anything, no, once there was a mean zoo keeper who soaked his monkeys in order to make monkey casserole but the wind blew so hard he snapped in two and that’s how fireflies were born.

    • Monk Monkey, you are so sweet to tell me a story. I shall relay it to my husband tonight at bedtime. Oh wait, he already read it. He stuck his head around the corner by my desk and said (while laughing), “That Monk Monkey is crazy! Where does he come up with this stuff?” So, you entertained both of us today. 🙂

    • Hi Annie. I must say, I truly miss you.

      Princess Pancake is very likely going to be a children’s picture book. It remains to be seen if Susan Hunter will write it. 😉

      The weight loss – I’m delighted. So far I haven’t had even a smackerel of something I shouldn’t. Forty-six days with no sugar or caffeine. I cut out all salt, too, but started having bad leg cramps at night. I guess we need *some* salt. 🙂 I’m so determined, I don’t think even Princess Pancake can sway me when we have a birthday party for her.

      • I miss you too sweet Maddie, but I know that you’re there 🙂

        I love the idea about Princess Pancake and Susan Hunter!

        And I’m so impressed about your willpower and healthy ways! You’ve inspired me to try again – I’ve put the pedometer on again and trying to increase my walking each day…hope you’re having fun x

  11. Your granddaughter is beautiful! Have a wonderful time with her and the puppet theater!

    My blog is certainly collecting cobwebs these days. We moved about a month ago, and though there is much to write about, I either don’t feel inspired when I have time or there are too many “must-do’s” waiting for my attention.

    Maybe we’ll both find that the right words and the right opportunities will come when we least expect. My son, L, suggested that he and I write a story together–maybe your granddaughter would like to write something with you, too. L and I passed the laptop back and forth one afternoon while little A was sleeping–I hope we can add to it again soon!

    Till one of us writes again…Alison

    • Alison, I find it so exciting that you and your son are writing stories together. When our son was young, he would write stories, but he was so hyper and struggled with the slowness of penmanship vs the speed of his thoughts, that I would many times let him dictate his stories and I would write them down. In third grade he was writing little chapter books. I never thought about having Princess Pancake tell stories that I can write down, but I will definitely give it a try. Sometimes I miss homeschooling quite a bit. We had a lot of fun. It will be fun to teach the granddaughter some things while she’s here. Thanks for the wonderful idea. 🙂

  12. Quite a miracle! Have fun with your granddaughter. I guess my miracle would be that I spent 4 hours alone with my boyfriend’s parents on our first meeting and I didn’t do a single dumb thing!

  13. Cheers to the adorable Princess Pancake with her upcoming visit. Enjoy and cherish your time!

    You’ve been busy … well, sounds as if very busy. In those times, something has to give, so for you, blogging is one of the sacrifices.

    Yes – I struggle with keeping up. Less so at my end, but more so with getting out to others. Maybe I’m trying to get to too many people. Oh well … the bottom line is that bloggers are patient with their visitors, but pressure themselves.

    Hey —- bring the Princess by on Saturdays for a cartoon post!

  14. My husband does somethings similar to what you described. Only instead of going back to the store, he’ll say. “It’ll be alright. I’ll just putty it in.” I think you’ve already read my blog about the lightning strike we had on April 17th. It didn’t drop the tree on us, but the tree sent the lightning into the ground which set the propane line that ran into our basement on fire and burned out the furnace (we were still using it, it was unusually cold), took out most of the plugins inside the house, melted the telephone lines to the carpet and destroyed my computer, TV, Satellite box and several other things. The burning propane line was the most scary. As for blogging, I really suck. I enjoy doing it but between working, grandkids, writing my second novel and all the other things that a person has to do, sometimes I feel like I’m running in circles.

    • Hi Donna Jean! Yes! I remember that terrible storm you had and how frightening it was for you. You had a miracle that your house didn’t burn down from that propane fire. I”m getting such a kick out of all of the “little” mistakes Rich is making on the deck, but he’s managed to “fix” all of them so far. 🙂 Deck boards are on and stained now, and we have stairs. Railing to come. … And I know just what you mean about running in circles. Have a good week, Donna Jean!

