Sunday Night Pizza Bender

ImageIn case you haven’t heard, something is afoot this month.

PizzaBoxDrawcember is an age-old celebration created by David Harding last week in which participants order pizza online and ask the pizza shop to draw something awesome inside the box.”

I lifted most of those words from Chris Morphew who is also celebrating PizzaBoxDrawcember.

I’ve actually never heard of a pizza bender before, but La La of Tales of a Charm City Chick fame recently blogged about a pizza bender with her commitment to participate in PizzaBoxDrawcember.

Rich and I chose tonight for a double whammy – to have a pizza bender and celebrate ImagePizzaBoxDrawcember.

My telephone call to the pizza shop went like this:

Me: I’d like to order a large pizza with the works for delivery. Oh, and light sauce.

Pizza Shop Owner: You got it!

Me: And I have a request.

Pizza Shop Owner: Ok.

Me: Under the lid, could you draw a picture of a gorilla playing dice? It’s not for me! It’s for a guy in Australia.

Pizza Shop Owner: You got it! Coming right up!


UPDATE! Monday, December 10: Paula (whom we all love) told her sister, Renae, about PizzaBoxDrawcember, and her family ordered pizza tonight and asked for a Christmas tree with dice under the tree. Her comment about ordering the pizza is below. Here is the picture the nice people at the pizza shop drew for them. Thanks for sharing, Renae!


Renae’s pizza box picture. Click for a closer look!

What are your favorite pizza toppings? If you are in the United States, do you put shrimp on your pizza? What about walnuts and pears? Will you be participating in PizzaBoxDrawcember? Go on, try it! Call your favorite pizza shop and ask for a drawing!

98 thoughts on “Sunday Night Pizza Bender

  1. 1. I love that gorilla. 2. The picture I got was dumb and I should have been more specific. Pizza bender again? Yikes. 3. I am “proud” to have introduced you to the “pizza bender” and 4. Shrimp on pizza? I am not opposed.

    PS – 5. That pizza looks delightful. I am a straight up pepperoni kind of girl but I explore. My first pizza with more on it happened on a recent trip I took to Florida. Planning to move there…you know. 🙂

    Great post!!

  2. LOVE THIS!!! And for sure gonna make the request! (but we cannot order on-line either) Will let you know what happens! 🙂 How did I miss La La’s post? She is so cute and fun….backing up to find it now. Shrimp on pizza…nope….no anchovies either. Black olives… peppers…..for sure! Great post, again! 🙂 paula

  3. This is too funny — I will have to try and remember to do this, as I am certain there will be a pizza ordered sometime this week from the looks of the school activities and work schedules ahead!! ~ Kat

    • Visit a friend or relative and have a pizza bender with them. The pizza guys can deliver your Hawaiian and drawing there. 🙂 My husband likes pineapple on pizza; I never really cared for it. (Don’t make me take that back.)

  4. You actually got the pizza guy to draw a gorilla throwing dice inside the box. Just like that.

    I’ve never seen comments run off the page like that. And you and Paula were almost to vertical type. You guys better be careful, or you’re gonna put somebody’s eye out. 😉

    • The pizza shop owner likes us and our money, and he said “no problem” really fast. It was very cool. I am still laughing over Paula and me, and David’s comment running off the page. I’ve lost control of my blog. … Did you get my emails, dear sir? 😉

  5. Hahaha! This sounds fun, Ms Maddie! I might have to consider ordering pizza for the family when my fiancé arrives on Wednesday. I hope I could pull this one off!

  6. I can’t believe you actually got him to draw something for you. That is so cool! If I did that here, they’d probably think I’m nuts and hang up in my face. 😦
    For toppings I like black olives, mushrooms, sausage, thyme, cherry tomatoes, chicken… and most definitely shrimp. 😀

  7. Sounds like a blast, but I cannot have pizza anytime soon. Maybe I’ll ask one of my roomies to do this when they order pizza 🙂 Shall pass the word on anyways. Favorites? Chicken alfredo pizza, but I’m going veggie again so no more chicken for me.

    • I like pizzas with white sauce, so the alfredo sounds good. We had veggie pizza with my mother recently, and it was tastier than our pepperoni pizza. If the roommates are successful, let us know! 🙂

          • Hahah…I usually do, though I’ve only tried it once before. I felt a lot better with that combined with yoga, but only made it eight days instead of ten. It’s just I’ve plateaued weight wise, maintained and need an extra shove to start losing again. Unfortunately pizza will be very rare after this go at the master cleanse.

    • I don’t like pineapple on pizza, but the combination with ham and shrimp sounds good, and I would definitely try that if someone put it in front of me. And you are very cool – I know you would have played along, and whoever got one of your really great drawings would have been delighted. 😉

  8. No to the shrimp, walnuts, and pears. But it would be fun to try this pizza bender thing. I’m not sure I’m gutsy enough to ask for a drawing though. Maybe I can get my hubby to do it. 🙂

    • I did hesitate for a moment before I asked, but Rich was egging me on, and I went for it. If you do a pizza bender, don’t go out of your comfort zone. We went for the works instead of plain pepperoni (just for the bender), and I felt that pizza rolling around all night long. Pizza hangover today, and I’m skipping lunch.

    • I even checked my settings to see if I could change that, but ten deep is all the comments will go … and now I know why. I was a little punchy from the pizza bender anyway, and I couldn’t stop laughing at how squished we were. 🙂 Then, when David ran off the page, I was laughing out loud and afraid I would wake my husband. Crazy blog!

      • Paula and I are out of control. Her last comment of “I didn’t know it worked like that either!!! LOL! Oh…but then here we go again! :)” fell into that block hole up there, so I moved it down here.

  9. Paula;s sister here…..she was telling me this crazy gorilla story w/dice drawn on a pizza box… tonight we ordered pizza by phone. Final question, Pizza guy: Is there anything else? ME: Yes, could you draw a Christmas tree with dice under it? Pizza guy? With what?? Me:Dice under under the tree. Pizza Guy: OK …….We had the most beautiful Christmas tree with dice under it In color with a note that said Merry Christmas! What a great sport they were….made my evening 🙂

  10. oH M’GOSH! That Christmas tree with dice is amazing!
    What in the world is a pizza shop doing with a pack of coloured pens?!
    Thanks for getting into the spirit Renae!
    Your drawing has been entered into the big Pizzaboxdrawcember prize pool!!!!

  11. I like your dice-throwing gorilla. There sure are a lot of incarnations of him.
    Here in Korea, corn is popular on pizza, as well as sweet potato mousse. It’s pretty good, really. I tried to get them to draw something on the box, but they didn’t. I could try to ask over the phone, but I’d have to ask in Korean and they might not understand why I wanted it.

    • David Harding will have the whole world playing gorilla dice one day. 😉 Corn and sweet potato mousse! Now I’ve heard it all. But I do love both. Tell them you are in a contest, that might work. 🙂

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  15. Fantastic!! I had no idea such great art was being produced in pizzarias!!

    I enjoy a good pizza while I’m reading a Susan Hunter mystery, and I always ask them to spell out “I DIG MADDIE” on top, with pepperoni… : )

    • In your youth, when you worked at the pizza shop on the corner, you would have been the best pizza-box artist in the city, maybe even the country, or maybe even the world!! People would have been clamoring for your “under-the-lid” drawings, until you dropped from exhaustion, and no one found you, until it was too late. … Phew! Good thing you didn’t do that, or you would have never become the fantastic world-class illustrator you are today. … Pepperoni is good. 😉

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