Let the Games Begin

Adam – all around great guy and blogger – thinks Detroit has it in the bag. We shall see.

Will you be following baseball this year? If so, who is your team, and do you have any predictions?

73 thoughts on “Let the Games Begin

    • I’ve frozen my feet and butt off at football games, and it’s usually nasty weather going to basketball games, but I’ve never had a bad experience at a baseball game. I have a lot of good summer memories with baseball, so it’s nice to have a team to root for. The Cleveland Indians have not been the best team over the years, but I’m always hopeful. Now you are in my mind as a Yankee fan, Honie, and I know I will think of you when the two teams play. 🙂

      • Going to little league games when I was a kid was great fun. My brother played (he was hardly bigger than the bat) my friend Julie and I worked in the concession stand. Oh, the smell of corn dogs! I always had a wad of sour apple bubble gum in my mouth. Good times!! btw I’ll be at a Yankee game later this month.

  1. I don’t follow baseball, but I do cringe every time I see that horrible Cleveland Indians Chief Wahoo logo. Definitely time to get into the new millennium and change that thing!

    Hope all is well, Maddie!

    • There certainly has been a lot of controversy over that logo. I miss going to the old stadium to watch the games. My brother and I used to sit in the outfield – and we were just about the only two people out there. It seems to be feast or famine with the Indians. Do your boys have an interest?

      Things are better than well. I’ve been MIA, because I’m taking care of the old used book business, but that’s all good news which I’ll share later. I haven’t looked in on blogs for a while, but I expect to catch up this weekend.

      • Glad to hear things are good. Yes, my husband takes the boys to see the Indians play from time to time, but they prefer going to the Brown’s games or the Cav’s games. That’s when it’s nice to live near a bigger city. He takes them, and I get to be alone for several hours. 🙂

  2. Not a big baseball fan, but always enjoy the playoffs. Last year the Giants slaughtered Detroit in the World Series while a friend and I tweeted back and forth about just about every play. She’s a huge Giants fan, and I still haven’t heard the end of it. 🙂

    My best live baseball games were at the minor league team in Lansing, MI. Great fun. Great seats. Best fireworks displays I’ve ever seen.

    • Cleveland has their farm team in Akron, which would be much closer for us, and I’ve heard they are great games to see, but I never think to ask Rich to go. Yes to the fireworks. These baseball teams sure know how to do them right.

      You already know I’m competitive. If I have any way of rubbing any of this in Adam’s nose, I will. 🙂

      • Especially when that family member can get you dugout seats and all kinds of perks. 😛 If I can ever afford a home as huge as his, I will throw a pool party & invite all of you. (Just no skinny dipping – we don’t want gossiping old ladies now. 😉 )

        • LOL!! That skinny-dipping incident was from a true story. I had a party and invited all of my friends from the racquetball club. Two of the guys did take off running naked down the yard and into the lake. There were no nosy neighbors though, and I was in the house and missed the whole thing!

          Perks at the park are great! I worked for a company that used to get loge seats for sporting events and concerts — but dugout seats would be great! It’s always fun to feel special. 🙂

    • Sports are always great for eating. And yes, the song is classic, and I will sing it tonight during the game, even though I will be watching on television.

      Will be by to see you soon, Paula. I laughed out loud earlier today when I saw your dogs and their Easter Egg Hunt. Too cute!

    • I thought it might be a good idea to grab a shot of them in first place while I could. 🙂 Do you take your boys to games?

      I don’t hear much about the Reds up here in this part of the state. ’95 and ’97 World Series attempts for the Indians. It’s been since ’90 for the Reds. And I see your team got off to a good start last night.

      Oh, wait. Maybe you weren’t talking sports. 😉

  3. I’m a life-long Reds fan … thus only root for one team and only care about one team. Win or lose, (and even though Bud Selig tries his best to screw it up) there’s nothing like Opening Day in Cincinnati. A loss and a major injury is not the way to open the season, but baseball is a marathon, not a sprint.

    • It’s nice being a life-long fan. We grew up all things Cleveland, and it’s fun to root, root, root for the home team. Anything can happen in sports. Good teams who are shoe-ins have injuries and slumps. The underdog can come out of nowhere. A relief pitcher can throw away a sure win. It’s never over until it’s over, and it’s always a good ride to the end.

