Good-bye PizzaBoxDrawcember

ImageNew Year’s Resolution #1 – Quit asking pizza workers to draw pictures of gorillas throwing dice.

New Year’s Resolution #2 – Quit eating pizza for at least three months.

I need the next three months to work off the amount of pizza I’ve eaten in December alone. Getting that first picture under the pizza box lid was like being on crack (not that I’ve ever been on crack), but I needed more, more, more!

The second time we ordered pizza and requested a drawing, Rich used a Pizza Hut app to order. The request was ignored. The pizza didn’t taste quite as good as one with a gorilla drawing in it.

The third time, he asked for a drawing over the phone, and there must have been an artist on staff at this pizza shop, because we got a killer gorilla with dice! Eat your heart out over this gorilla, David Harding!

(Cue heavenly music as you view the drawing.)ImageImageThree days before Christmas, I drove up north to meet our son and do a little Christmas shopping with him. We stopped at a pizza shop next door to his apartment building to place an order for delivery before heading back to his apartment. There was a young girl behind the register. I told her I wanted double cheese, pepperoni, and jalapenos. She asked, “Those are green peppers, right?” I told her they were green, but not “green peppers.” No green peppers for me! I wanted hot jalapeno peppers. Once she had our order in the system, I asked her to have someone draw a gorilla throwing dice under the lid. After I repeated the request a few times, and she fully understood what I was asking, she smiled and said, “Ok.” Our son gave her $5.00 and said half was for the delivery guy and to give the other half to whoever draws the gorilla. As we were walking out the door, I heard her ask, “Jim, what’s half of $5.00?”

It’s no wonder this is what was in our pizza box:Image ImageIf you look closely, you’ll see yellow banana peppers and not jalapenos. We still thought it tasted awesome, but what a freaky little dinosaur with tiny little hands that couldn’t even hold the dice if he tried. Hahahahaha!

Here is our last pizza of the year. This was when we knew we had a problem and needed to stop. Don’t feel sorry for us. We learned our lesson. We won’t let David Harding lead us down the primrose pizza path again. Image ImageWhat about you? Did you get pulled in by the seductive lure of PizzaBoxDrawcember? Will you next year?

70 thoughts on “Good-bye PizzaBoxDrawcember

  1. It was nice to see that you tagged this post “dragon with tiny hands,” as far too many bloggers fail to make note of the topic. 🙂

    • Hahaha … you truly made me laugh out loud with this. This is the first time I ever deliberately put silly tags on a post. It was for all the people in the world who will search that topic – as opposed to people who search for dragons with big hands. 😉

  2. hahaha! You know what made me laugh out loud? Was the girl asking someone how much is half of 5.00! Oh wow, the future of our country looks sad indeed. 😉
    but the drawings on the boxes were cute. And at least the last one said no with a smile!

    • I know! My son and I were both shaking our heads. I was shocked she didn’t know what a jalapeno was. … We weren’t offended by the no; the shop was swamped that night, and we told ourselves they weren’t cutting us off, they were just too busy. (Yeah, that’s the ticket.) 🙂

  3. Absa-tootly-posa-lootly AMAZING!

    Wow! What an amazing collection of artworks!

    I can’t wait to see all the designs up in my gallery tomorrow – what a PBD it has been!

    And that girl who served you is proof alone that public schools (and home schools) need more funding!!!

    Lastly, give me the address of the place that wrote ‘no’ and I will pay them a visit. What cheek!!

  4. This is sooo funny! Love this post and your fun family!!! I told hubby tomorrow is the last day….we MUST order a pizza!!! 🙂 BTW….I am so with you on the jalepenos…no other pepper will work! 🙂 What’s half of $5???? Oh my….. 🙂

    • No, but on Friday, we received lasagna in a jar as a gift! It was one of those fancy things, where all of the ingredients are in a pretty jar with a bow, and then you brown the ground beef and throw it all in with some water and cook it. It did NOT sit well in my stomach, and Rich was deathly ill the next day. In all fairness, Rich felt sick before he ate the lasagna in a jar, but I’m still issuing the warning – beware of gift meals in a jar.

  5. Give up pizza for three months? Kudos to you, Maddie; I don’t think I can do that! Also, that little “No! :)” on your box is making me laugh more than it should, haha.

    • That little no actually cracked me up. Rich picked the pizza up and he said they were swamped, so I was surprised a worker took the time to give us a polite no face. It was so funny to open the lid and see it. 🙂

    • El Guapo! Thank you for stopping by. I keep hearing about you from my friends, so I had to come over and stop by your place. I appreciate your visit today. .

      I had all of the boxes until yesterday. After my post was finished, and I was satisfied with the pictures, I think I threw them away. … Yep, you’re right. We’ve had some pretty crummy pizzas before. Sometimes, we never go back.

  6. I love pizza. I can do it without gorillas but my husband has to be the one to order it for it to taste good. He chooses just the right combination for me and knows the best places to buy it. This is totally amazing because he’s allergic to cheese and has never tasted pizza.
    Maddie, is it the pizza or the gorillas that have you hooked? Hugs.

    • Mary! I got your lovely email and will respond before day’s end.

      Your husband is so sweet to order pizza for you – and do it right. 🙂 Nothing is worse than paying for a pizza and not being satisfied. Has he ever considered pizza without cheese?

      It was the gorillas that had me hooked! I’m so glad the contest is over, so things can go back to normal. 🙂

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    • Charlie! LOL! I had no idea what that could be. There was nothing on that counter but the pizza and the Pepsi. And, you are right! I did give him some towels that would slip over a knob, and I can see now that he has one hanging on the self-cleaning knob of the stove. Thanks for solving the puzzle! 🙂

  8. They’re quick and taste good… who can resist pizza?
    Just for fun next time I call and order one I’m going to ask if they’ll draw a picture inside the box -this should be interesting!

  9. Bazinga!
    PizzaBoxDrawcember? What did I miss? I’m glad I don’t work in a pizza shop. That would drive me mad. Awesome drawing, though. Not sure about the dinosaur – that worries me, slightly. Half of $5?? *Slaps forehead with palm* Twice. Multiple times…

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