Stalking Bloggers in 2013

ImageThere is quite a voyeuristic quality to blogging. You can look in on the lives of others, and they don’t even know you are there.

Or they do know you’re there, because you push the Like button and/or leave a comment. Sometimes you *really* like a blogger, and you almost gush (or maybe you do gush) as you let them know how much you like them. I’m speaking in strictly platonic terms here.

Sometimes people joke about stalking in the comments section, because it feels like stalking at times – especially when you comment on every blog post of your stalkee, and then comment on your stalkee’s posts on other blogs, too. (Did you follow that?)

I recently upped my game a bit in the stalker department.

Because David Harding has caused me to truly laugh out loud so much, I decided one day to Imagehang around his blog and peek through the windows. I went back and looked in on his very first blog post – April 13, 2012. Friday the 13th. Who starts a blog on a bad luck day? David Harding, that’s who!

After clicking the Like button and leaving a comment, I told him I was going to read all of his blog posts and comment on every one. And I did! It turned out to be a fun romp through the world and mind of David Harding.

My original intent was to read one post per day, but it was too much fun, and I went through all of August in one day. There were only eight posts.

There are poems, book reviews, game reviews, stories, and some crazy stuff that is uniquely David Harding. I saw where one man stopped by and told him he needed help, and it appears the man never went back. He missed so much fun! Who ever heard of Fist Dancing before?

Hanging around David’s blog was like taking a field trip every day. I ran off to read samples of Imagebooks he recommended, I lost myself in websites of authors he linked to, and I watched YouTube movies and shorts. I bought one of his books and read it!

I was entertained over these early, wintery, cold days as I read his blog. He responded to my comments from his summery Australia while wearing Vegemite shorts.  I certainly know more about him now than I did when I first stopped by his blog in October, and I am happy to call him, friend. 🙂

I already know who I’m going to “stalk” next, but I think I’ll ask permission first, lest she call the Blogger Police for a restraining order against me.

And before you think you might stalk me, don’t bother. My early posts were stiff, dry, and boring. I was trying to be a mature adult, and we all know how hard it is to be someone you’re not. Is there a person who brings a smile to your face the minute you see that they’ve made a new post? That’s the person you should choose to stalk.

So, go forward and stalk!


PizzaBoxDrawcember has come to a close. Voting is open on ImageDavid Harding’s site. Before you dash over there and VOTE, leave a comment, and let me know if you have ever gone back through a blogger’s archives and left comments on all posts before, and If so, how did it go? Will you stalk anyone in 2013?

83 thoughts on “Stalking Bloggers in 2013

    • Oh, I know what you mean – I am definitely a polluter. As some bloggers have been posting their WordPress stats, I’m embarrassed to see I’m the top commenter on some. … And I love your dorky hat!
      Happy New Year to you, too! 🙂

      • See, that’s the difference between you an me–I’m thrilled to be their top commenter. Makes me appear far more social than I really am. Is good therapy. 😉

        Then again, I figure if I read a post, I might as well leave a comment, seeing as how the writer took the time to entertain me. 🙂

        • Oh, that’s funny! I never thought about it as social therapy. 🙂 I like to leave comments after reading a post, too. Sometimes, I’m afraid to be the first comment in though – for fear of misunderstanding something in the post and putting my foot in my mouth. I did that big time once – maybe even twice. 😉

  1. well see now. you put “don’t stalk me” and I find that a challenge! I know I’m weird. But hey you put it out there, it’s my place to respond. So I think I will make YOU my stalkee. hmmm is that even a word??? haha!

    • Hahahaha … you are just like me – a contrarian! Trust me, you would be bored before you got out of June. … I thought I was making up the word stalkee, but it’s in the Urban Dictionary and at Wiktionary. 🙂

      • it really is a word? well darn aren’t we smurt! Now there you go again, I really don’t you were all that boring back then. Now I really am going to have to stalk you! 😉

  2. I don’t think it can be stalking if there is no intent to cause harm, and none is inflicted, as long as those conditions are met, it should be called “social interaction” 😀

  3. I want a stalker. Ooh, how fabulous would I feel 😉 I checked out my end of year stats and decided not to post them as they just were not exciting enough. I’ll keep them for next year to see if there is a comparison.

  4. I probably would be a stalker if I had a faster internet connection. While I don’t stalk I do try to support and interact with the people I like and admire. I have actually made what I consider to be some very good friends, even though I have never actually met them.

    • I get around a lot, too, Bo. I’m following a lot of people, and I tend to comment a lot. David is the first person I “stalked.” He was getting comments from me whether he wanted them or not. 🙂 It turned out to be pretty great. … I just sent the book to you via email!

      • I got the book and I am really enjoying it so far. I can’t believe you wrote that in a month and had it ready for publishing in 2 months. You are a writin’ machine…and a good one too. 🙂

        • Thank you for your kind words, Bo. I had no idea what I was doing; I was just having fun writing. Still am, and I can’t seem to stop. 🙂 Have you read any “chick literature” before?

