Susan Hunter and Pearson Sharp

ImageHockey is on again. Rich is a big hockey fan, and I recently asked him what type of symbol or nickname is synonymous with Canada. His first response was “the maple leaf.” Duh. Of course.

Maple Leaf Hunter

The cover will most likely have a wilderness setting – complete with moose, bear, and/or beaver – and the Canadian flag with maple leaf will have prominence. I’m ready to start writing this sixth book in the series, but something is holding me back.

I think it’s loose ends. I want to have most of my research completed before I start writing, but before I do that, I want my office to be organized. It’s hard to write with clutter around me, and how did this big room get so messy anyway? I also want to have the sugar monster tamed, because I am not eating four pounds of M&M’s this go-round. I blame NaNoWriMo for driving me to that with the last book.

Maple Leaf Hunter is likely to be the last Susan Hunter book, and I can’t help but wonder what I will do after that. It might not be writing. Maybe I’m hesitant to start writing, because it will signal the end. I suppose I will have all of my answers soon enough.


Pearson Sharp. Isn’t that a great name! It’s the perfect name for a main character in a book, but it’s already taken. Pearson Sharp is a WordPress blogger. He’s writing a novel, and he shares hisImage experiences and thoughts as he hones his craft. He quotes Hemingway and Frank Herbert on his blog.

I once quoted Tim Allen as Commander Jason Nesmith in Galaxy Quest.

Pearson and I talked recently about the possibility of him writing something for my blog, and in return, I would write something for his. However, it didn’t take long for me to realize that he is too mature and cerebral for the pink nonsense that goes on here, and I truly doubted that I had anything to add to his exceptional and more serious blog.

However, I wanted to mention him today, because many of my followers are writers, and I know you will enjoy Pearson’s posts. He’s very welcoming. When you visit his blog, don’t leave until you read his poem, A River Fay. You may want to listen to “My Jolly Sailor Bold” as you read. Pearson recommends the song, and it’s perfect.

(He could play the part of Mick in the movie version of my Susan Hunter books. Too bad he is not an actor.)

Hop on over to Pearson’s blog and say hello. Be sure to follow if you’re interested in his excellent posts as he writes his novel.

71 thoughts on “Susan Hunter and Pearson Sharp

  1. Ive been doing some more brainstorming for you. What about Mountie Hunter? Its Canadiany plus it sounds like Bounty Hunter. Does Susan do any bounty hunting in this book?
    Also, if you can’t use Pearson, I have some other names you might like:
    – Eminem Fourpounds
    – Foxtrot J. Rainbow
    – Foxtrott J. Reignbowe
    – Philip O’Fish
    – Quentin Pounder
    – Angus Withcheese
    – Mr Whopper
    – Fred Bang-Whoops
    – David Harding
    – Bubblicious Fortunate Sandshine

    That’s all free, that is.

  2. Maybe it’s not you but Susan who has come to a natural end. Then again, maybe not. Something might come to you as you are finishing off your sixth novel. Or maybe someone else will come along and tap you on the shoulder and ask for a series of her own.

    • I do believe Susan is coming to a natural end. Some series go on too long, a shark is jumped, and they should have ended on a high note. I think publishing the children’s book with the sixth book is a good place to end. … I suppose there is a huge wonder factor as to what will come next, but just as Susan was so surprising, maybe you are right … someone else will tap me on the shoulder for a new series.

  3. First, I love your title Maple Leaf Hunter immediately hooks me.
    Second, don’t put so much pressure on yourself. If this is the last Susan Hunter, then so be it. But don’t worry about that. Just write! Didn’t NaNoWriMo teach you that?? 🙂

  4. Just because you have no question does not mean that we have no answers of comments. People are always telling me, “I have a question.” and I respond, “I have an answer. It might be wrong but I do have an answer.”
    That is why you write. You have an answer. You don’t have to hear the question and the answer might not be for everyone but inside you there is a story that needs to be told and somewhere within the story is the answer or answers to questions that you were never asked.

    How is that for waxing elequent? Now if you will excuse my my wife says I need to take my medication because I’m talkin’ funny again.

  5. Whatever you do next, it sounds like yyou’ll be doing it because you think it would be a fun way to spend your time.
    What could be better than that?

    Off to check out Pearson…

    • El Guapo, that is definitely true. I don’t want to agonize over writing or suffer the dreaded writer’s block. I want to enjoy myself and have fun. I’ve had a blast writing these Susan Hunter books. I’ve probably entertained myself more than I have anyone else. That’s a good place to be, and you’re right – whatever I do, it will be a fun way to spend my time.

  6. That last Susan Hunter book doesn’t have to be the end of your writing career! It can be the beginning! You can switch genres entirely and tackle a new type of book, like sci-fi or fantasy! We could write a story together! It could be called “Susan Hunter Gets Abducted By Aliens”!

    • I don’t know if it’s a gift. I still think it’s because I write so simply. Simple words … tell the story … get in, get out. Simple dialogue. I don’t have to worry about painting wonderful descriptions with words. To “test” the writer in me, when I’m done with Susan, I am going to try to write something more serious – even if it is just for me. I’d like know if I can write something that isn’t so “simple.”

  7. I’ll have to check out Mr. Sharp’s page…thanks for the referral!

    And also for the follow! Glad you popped over to my blog!

    Also happy for you on finding your Canadian title:)

    • Thank you. Blogging is such a whirl, it sometimes takes a while before I can get to all of the blogs of people who leave comments. I’m glad Tim recommended you so I could get to your blog more quickly. 🙂

    • You are very welcome, Pearson. Why am I not surprised that you sing? 🙂 Susan the Musical … I could get on board with that. If ever one of Susan’s books is made into a movie, I’ll be sure to recommend you for the role of Mick!