  15. I think your last comment to me was worry about spiders, and I was thinking, “This from a woman who rides motorcycles! Which is more dangerous, statistically speaking? Hmmm?” so when I saw the title of your post I was worried that you had pancaked on your bike but were making the best of it by decorating your body cast or something. SO glad it is about your granddaughter instead!
    So. Not a real story – but just think of the little worry stories we tell ourselves all the time!
    I hope you have so much fun! We are expecting our first grandchild this winter and are already planning for ponies and playhouses!

    • Hahaha! Yes, I think I was “squicked out” by your spider. 🙂 Congratulations on your first grandchild. Ponies and playhouses sound wonderful! After raising just one boy, it has been an absolute delight to play with this little princess. She’ll be here Thursday night. We play on Friday! 🙂

  16. Haha don’t have any menfolk myself, or grandchildren for that matter. But things are moving along nonetheless! I’m happy to hear about your new diet, that’s exciting! My mother is currently experimenting with something similar, no wheat whatsoever, and she’s having decent success. So congratulations to you! And congratulations also on your granddaughter coming to visit, that’ll be so much fun! A whole month. Wow. Sounds like some summer mischief is ahead 😉

    • Hi Pearson! Good for your mother. I am still really happy with how this is going. I didn’t realize at first that I was nearly 100% gluten free, but I guess I am. I feel so much better and already have more energy – which I will need for playing with the granddaughter. The puppet theater is up and ready for action – I’ve already written one play. 🙂

  17. What a doll!!! Enjoy every moment! ( I laughed out loud at Rich being captive in the car as you read! 🙂 ) I love to read your books….but family is precious. Relax. Play. Maybe allow “one” m & m visit? hugs!! miss you ♥

    • Thank you, Paula. I’m practically hyperventilating, I’m so excited to see her again. It’s almost been a year. There will be tons of playing, but still probably no M&M’s for me. I’ll let you know how Rich reacts to my book(s). I’m going to read both works in progress and get his reaction. 🙂

      • I’m so proud of you….for SOOOOO many reasons. But esp for your will power & for your writing power!

        BTW….I began yoga as my “new” first of the month thing….it is difficult….but I am enjoying it a LOT! AND I do it at home!

        Emjoy enjoy enjoy!!! hugs ♥

    • Mary, it is so good to see you. You’ve been on my mind lately, and now you are here. That’s a synchronicity moment! Thank you for your kind words. I am still following you, and I see you have updated your blog theme. It’s beautiful! I’ll try to drop by soon to read more.

  18. It sounds like you will have lots of fun! She is a adorable! Enjoy. I so understand with no time to blog, but I do miss your fun blogs. 🙂 My hubby always has to run back and forth to the hardware store for more things for his projects because he didn’t really bother to measure and calculate first. LOL. It always turns out nice even though we know what it really took to get accomplished. 🙂 Have fun on that deck! It just might inspire you! Good luck on finishing the book. 🙂

    • HI Julia! I’ve only had a minute to peek at your blog, but see I missed tales of your vacation. I’ll be by when the princess leaves. I’m waiting for her to wake up, so am sneaking a little time here on my blog.

      The deck is coming along great, and I think most of the “oddities” are hidden now. 🙂 Posts and railing go up this weekend. I’m really looking forward to spending time on it. Especially after having a small, ugly, cement porch and stairs for so many years.

      It feels like I will never finish books right now. I’ll have to gauge how I feel in September. Hopefully, I can get back on track.

      I’m down forty pounds. I really had it to lose. I put on a lot of weight over the past two years and the bulk of it was last year when I was writing. Bags upon bags of M&M’s when I was writing (what a muse!) and lots of fast food because I stopped cooking. That’s a “don’t do this” book in itself!

      Thanks for stopping by. I miss interaction here, but am having fun playing with kid things all day. Hope all is well with you!

