The Bag Sucker 100

National Talk About Your Book Day was a success, so I’m moving on to something new. A product endorsement!

After a trip to the grocery store today, and after the groceries were put away, I was left with all of the meat on the counter. It needed to be repackaged for the freezer. It used to be a daunting task, especially when wrapping multiple times in an effort to keep freezer burn at bay.

ImageI longed for a bag-sucker. A vacuum sealer for food. I fondly referred to the popular, expensive machine as the Bag Sucker 9000. I was jealous when my sister got one. She rubbed it in my nose how fantastic it was. I pleaded with my family for a Bag Sucker 9000 multiple years for Christmas, but to no avail.

Imagine my delight when I was cruising the Walmart aisles one day and found the Reynolds Handi-Vac. A Bag Sucker 5000! How cool was this! Forget the shape. Forget that it needed a dozen batteries to Imageoperate. Well, five. But it was sooo cool! Just put the food in the bag, place the bag sucker over the hole, cross your eyes and hold your mouth just right, and it would take all the air out of the bag. Sometimes holding it up against the kitchen cabinet helped to seal it, too. The food was freezer-burn free, and I think I started with the Bag Sucker 5000 for under $20 – or maybe $30. I was pretty happy. I even rubbed my sister’s nose in it as to how much cheaper I could seal meat than she could.

For a while.

The Reynolds people stopped servicing their product. The bags were no longer available unless you bought them from HSN (at that time), and they only came in one size. What?! I wasn’t jumping through hoops just to get the bags, and the batteries were almost dead anyway, so I chucked it into the kitchen junk drawer. Sigh. Thanks a lot, Reynolds.

At least a year later, I’m cruising the Walmart aisles again, and I spot the Ziploc Vacuum Pump. Oh, this is swell. Hand operated, and I have to pump it? The Bag Sucker 100. I got started for under $10.00.

ImageThis cheap plastic gizmo is fantastic! I give it 5-stars, and it works even when there are no batteries or electricity in the house. It’s easy, it’s fast, the bags stay sealed, and I don’t have to cross my legs or stand on my head to get it to work. There are never any freezer burns. Seriously, if you don’t have a Bag Sucker 100, you must run out and get one.

My sister had surgery last Christmas Eve. My husband and I ran down to the hospital again on Christmas morning to see her. I gave my gift to her there at the hospital. It was a cruel thing to do because it made her laugh, which, in turn, made her hurt. It was a Bag Sucker 100. I found out later she gave her expensive Bag Sucker 9000 to her daughter, and she only uses the cheap plastic Ziploc sealer now,

Take a look at lovely Melanie here as she demonstrates the ease of use of the Bag Sucker 100. She even freezes meat for seven weeks (or months, I don’t remember), and then she shows you the end result. Pretty impressive, and she gives the product an A.

You’re welcome.

13 thoughts on “The Bag Sucker 100

  1. One of my son-in-laws is an avid hunter who likes to cook. He uses one of those vacuum-seal thingys for just about everything. They live in Texas, so I’m sure it’s the Lone Star Bag Sucker or something like that.

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