I spent the day with my mother and then picked Rich up at the airport. Did he have fun in Vegas? You bet he did … he ate bacon for dinner one evening! I came home this evening to find a wonderful review of Sunshine Hunter by my friend, DaydreamsinWonderland at CardCastlesInTheSky. I hope you’ll pop on over to read and say hello!

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  1. Nice, Maddie. Rich back and a great review, all in one day.

    Well yeah, he had bacon. That’s pretty much what we do when left to our own devices. Did he spread around those flyers?

    • Yes, it was a good day.

      I forgot to give the flyers to him, but they would have been in his carry-on bag, which the airlines took from him and promptly lost, so he wouldn’t have had them anyway. His bacon was at a Chinese restaurant. He ordered the pork belly. 🙂

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  3. Great review. Tell Rich that if he writes “The Bacon Lovers Handbook” all his bacon purchases can be deducted as research. Just thought that might givehim some incentive.

  4. Hi Maddie, I checked out Daydreams site, what a great post she wrote !!! I hope all is well, I’ve been busy with getting everything ready for my surgery for removing 2 bone spurs that I have from dropping rocks on my feet …… ooops. I had surgery on the 15th and it went well, the problem is I am a bad patient …… I want to do everything myself.

    • Rita Kay! Two knee surgeries and now your foot, too! What are we going to do with you? So glad to hear your surgery went well, and please take care of yourself. Things are going well here, and I’m so happy that spring is nearby. 🙂

      • Maddie, I hate to say it but I’ve had 3 repairs for a torn Meniscus since June 2012, two on my left knee and one on my right. The sad thing is my knees are still TERRIBLE, the doctor wants to give me gel shots to both of my knees. I’m not to sure what to do. Last Friday I had two bone spurs removed from each of my big toes, I’ve dropped rocks on my feet causing the bone spurs. And yes I do have steel toe boots but I didn’t have them on when I was digging for rocks, OOOOPS !!!!! My Pastor wants to know why I’m destroying myself? I guess that could be a blog in itself 🙂

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