  19. Darling, forget about us, you focus on the beautiful Princess Pancake. What a sweetie pie she looks. We will wait.
    PS, Maddie, can you please leave me Rich in your will? My darling partner has other really lovely qualities, but handyman isn’t one of them.

    • LOL! I will be happy to leave him to you in my will, and I think he would love to come live in your country. 🙂 The deck will be finished soon – and then I’m putting him on that leaky faucet in the bathtub!

      We’re having a wonderful time with the princess. She’s well behaved and such a happy little girl.

  20. I constantly struggle with time. There never seems to be enough time to write as much as I want. I go back to work next week (teaching) and it will drop to nil….BUT life is just that, isn’t it? One minute here, one minute there. And I’m okay with it most of the time! I just keep moving forward. Enjoy every minute with your family!!!

    • Thank you, Traci! Time is certainly tough to manage. Even when I have the time to write, I don’t always have the motivation, and I’m not one to force the words. Going forward is all we can do. Best wishes for your new school school.

  21. Aww, your granddaughter looks so precious! I’m sure you’ll have a lot of fun with her around, and I wouldn’t blame you for slacking on blogging. 😉 Also, that’s terrific news about the weight loss!

    Personally it’s been very difficult to keep up with blogs. Currently I’m still working full-time at my old job until my notice period is over, AND part-time at my new one. It is all very hectic and I barely have time for anything. I’m always too exhausted to blog or browse my reader. =[

    Oh, and speaking of M n M’s, I tried the peanut butter ones for the first time this week. They were delicious!

    • Zen, it wasn’t that long ago that I ate an entire bag (the big bag) of peanut butter M&M’s. My favorite is still the Strawberried Peanut Butter M&M’s. I miss them, and I think my writing is slower without them ;-), but I had to get off that sugar bandwagon. It’s a real problem for me – always has been.

      I hope your new job goes well, and you can make the transition without too much fatigue. I’m excited for you and am looking forward to hearing about your projects.

  22. Oh, girl…you are in my head! I’m sorry your grandbaby is so far away…mine is 40 minutes away and he’s STILL not close enough! I can’t believe how into my 3 year old grandson I am. I never thought I could love a child as much as I loved my own. So whenever I get a chance to see him I leave blogs and novels and most anything writing behind and make every effort to make sure he never forgets his “granny”. So should you!!

    • Hi Claudia! I’m responding to long-ago comments today. I envy you so much that your grandson is only 40 minutes away. We had the most wonderful time with our granddaughter, and I can’t wait until next summer when we can see her again. We never parked her in front of the television, and we made a ton of memories. It sure helped that she’s such a pleasant and happy child.

  23. A lot has happened to you. I hope you have so much fun with your Princess. She is beautiful! Congratulations on losing so much weight. You didn’t look overweight in your little avitar. I need to lose at least the 10 I’ve put on this year! Yikes! It is so hard! I’m sure blogging and writing doesn’t help! Some days I’m just glued to my chair. I’m busier now, and can hardly get a minute to read these day. I can’t do two blogs and keep up with my council work as well! So have a nice August. See you in Sept! 🙂

  24. Maddie,
    struggling to keep up with blogging? Me? well, YES, I have and a do! In fact, this is my first time back after what sees like an eternity, during which I read a lot, but was far too busy to write about it. That drive to share my ironic views on good reads has vanished….what to do?
    All the best,

    • Hello, og&b! You comment in August; I respond in October. 😉 It’s that struggling to keep up with blogging thing. Did you find your drive to write reviews? Or did you move on to something else?

      • Slightly moved on to wanting to get my grade 6 piano! But in truth I miss this community of bloggers and I desperately want to find my drive again. I might just manage do do something about it at the week-end. What about you? Are you going to embark on a new novel this coming November? I do hope so!

        • I tried to teach myself to play piano many years ago. I loved it, but found my left hand refused to cooperate, and I was terrible at counting time. I couldn’t line dance either when it was all the rage. My musical abilities are lacking.

