After watching the Emmys …

ImageI was inspired to have an awards ceremony. Some very special bloggers have been kind enough to nominate me for awards. I’ve always been a little shy about this award thing, as I don’t feel I’ve done anything here to warrant any type of award, but I realize we nominate the bloggers we enjoy, and we help bring attention to other blogs as well. I’ve found some wonderful people by following the recommendations of those who have nominated others. So without further ado, let me catch up with awards today.

On June 18, Lightningpen nominated me for the Beautiful Blogger Award.

July 31 brought a Very Inspiring Blogger Award from The Living Notebook.

On August 3, T.W. Dittmer grouped his nominees together for the Very Inspiring Award and the One Lovely Blog Award. My name was on his list.

On August 7, Zen Scribbles nominated me for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award.

August 12, I was nominated for the Family of Bloggers Award by Paula Acton.

August 18 brought One Lovely Blog Award from The Cheeky Diva.

A great big “thank you” to all of you who nominated me. If you aren’t presently following any of the above people, please check them out. You won’t be disappointed.

Most of these awards require you to tell seven things about yourself and then nominate other bloggers for the same award. There is no way you want to hear that many things about me, so I’ll just do one set of seven for the lot:

1. My highest bowling score was 245. I was chatting with a girlfriend about her wedding, and having to get up to bowl was a distraction. When someone pointed out to me that I had rolled seven strikes in a row, the spell was broken.

2. The movie Camelot reduces me to a crying, blubbering mess – every time.

2. I love playing Scrabble.

4. My first car was a used, orange Ford Maverick with a black stripe from front to back over the hood Imageand top. My first new car was a GREMLIN! I “designed” it myself with chocolate brown paint, white stripes down both sides, slightly wider wheels with awesome hubcabs, and an automatic on the floor. It was a fantastic car, it never embarrassed me, and I had it for over ten years.

5. I was Track Queen in high school. Not Prom Queen or Homecoming Queen – track queen.

6. The first year I played racquetball, I won our state’s tournament as a novice.

7. When going out to eat, the first thing I look for on the menu is a Reuben sandwich.

For the Family of Bloggers Award, you tell what attributes you bring to the family, using an anagram of the word FAMILY:

F – flexible (in my reactions to people and situations)
A- affable
M – merciful
I – imaginative
L – loyal
Y – youthful (in spirit)

On to the Nominations!!

ImageBeautiful Blogger Award – I chose these people because their blogs are visually appealing:
Canadian Hiking Photography
Richert Images
Mark Armstrong Illustration
Charlie’s Photo Blog
The Way I See

ImageVery Inspiring Blogger Award -Inspiration comes in many forms. I nominate this fine mix of blogs for this award:
Nicolette Reed
Human Nature and Superpowers
Daniel Koeker
The Word by Mike Ballenger
Gas Station Gastronomy

ImageOne Lovely Blog – There are lovely people, things, and sentiments at all of these blogs:
Simplicity Lane
In a Grand Fashion
The Bookstore Lady
Retired Ruth
Sumthissumthat (especially his wife’s artwork)

ImageSisterhood of the World Bloggers – Ladies you will enjoy:
Rendevous with Renee
Keri Peardon
Michelle Proulx Official
That Girl Who Reads Books
The Jenny Mac Book Blog

ImageFamily of Bloggers – These people are like family to me and are listed in the order that I met them:
Zen Scribbles
Tessa Sheppard
T.W. Dittmer
Robin Coyle
Cheeky Diva

Phew! Thank you all so much!

50 thoughts on “After watching the Emmys …

  1. Congratulations on all the awards, and thank you for the Family of Bloggers award. I’m really quite touched that you think of me as family!

    Scrabble is a great game! And this is the first time I’ve heard of a Reuben sandwich. I’ll have to try it out sometime. =D

    • I’ve teased you before that you must be my sister as we have so much in common with ideas and tastes. 🙂 I enjoy everything you put up at your blog. I think I enjoy Reuben sandwiches so much because I never make them at home. They take work, the ingredients are not usually on hand, and they seem to be different everywhere I find them. They are an adventure sandwich!