        • I had quite a list of names I liked, but as I compared one against another, I could never rule out Mick. That’s funny about Crocodile Dundee … I always had a soft spot for him. No, I would not play Susan. 😉 I’ll leave that up to Kate Hudson or another blonde Hollywood beauty.

  8. You want my opinion Maddie? Well, even if you don’t you are going to get it. 😉 Writing is in the blood. It is in your blood. Otherwise there is no way in hell you could have written as many books as you have. You call them ‘simple’. I call them damn good. We can’t all be Hemingway or Shakespeare (thank goddess!) Sometimes my friend ‘simple’ is just enough.
    Mark my words my friend. There are other writings in you. You will see. I know of what I speak (type) big hugs!

    • You can always share your opinion with me, Jackie. 🙂 It has just been so surreal. I have to tell myself that people start writing at all ages, and instead of being so gobsmacked by it, I should be glad I sat down and tried – or I would have never known writing was in there. … I hope there are more writings to come. Hugs back to you!

      • Oh I bet there’s more in there, maybe not Hunter, but something. Writing has a way of worming itself in you and sticking around. 🙂

  9. Once you unleash the writer inside you, I am not sure you can shove it back in the cage. Write this book and see what new beast is in there, ready to break free.

    • That’s what I’ll have to do – write and then see. I’m kind of starting to realize that blogging makes me lazy. I’d rather blog and read blogs than write. I’ll have to work on that.

  10. I can give you some plot lines for Maple Leaf Hunter. Let’s just start in Prince Edward Island with the mystery of my missing bra and panties…. I also lost a laptop, a video camera, two digital cameras (one crappy-ish, one damned expensive), and the dream I had of having all my kids out of my house at 46 years old. I also lost respect for Canadians who live in Halifax and any appetite for poutine. I lost all of that in a four week trip to Canada. Can you work with that? If Susan finds my laptop, cameras and video camera, I would like them back please.

  11. I hope you are able to write #6 and that #7 calls out to you. If not, I will follow you to whatever genre, except maybe Young Adult because I am old enough to be most young adults granny!! Close enough!!
    I also don’t think your books are simple…they are just very readable and do not get bogged down in crap!!

    • I’ve had a ball writing these books, Brooke; however, I don’t wake up every day wanting to write. I think maybe that’s why I’ve struggled with saying I am a writer. I’m an author, but I think I would be content to write the six Susan Hunter books and move on to something else. Something other than writing. I’m hoping after I write this next book, I’ll have some clarity. Oooh, I would be like those musical artists – one hit wonders. I will be remembered for Susan Hunter and nothing more. 😉

  12. 7th book idea (And you could use this to really end it, if you like): Susan spirals down hill at a rate of knots after acquiring a gambling addiction which finds her uncovering a corruption ring at the local casino. Despite desperately wanting to solve the crime, she can’t escape the grip of the evil monster consuming her and all her hard earned funds. The discover her interference and quickly realise the gambling bug has truly bitten her. Then to distinguish the story from the others (I assume, as I haven’t read them yet), Susan fails to solve the mystery.
    Title: Punter Hunter

    • Richard, this is so funny! I’m constantly writing Susan to do things I’ve done in my real life, and I am not averse to gambling – in a casino or via the lottery. I could definitely write the story you have pitched. 😉 However, I think I will have her sail off into the sunset and live happily ever after. My six fans would never forgive me if I gave her a bad ending. 🙂

      • Only six fans? I don’t believe a word of it!
        No, you’re right. Sounds like she deserves to go out on a high. 🙂
        I only suggested that because I started with the rhyming Punter Hunter and worked backwards. 🙂
        “Always gamble responsibly”, as they must now say on all gambling related advertising in Australia. 🙂

    • It has been quite the ride. However, “In Search of” … may become a best seller, whereas Susan Hunter remains a quiet little niche. More isn’t always better. I’m just glad I didn’t give up and kept going forward.

  13. As one chapter ends, another begins…. or something like that… 😉
    Isn’t that a terrible period of time; you know; you’re not quite done and yet you know it’s nearly over…. And, what will come next???? Yes, Maddie; it’s a little scary, and yet ‘life’ always has a few tricks up her sleeve…!

  14. Maple Leaf Hunter grabs me. You’ve got good instincts.

    Your books are light-hearted, but the world could use some illumination. You and your work are both bright spots in a world that needs it.

    Okay. Speech over. Whatever you decide to do, you’ll do it well.

    • Thank you for the kind words, Tim. You are always so supportive.

      When I’m done with the next book, and before I move on to something entirely new – be it a book or a project – I think I’ll take a big part of 2013 and work hard on marketing. I’ll never know what Susan Hunter can be if I don’t try to harder to get her out there. That will likely produce some interesting blog fodder, too. 🙂

  15. Maple Leaf Hunter is a good title! Canada is best known for its maple syrup, after all. 😀 You will be able to write it too; we’re all here if you need help or inspiration or anything. And I don’t think it’ll be the end for you. Even if you no longer write Susan Hunter mysteries, there are many other things you can write about!

    Whatever you do though, you have to keep on blogging. We can’t bear to lose you here. 😉

    • Glad you like the title, Zen! 🙂 I don’t plan to stop blogging. I am trying to get more of a handle on it, but I plan on hanging around here for a good long time. I’ll keep you posted on how the new book shapes up. 🙂

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