No More Cranky Interviewer

ImageZen at Zen Scribbles has reviewed my first book, Sunshine Hunter, and graciously interviewed me as well. It’s my first interview by a genuinely nice person.

Hop on over and take a look. There’s chocolate cake, and we’re giving away free books!

31 thoughts on “No More Cranky Interviewer

  1. My goodreads “to read” list, books patiently waiting on bookshelves, and ebooks quietly stored on my Nook reminds me how there are not enough hours in the day (which is why I went to book club a few months ago with a book only half-read 😦 ) — but always enjoy learning of more reads to add to the list! Nice interview! ~ Kat

    • Thanks for reading the interview, Kat. I understand about reading. My nook has more books on it than I will ever have time to read, and the hardcovers in my bookcases were originally intended to carry me deep into old age. There are more and more books all the time I want to add to my collection. There’s just so much to choose from any more! 🙂

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