A Male Perspective

More than ever, I’m convinced I have a genre problem. My books aren’t sophisticated with enough romance to satisfy chick-lit lovers, and the mystery element isn’t a murder to be solved from chapter one throughout, so hardcore mystery lovers may also not be satisfied, but those are the two genres available for my type of book.

Truly, I have to start a campaign for a fluffy, pink-with-a-hint-of-silliness genre. I market under Breezy Books. I promote my books as fun, easy, breezy reading with nothing to make you blush. I think there are still women who appreciate a book that is pretty squeaky clean. Tell your mothers and grandmothers about my books. They are suitable for young adults, but there is no fantasy or vampires, and I haven’t tested the YA market.

But … it was especially fun when fellow WordPress blogger, Mike Akin of sumthissumthat, decided to read my first book. Mike is working on his first novel, and I’ve recently had the pleasure of reading some of the beginning of his work, and it’s shaping up into a great story.

He is my first male reader (that I’m aware of) other than my husband. I have been tickled pink about this, and I want to share some of his email messages with you. The messages are sent to me from his phone, so there is no expectation of perfect punctuation or grammar.  We just go with it and laugh.

These are all separate emails – some days with more than one. Many of the smiley faces have been removed. We smile at each other a lot. His words are in bold, and we start with this note:

9/26I just saw your books on my iBooks app!! That is so freaking cool!! I’m corresponding with a famous person. I’ll be buying the first one later today!! This is so exciting lol

After I assured him my books were no great works of art, but they were fun, he replied:
I’m just tickled to death  lol  have a great day my friend … I love that he gets “tickled,” too.

I’ll kick your butt in racquetball   … Oops, not a comment about the book. We were one-upping each other in sports.

Bought your first book 🙂 how can I get it autographed? Lol

I’m reading it and like it!!

I love the description of play on the racquetball court in the scene where she first met mick

I replied to him:  Squee!!  Thank you.

He immediately wrote back: What was that sound? Image

I replied: That was me being excited and happy.  Kind of like a pig squeal.

In reference to one of the scenes in the book: Two aces to finish a match! I did that once or twice 🙂

Love it! That meeting in the pub, the harmless flirting lol I hope I’m reading the first one, sunshine hunter is the first right? Or does it matter? I’m sure it does. Again, I guess I’m hooked 🙂

10/3 –
(paraphrase from a line in the book) “He held my arms it’s a good thing cause I might have fallen down” … That’s good lol

wow I’m breezing right thru it. I think Susan needs to hook up with Darby

A side note about Susan and Darby after I showed him my two opening paragraphs for my fifth book I just started writing:
Wow Bonnie and Clyde lol GREAT

wow Darby is still around in next book I’m so looking forward to reading more

10/4 –
(paraphrase) “Susan you know I love you, and would love to date you, but (removed spoiler text).”  Great great

After I told him that the guy across the hall from Susan’s apartment opened his door, and the character was created just like that with no planning:
That’s cool about Darby. So he just appeared as a character and you went with it? I think I did that with Nancy’s sister Grace. Lol She will be in the story line thru out, but I don’t know how much 🙂

10/5 –
Food channel is referenced a lot in your book
I promptly responded: I like to cook. And eat.

Loved reading about the matches Susan had at that club in Florida. It brings back memories

Lol that is funny! Loudermilk for a last name 🙂

10/09 –
I loved the way (chapter) 9 ended! Shocker

10/11 –
I really like how your story took that twist with Susan and the (spoiler text removed) character 🙂 kudos to you

He’s so deep into the book, there would be too many spoilers now, so that’s all I’m sharing, but this has been a real hoot for me that a grown manly man is reading my book and enjoying it. It’s a real morale booster, and the rest of you men out there should take note and give my book a try. Sunshine Hunter – only 99 cents at fine ebook sellers online.

And below the fold is this bit of news I promised I’d share. My 50-book sale to ONE person at Smashwords has finally been reversed. The announcement was posted on their site that there were fraudulent credit card sales and all have been reversed this month. The secret admirer angle was a little too good to be true. ImageI have no questions to draw you in today, so we lapse into an awkward pause.