  4. Maddie, this is so awesome. Even though the Indians are gonna get pounded into the ground, this was still a good idea. Thanks for making it public. Good luck. You’re gonna need a lot of it!

    P.S. Love you too!

  5. The Mets are my amazin’ men. I predict they will lose more than they win and finish fourth. But I will still love them to bits. I reckon it will probably be Washington or Dodgers from the NL to win it all against the Angels in the World Series.

    • Wow, Monk Monkey, we will definitely come back to this prediction in the fall. Adam and I are duking it out for the American League Central, but beyond that, I don’t have a clue. I’ll be by the Monkestry this weekend to catch up with you!

      • Hmm… AL Central…That is the hardest to pick for sure! Cleveland really could win that but it’s def them and Detroit 1 and 2 in any order. KC probably a black horse if all goes right but probably third.

        • Monk Monkey, I am impressed with your knowledge of current American baseball as you’ve been down under for such a long time. 😉 I think it was a good bet to make with Adam. Cleveland might be a surprise this year. If I lose, my avatar has to wear a Detroit baseball cap for a week, and I have to do a blog post extolling the virtues of the Tigers and Adam. If I win, Adam does the fun stuff.

  6. Hi Maddie.. Its been a long time, we haven’t keep in touch. Well, happy easter to you, sorry if it was late 😉 I was pretty busy, so I cant keep blogging. Hehe..

    • Hi Emilio! It is good to see you. It has been very busy here, too, and I have fallen behind with blogging as well. We had a lovely Easter, and I hope you did, too! Thank you so much for stopping by. 🙂

  7. Not a big baseball fan. I think the problem with me is oversaturation. There is too much of it. The little league season takes up all summer and the pros go all the way into football season. I enjoy a game every once in awhile just to be out with family but I could care less who wins it.

    • I understand. For me, I think it helps that I generally don’t follow every sport all year long. If I watch football, I’m not watching basketball – and vice versa. I never watch college sports, so that helps, too. Summer is baseball and golf. I can fit that in when we’re not out on the motorcycle. 🙂

  8. Maddie, my one and only experience of baseball was in 2010 in San Francisco when on holidays… I thoroughly enjoyed the game and received a ‘bobblehead’ of Pablo Sandoval, which sits happily on a bookshelf reminded us of a wonderful afternoon’s entertainment…!
    However, needless to say I do not follow your country’s favourite game. I’m sure though, were I to live in the States, I would probably enjoy a game or two…! 🙂

    • I suspect you would enjoy a game or two, Carolyn. I think that’s really nice that you were able to attend a game while here. Bobble heads are such silly things, but everyone loves them. I have plans to buy a particular bobble head for my mother for her birthday this year. 🙂

    • Do you have grandchildren involved in sports? Do you go to games? Everything is good here! You will be outside soon (if you aren’t already), and you take care of your knees and toes!!

  9. Well, well, well. Lookie here. I’ll just hang this little tidbit out here all by itself.

    After two games, Detroit is in 3rd place. I wonder who could be in 1st? Oh, yeah, THE CLEVELAND INDIANS.

      • Wah! Wah! How quickly things change. We wuz robbed tonight, I tell ya! Two bad calls, and I thought I was watching football at home plate. Still, a loss is a loss, and the Indians have lost three in a row. They need to get home to their own opener. They are in 4th place, and Detroit is in (gulp) 1st. Cleveland 2W and 3L. Detroit 3W and 2L. It’s early. It’s close.

  10. I’d follow Cricket or Australian Rules football if I followed anything at all that’s sports related (at least I can understand it). I guess I’m going to have to watch you all talking about baseball and try to keep up with the language. Enjoy.

    • I might do another post mid-season, but I will most likely add my snark here and just keep adding to these comments. Adam might not ever find out what I’m doing. 🙂 I find it fascinating that sports are not universal. Why don’t we have cricket or rugby in America? At least to the extent that people care? I suppose there are only so many hours in the day to devote to sports, so the few major ones get all of the attention.

    • Yay, Cards! You got off to the same start as Detroit, but it doesn’t mean a thing; it’s early yet.

      Pitching was terrible in the Cleveland game last night, and it was home run derby time. They lost 10-8. Still puts them in first in the Central, while Detroit is in 4th.

      I love the movie Major League! 🙂

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