          As for writing … I am slightly out of control. I just finished one book, am trying to finish a Susan Hunter book this month, and am writing a new book in the new series in November! It’s a challenge. 🙂 Good luck with your grade six!

          • Wow, please please please tell me the titles!!!! This is so very exciting!
            And actually I will take grade 8. I found out that one the pieces for this sessions’ syllabus I had already played as a teenager. Am I going to go for a challenge or play it safe? CHALLENGE!

            • Until you posted about your grade six, I had no idea there were grades via difficulty for piano. Very exciting! Good luck with grade 8. Challenge indeed!

              My new series is Two Sisters and A Journalist. The book I just completed is Murder Under Construction. The second book in the series (writing in November for NaNo) is Murder Is Where the Heart Is. I’m currently writing Maple Leaf Hunter (set in Canada). It’s a writing marathon! 🙂

    • Hi Pam! I feel so bad about leaving these comments hanging and not responding, I had to come back through. I know you already know we had a blast with our granddaughter, but I thought I’d tell you that your stats will soar soon, because I have to come look at all the artwork you’ve posted since I’ve been there!! 🙂

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  26. My step children live in California which my husband finds incredibly difficult not being able to see them regularly. We get to talk to them on skype but that is not the same as being with them. We were lucky enough to be able to visit them for 2 weeks a couple of months ago and now they are here for 3 weeks. We didn’t stay with them but in the next town. It was good to spend a few days with them both then and now. We are hoping they can come for dinner with us tomorrow.

    Enjoy the time you have together 🙂

    • Hi, Lady in Red! It’s been a busy summer, but I am back on track with writing and blogging again. I’m responding to comments that slipped away from me while our granddaughter was here. It’s so nice you can Skype with your grandchildren. We don’t have that option yet. We had a wonderful time, and I hope the three weeks that your grandchildren visited with you was wonderful as well. 🙂 Thanks so much for your comment.

  27. Hi Hun. It’s been ages since I stopped by. Summer holidays, kids at home, mad work rush, call it what you will I am so far behind I have to stay up late to catch up with you. Your granddaughter is lovely. I’m off to read your other posts I’ve missed. Then in the morning maybe I’ll get round to writing more myself

  28. Blogging has always been a bit of a struggle for me, but lately I have kept myself to a good schedule and it seems to be working. I just make sure that it doesnt interfere with the things I want to get done. If I stick to the schedule it doesnt seem to cause much of a problem.

    Have fun with Princess Pancake! Seems like you have some fun days ahead 🙂

    • Hi “That’s life!” I was looking through my dashboard tonight and found some pending comments. I see this one was held up clear back last August. I certainly didn’t mean to ignore you. I’ve just been over at your blog looking around a bit and have liked what I’ve read. I’m following! 🙂 Thank you so much for stopping by, and we had a wonderful time with Princess Pancake.

  29. Maddie–I was struggling to keep up with everything for awhile there–now I’m off for a while (hope it won’t be too long, but glad to be off for a little while). I don’t have any grandchildren, but when I’m working, it’s hard to see my parents since they moved into the nursing home. That’s farther away from me–they used to live about ten minutes away. And they haven’t seen their “grand cat” since December, or their “son.” (My friend, who’s like my brother). Two small miracles; my parents were honored as Residents of the Month at the nursing home last month–I thought the woman from the nursing was looking for me to give me a bill or something but it was to tell me about their award and the ceremony they had for them and two other residents. (They pick people from each unit). And without going into too much detail, there was a miracle on the day job today over something that was causing me a lot of stress which my boss and her supervisor straightened out.

    • Nancy! I completely missed this comment when you posted it. I did drop the ball here when our granddaughter was visiting. What a nice thing – Residents of the Month. I’m sure your parents were thrilled. And a miracle is always a good thing! I hope you are well, and I hope to be in touch with you more going forward.

    • Hi, Rita Kay! I’m definitely back online and blogging and will be by very soon to catch up and learn some new tips. We had a wonderful time with our granddaughter and a wonderful summer. I know your knees have been uncooperative, but I hope you had a good summer, too.

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