  5. Maddie, you know better than this.
    Writing this post violates the guidelines in your restraining order. I’ll be speaking to my lawyers today. In the meantime, cease and desist.

    PS: I loved every minute of your stalk. I just loved getting to know you!!! I love knowing you so much (seeing my face and name in your blog doesn’t hurt either). You have been so funny and supportive.

    PPS: Everyone should read my books they are awesome to the max!!!

    • Yes, it takes time to get to know people, and the back catalog is a great help. It’s definitely one of the things I want to do this winter – read some of the archives of all of the people I follow.

  6. Sometimes my internet is so slow I find it hard to read one of my favourite bloggers single posts in one day 😯 Once I’m in the new/improved farmhouse my connection will be a lot faster and I’ll have to be taken away by the WP stalking police – can’t wait! 😀

    • I will make up my own division of Stalking Police and pass out awards for the best stalker. I’ll get your ribbon ready, Dianne! … One of my resolutions must be to budget my time better and not spend *all day* reading and having fun with bloggers. 🙂

      • But it’s so much fun reading and having fun with bloggers! 😉

        Becoming the ‘stalker police’ is a great idea – maybe you could suggest this to WP and see if they’ll put it up for a ‘daily post’ – they are always looking for ideas for their challenges 😀

  7. I would love to stalk you but if I am honest I have set myself so many targets already for this year I haven’t left time lol it would be strange to think of someone going through all your posts and reading the books you have reviewed and scary not because of the stalking aspect but they might actually discover I am not as interesting as I have made them think I am lol

    • David was a little freaked out when he realized I was going to read all of his posts. He thought his blog was “different” in the beginning. I wonder if most people thank that? Maybe it takes time to get into the groove and find your way. I think that happened for me. I’ve been enjoying your blog since the beginning of July, and you have been interesting always! Now you’ve stepped it up a notch with your vlogs, and I always love when you post something new. 🙂

        • I love when recipes with pictures are interspersed with other writing on blogs. I love to cook, and some of the recipes I’ve collected from blogs are great. Plus, you have your awesome camera … ooh, you can use the video aspect to do a cooking demonstration ala Julia Childs. 😉

  8. I must say that I’ve never stalked anyone before! I may have to take you up on that one. If the stalking police ever come after me I’ll blame you for planting the idea in my head, haha.

    • You read David from the very beginning, I think. It was a hoot for me to go back and read his posts in just a couple of weeks. It was like a party every day. Now I have a hangover. Hope you had a wonderful New Year’s!

    • Oh my gosh! “In The Beginning” – Parts One, Two, Three, and Four. I hope there will be parts Five – Ten. You know, that is the stuff movies are made from. Think Romancing the Stone. And that movie has nothing on the Hen Party and the bus driver. Start writing the screenplay, Dallas!

      • Thanks Maddie – coming from you that’s a great compliment although I’m not even sure where to begin with a screenplay. I do have some way to go yet with the “In The Beginning” series but it takes up again with the “When is a Honeymoon Not a Honeymoon series” when I got up to part fifteen but again I have some more work to do! Mmmm think I may have to do my homework

  9. I love blogging, and stalking blogs though I tend to lurk more than I comment, which only makes me more a stalker. However, I think blogging it a great way to connect with people you couldn’t have otherwise met, to share ideas, and sometimes to help people too. I just think it’s a brilliant invention.

    I also want to thank you again. You commented under one of my post about a story my sister and I working on, and I have to say your post has honestly rekindled my excitement for the story. I’ve been hard at work writing a scene every day, but there are times when any non published author thinks “No one will ever want to read this.” Your comment breathed a new faith once again in this story that it really could be something wroth reading. Thanks so much! And have fun stalking!

    • I’m glad my comment motivated you. When you wrote about how much work you’ve put into the details of the book (the mythology, culture, religion, history, and rules of the world), and that there would be four books, many points of view … it just seemed a dream you should you pursue. You will never regret this time of writing with your sister, and I hope it truly is fun for you as you bring it all together. … Thanks for stopping by, Ariel. You have fun stalking, too!

  10. Do you have too much time on your hands, Maddie? 😉
    This is a great idea though. Usually for me it’s quite random. Especially with new followers, I’ll read a few of their posts but time and other activities will inevitably draw me away…
    But I’m always up for a good stalking! 😉

    • I do have too much time on my hands – because I don’t clean the house! A New Year’s resolution to tackle. 😉 I would like to read the archives of so many people, but there truly isn’t time for it. I do hope to read “some” previous posts of those I follow this winter. I think it would be fun and entertaining.

  11. If a recent post grabs my attention, I tend to work my way back a few posts to see what else that blogger has to say. I have never stalked, maybe I should add that to my new year’s resolution list for 2013

    • David’s blog went back to April, but he didn’t post very often, and his posts weren’t very long. It made it easy to read and only took me two weeks to go through his entire blog. It was really a lot of fun.

    • Tony, some comments are falling through the cracks over here! I’m learning fast that it is pretty darn hard, and not very much fun, to be a mature blogger. My husband and I act like we’re twelve years old most of the time.

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