Leave Them Kids Alone

ImagePink Floyd. I’ve always been a Pink Floyd fan. Hubby is a mega-fan, and it’s not unusual to hear Floyd blaring from the den. I’ve had a Pink Floyd lyric running through my head this past week: “Hey! Teachers! Leave them kids alone!” Leave them kids alone. The words shift; the tune remains, “Hey! Maddie! Leave them covers alone!” I’m not making this up. It’s in my head, and it’s annoying.

This evening, I approved the final artwork for the rework of my first cover. I’ve read plenty of articles about covers, and thought I had everything under control. A little more research tonight turned up some interesting tidbits, as there is a plethora of articles related to the mistakes of indie authors.  Ha! Here we go again. I compared my covers to the tips. All of these helpful hints appeared in more than one article:

1. Do not use a family member or relative to do your artwork.  – FAIL

2. Sexy covers are hot right now.  – FAIL

3. Do not put your name in small type in the lower right or left corner.  – FAIL

4. Do not clutter your cover. Design around one element.  – FAIL

5. Quit messing with your cover. Pick a design and stick with it.  – FAIL

6. Changing the cover art can attract new buyers.  – PASS  – Yeah! I passed one! Oh, wait. Basically the change was from one of a boring cover to one of the steamy sex god and goddess covers. – FAIL

I’m happy with my covers. They certainly portray the pink, fluffy, fun, not-too-serious, theme of the books. I think I’ll keep them.

40 thoughts on “Leave Them Kids Alone

  1. I don’t know about #5. I spent a lot of time messing with my cover designs, as it seems like finding something successful relies upon trial and error to a large extent. You’ve also forgotten one thing that you’re definitely doing right: creating a look for your brand. People will see the pink cover with the cute blonde and know it’s part of the Susan Hunter series.

    • That’s the one thing we’ve tried to stay with for sure – the pink covers and Susan front and center. The books are an easy read, fluffy, and the pink suits them. Thank you for your comment, Antoinette. I see you have quite a bit of advice at your blog. I’ll spend some time there soon.

  2. I like it! A lot. I knew you’d been messing around with things, if you keep wearing me down, I am going to have to buy these you know. By the time I write mine, you will have guided me away from many indie mistakes, and thanks to your blogging research and how to posts, I should have a horde of teeming readers salivating for it. Tee hee! Thanks again.

  3. I agree the newer cover rocks!
    I really understand, because I too published a book this year. Afterwards, I spotted quite a few typos in it. Six months later and I’ve just paid out more than I’ve made to fix them..
    I was having a hard time sleeping at night knowing they were there.

    • Thank you, Maggie. I was in a panic until I re-edited the first three books, and “cleaned them up” a bit – too many junk words. They aren’t perfect, but they won’t embarrass me now either. 🙂 Maggie, your book is definitely on my list of to be read. The pictures in the beginning are wonderful. You have such a nice, welcoming style of writing. It’s easy to be drawn in to your story. Thanks for stopping by!

    • Oh my gosh, Val! Thank you so much. I’m glad the story is entertaining you. I can’t wait for your book. Will it be eBook or print? As much as I enjoy my Nook, some things I simply like to read in a hardcover. Spinelli seems like a hardcover kind of guy. 🙂

      • Funny you should ask…you’re the first person on the web to know…I signed a contract just this week with a publishing house for “Cookies for Santa.” I still don’t know many of the details yet but it is going to be placed in an anthology and made available in both print and electronically. I will forward more info when it becomes available. I am doing the happy dance!!!


  4. Hi Maddie
    I just read Sunshine Hunter today – such a fun escape novel 🙂 thank you! I love the character Susan and her neighbour Darby…now I’m going to have to stock up on your titles on my kindle (for pc app).

    • Annie! How sweet are you! I’m so glad you enjoyed the book. I think you’ve read enough of my blog to know I’m an amateur at this writing thing, but if I can entertain someone for a day or two, I’m happy. That’s all I ever hoped to achieve. Thank you for letting me know. I appreciate you.

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