    • Thank you again for the Family of Bloggers Award. I think I kept putting this off because I knew it would take time. I started over a week ago to decide how I wanted to approach it and who seemed to fit my thought process for each category. I love that I put Gas Station Gastronomy under Inspiration. Sometimes when you’re scrounging around in those stores for something to eat, a little inspiration is necessary. And you would have been in the family category if you hadn’t given the award to me!

  2. Congratulations, Congratulations, Congratulations, Congratulations, Congratulations, and thank you for nominating Simplicity Lane for the One Lovely Blog Award.

  3. Congratulations and thank you! What a nice nod from my new pal, who I find more in common with every day. Scrabble! Ha ha. Prince Charming and I love to play Words With Friends. Do you play it too? Sorry about the Rueben Sambich–which was invented in Nebraska by the way. I hate those, but my dear husband does love them. I am honored that you chose me to add to your “family”.

    • I don’t play Words with Friends only because it would be a new addiction and I am already falling behind in so many areas of life since blogging! Would this sandwich appeal to you? – Open pita bread, spread cream cheese on both sides. Pile sauteed sliced green peppers and hard salami (heated at same time in skillet with peppers), in the pita and eat while trying to keep all the juices from running down your arm(s). My second favorite sandwich. Obviously I don’t eat either very often or I would be dead by now.

  4. I’ll make this comment quick because I need to shop for my gown to wear on the red carpet of your awards ceremony. I hope I fill it out like Ms. Sofia Vergara did her teal gown!

    Thank you so much Maddie. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You feel like family to me too. And congrats to you on all your awards. Well deserved.

    Two more comments. I LOVE a reuben sandwich. Extra sauerkraut please. And, I love to play Scrabble. Want to play Words With Friends with me? As a warning, I stink at it.

    • I watch as much for the fashion as I do hoping a few shows I enjoy will show up. 🙂 I just told Julie that I have deliberately stayed away from Words with Friends because it would be an addiction for me. There used to be an email Scrabble program, and I know of what I speak. If I ever get caught up with business, house, and writing, I’ll let you know. 🙂 Send a picture to me of you in your new gown!

        • Robin! Thanks for the heads up! I have nothing to wear! Can I please wear my wedding gown again. It would be a shame to work on something for so long and only get to wear it once. I’ll play Words With Friends with you. Maddie can just stay busy with her fancy books if she doesn’t want to play.

          • *Sputter, splutter* You two go right ahead and play. 😛 It’s these children’s books that are taking over the house now that I have to work on. I’m not allowed to play until my work is done!

          • Great idea about the wedding gown! Think of the money you will save. Can I wear one of your bridesmaid’s dresses?

            I think my Words with Friends name is Robincoyle or Robin Coyle. I will await to be humbled.

            • I walked the last mile alone. Big wedding for someone as old as me was a stretch. Way too old for bridesmaids. But, I may have something laying around you can borrow if you are any taller than 5 foot 3. As for WWF, I suck at it. Big time suckage. Dear husband beats me every time. I will find you. I think my name is Julie B. Game on!

  5. Hey, Maddie. It’s a privilege to be mentioned by you, let alone considered web-kin.

    I love scrabble, and when anyone in the family beats me a note is made of it. One of the first cars my wife and I had was a Canary Yellow Gremlin with black stripes on the side. Both of us LOVE Reuben sandwiches.

    Cue Rod Sterling.

  6. I also read your list of seven and went “wow, what an athlete!” I should be getting into racquetball or something, but I find strolling the aisles of the gas station is adequate cardio for me. Thanks for the nomination, I aim to eat and end up inspiring? Works for me!

  7. Nothing beats a Reuben, Maddie, although I also love the Montecristo sandwiches. However, NOTHING beats being mentioned by you. Thanks…. 🙂

    • I’m so glad you stopped by and saw the mention. It’s taking quite a while to notify everyone. I hope it helps to bring a few more followers to your blog; I enjoy it very much. If you want to accept on your blog (you don’t have to), the rules are pretty much the same for all WordPress awards – post the logo, list 7 things about yourself, nominate others. We spread the love around. 🙂 The Montecristo is a good sandwich, too!