Ooh – or you can tell me what question(s) I should have asked. Or you can go over to Mike’s blog and have a look around. He has some of his wife’s art there, and he even has some manly recipes.

32 thoughts on “A Male Perspective

  1. I’ve bought your first book but I’m sorry I haven’t gotten started yet – blame life, distractions and an inability to focus for long periods (not good for work at this time!!)..
    Now I’ll go check out Mike’s wife’s art 🙂

  2. Maddie, all the best with your books…
    BTW: There is absolutely nothing wrong with less vampires, passion and crime. I’m not a reader of novels however, I’m sure there must be an audience for the ‘fluffy, pink-with-a-hint-of-silliness genre’. 😉

  3. Great post! 🙂 manly man recipes lol you are to much and to kind! Yes, I’m really working on a short novel and I’m liking very much how it’s developing and I appreciate your feedback and yes I’m once again typing this comment with my fat fingers on my iPhone 🙂 I think that was a run on sentence! Lol thanks again!

  4. Feedback like that is awesome! I’m sure there are many guys who would enjoy your books, but maybe the pink cover sends warning bells to their minds?
    I’m getting an e-reader this month, and I can’t wait to read your books! =]

    (also, I saw you were Freshly Pressed the other day. Congratulations! You really deserve it. =D)

    • Yes, my husband is a pink kind of guy, but it may send up warning bells for other men. That’s the wonderful thing about eReaders – no one will know they are reading something pink. This was my attempt to lure men readers to my books. 🙂
      (Thank you. That FP was the craziest thing ever on those stairs to nowhere. A lot of poems were written.)

  5. Hey there, great post! I almost didn’t read until the end because I was afraid Mike may be further along than me an spoil it for me. I think it’s awesome reading a book by someone I actually “know”, as it were. It’s so much fun! Reading your book is a lot like reading your emails. Your personality really shines through. As far as genre? Please don’t try to pigeonhole yourself. You have a faithful following right here on WP, and they don’t expect you to squeeze yourself into a box, and neither will the readers of your books. They will love you for your good work, your voice and your style. There are only so many “genres”, but an unlimited number of writers. Just keep doing what you do, and your readers will enjoy it regardless. I’m reminded of Stephen King, who is basically horror, right? Well, my favorite books of his are anything but. I will be talking to you soon, my friend, I intend to finish Sunshine Hunter today.

    • You are always so sweet! After reading more comments in that promo I’m in, people are saying they don’t read this genre – they read mystery or romance. 🙂 But I still wouldn’t have changed how I wrote the books. It will all work out. Onward and upward!

    • Susan encounters a ghost in New Orleans, but no zombies yet. Does Chicago have zombies? I’m working on that one and could write a few in – but only if Chicago really has zombies. Thanks for thinking of my book for your Mom. It’s right up “Mom” alley.

  6. I just like the idea that someone is writin’ for young ladies and you are writin’ stuff that won’t make you blush. I ain’t young, and I sure ain’t no lady but I certainly would like to see folks doin’ more of that kind of readin’.

    • Thank you, Bo. I appreciate your sentiment today. I wanted to write something entertaining that wouldn’t embarrass me or my family. it was fun to do, too. Ms Katykins recommended you, and I’m looking forward to checking out your work. 🙂

  7. I read Sunshine Hunter and it only took me two days. Was it an easy read? Yes. Was it an enjoyable read? Yes, again! It was well written, plenty of action, suspense and even a little romance. It may not be the most intense book, but it definitely held my interest. Its a perfect beach or vacation book. Will I buy book #2 in the series? Absolutely.

    I really did enjoy the book and if you like this comment Maddie, I’d be willing to post it on Amazon and Goodreads…

  8. So I spent my hard earned 99 cents and bought your first book. Probably a gee-I-wish-your-blog-entry-was-about-me kind of thing… However, it’s a good read. I’m enjoying it. I read slow, so don’t expect me to reach the end any time soon. I’ll send along an honest review when I’m done. Good stuff so far.

    • You, sir, are awesome! Thank you. 🙂 I’ll expect your review sometime next spring. Thoroughly enjoyed your public stall etiquette this evening. My husband would give you a 10, a high-five, and two thumbs up.

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