    • I was starting to feel guilty about not responding to the kindness of others. It seemed much easier to do it this way. The funny thing – this post brought my highest number of views ever. Go figure. 🙂

    • Charlie, here are the *official* rules:
      -All recipients need to thank the giver
      -Post 7 things about yourself
      -Pass the award on to 7 other bloggers of your choice and let them know
      -Include the logo of the award in a post or on your blog

  8. Awesome awards list honey. Thank you for my nomination. I’m so thankful for it. Love your blog too. I’m so jealous that you’ve written books and had them published. I’m working on one right now but I’m injured and on meds so my brain is foggy. I’ll get back to it soon. And I do my best to write little snippets when my head isn’t in a fog. Thanks again hon.

    • Renee, I’m self-published, and I’m an amateur. 🙂 Your writing is so incredibly beautiful, there is no comparison. I *know* you will be in print sooner than you think. After reading your tribute to your other son, you write beautiful sentiments even through the fog. My best to you, Renee.

      • Maddie you made me cry. Which isn’t difficult considering I’m on pain meds. I hope someday to be published but if I never am that’s okay. My blog makes me happy. And I love to write about life, people, fiction, hell I’ll write about tree if I have to. Or a piece of dew covered wheat. I have written a story about dew covered wheat actually. So thanks again for the award. For the sweet words and honey keep reading. I hope, hope, hope to keep getting better and better at this. Much love Maddie.

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  10. Thank you for your wonderful nomination and congratulations on your blogging awards. It’s funny about your search for Reuben sandwiches, I do the same for beef dip. 🙂

    • You are welcome, Tessa. Your comment here got away from me. Beef dip sandwiches are yummy, too. I have to be careful not to get carried away or I have the juices running down my hands and threatening my arms. Not pretty in public. 🙂 Have you tried your 15-minutes of quiet time yet?

      • Not yet, but I have a plan. The kids are needing afternoon naps only every other day or two, so on the days they don’t sleep I’ll get them to play quietly in their room. Downstairs or watching a movie isn’t cutting it. Lol

  11. I must thank you publicly because my other reply wasn’t public,., I guess….Seriously, thanks for thinking of me and my blog! You are very gracious. I too love Reuben sandwiches…. I have a truly wonderful recipe for Reuben dip….. and you use the tiny rye bread slices to dip into it! MMMMMMmmmmmmm…..

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  13. Chocolate Gremlins, track queen, racquetball champ, Reubens?? Hey, I knew you were cool, but wow, you are off the scale!! : )

    Congrats on all your awards, Maddie– I can see I’m just one of your many fans!

    And thanks so much for nominating me for the Beautiful Blogger Award. Nice to see that all my plastic surgery is finally paying off… : P

    I’m too lazy to follow all the rules, but I don’t mind sharing seven things about myself– and here they are:

    1. I once gave a Career Day talk to a couple hundred eighth graders. Poor devils…

    2. The first time I ever made a lemon meringue pie, I used an old hand-cranked egg-beater
    to make the meringue. After an hour or so, I had just enough foam to cover the surface of
    the pie to a height of, oh, maybe 1/16″. When I took the pie out of the oven, the meringue
    had shrunk to the size of a quarter in the center of the pie.

    3. I was a natural “righty” growing up, but I taught myself to switch hit. I practiced batting left
    so much, it became “normal” and I gave up hitting right-handed. So much for that plan.

    4. I once lived for a year in a national historic site called the Preferred Manor. It was built in
    1831, has a very rare indoor weathervane, and was part of the Underground Railroad in
    the years leading up to the American Civil War.

    5. I’m claustrophobic. I hate crowds.

    6. I drew a mural back in third grade featuring Zorro, everybody’s favorite dashing masked
    swordsman. Unfortunately, I got a little careless with the typography: instead of using
    “sword cuts” for the ‘Z,’ I used loops. Result: lotsa snickers because it looked like “Lorro.”

    7. The first serious money I ever earned was as a caddy at the local golf course. Nowadays,
    of course, golf carts have made caddies almost obsolete.

    And now I have to hustle down to the used car lot and see if I can find a Chocolate Gremlin. Doggone it, I wanna be cool, too!! : )

    Thanks again, Maddie– it’s a pleasure knowing you, you make the Blogosphere a better place.

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