It’s National Talk About Your Book Day


OK, I made that up, but feel free to use it. Someone has to make up these national days. We’ll be sharing this day with punch, because it really is National Punch Day. As in fruit punch.

Anyway, I try to talk with my mother often, and she wears the hat of proofreader and editor for me. Two days ago, her eyes were bothering her, and she was having trouble seeing. Yesterday, she was reading a book. Fickle eyes. She was reading a murder mystery with an Amish setting. Doesn’t that sound like an oxymoron? Our local paper isn’t filled with accounts of murders at the cheese factory. She told me this book was from a store, she paid almost $13 for it, it has a publisher – and she found a mistake! I laughed out loud. She said there was one sentence where the word “that” was printed in error twice – “that that.” That is hilarious because “that” is my nemesis in my writing, and this lady got away with it twice.

My mother has given me great encouragement with my books, and she is my biggest fan. She turned 81 this year, and I’m grateful we’ve been able to share this ray of sunshine in our lives together.

So, here are some of the things Mom and I have been talking about this week.

Sunshine Hunter – More copies are selling now that the price has been reduced to 99 cents. I took the plunge and picked up yet more advertising from September through December, with this book being highlighted the week of December 16-22.

Big Apple Hunter and Sin City Hunter – Both appear to occasionally be purchased as individual titles, but most of the sales seem to come in clusters, as though someone read the first book and came back for the next two.

Big Easy Hunter – This is my new release this month. The fifty sales are still standing at Smashwords. I promise I’ll let you know if they are taken back, but in the meantime, these fifty put me in the top ten of their bestsellers if you sort by bestseller/full/$2.99 or less. The first time I noticed this, my book was in the #7 spot; today it is #8. I hope this, too, will help with sales. I’m still waiting for the book to get to B&N, Sony, Kobo, Diesel, etc.  I’m actually in a bit of a panic for it to show up at B&N, because this is the book I chose for my advertising next week, and if it’s not there, I can’t use it.

I don’t know why I’m so hesitant to tell people about my books. Last week, I finally told some ladies, who I’ve been on a book list with for years, about the series. They were surprised I kept my writing a secret for so long. Several of them bought books right away, and one woman wrote to tell me that she finished Sunshine Hunter in two days and loved it. I stuck one of my Sunshine Hunter cards up on the bulletin board at the grocery store that day.

I also think something cool might have happened today. I’m not sure. An email from Amazon showed up in an email account that is not associated with my books. It suggested books I might be interested Imagein. Sunshine Hunter was in the subject line, and was first on the list at 99 cents with the following books higher in price. The cynic in me thought it was something bogus. I risked viruses and clicked on every link in the email; they were all good. I’m hoping this, too, is legitimate, and maybe my book is being promoted on some of Amazon’s spammy lists.

It’s a good day to talk about your book.

25 thoughts on “It’s National Talk About Your Book Day

  1. Damn, you got me chuckling. The first thought that came to my mind when I saw the title of this post was: “She made that up.” Then the first words I read are: “Okay, I made that up… “.

    You know, you really DO have a lot bright and original ideas. When you become world-famous, I’ll be able to say “I watched her career take off.”

    Shine on you crazy diamond.

  2. In South Korea, they give you SPAM and vegetable oil as a Christmas present. I tried frying my SPAM with the vegetable oil, but it tasted really disgusting. Apparently I needed to cut the SPAM into smaller chunks and fry it longer, but … I don’t know. SPAM seems very sketchy to me.

    And you should always talk about your book, all the time? How else will the world learn about it? 😀

    • Michelle, our son eats SPAM right out of the can!! Isn’t that disgusting?! Hubby fries it in vegetable oil until it’s crisp, but I have to pass. Mystery meat is not for me. I love to talk about my books because this has all been so crazy and exciting this year, but I try to mix it up a little bit here so as not be too fatiguing.

  3. My husband LOVES Spam! LOVES it! He should get together with your husband for a Spam fest. How nice your relationship with your mom sounds. Tugged at my heart. My mom has no idea I wrote a book. She wouldn’t understand.

    • I understand about your mother. My mother’s health didn’t get in the way; she was just positive she wouldn’t like what I was writing. It has meant the world to me that she has embraced my books. Spam! So funny that your husband likes it, too. Does he also like pickled pigs feet, pickled tongue, and head cheese? Some days mine just grosses me out! 🙂

        • She honestly thought I would write something that would embarrass her. My colorful life has had her shaking her head more than once. She thought I would follow the current trend in books, and there would be sex scenes and unladylike language. I tried to assure her there wasn’t, but she was truly irritated with my venture until she read the first book.

  4. I always read about how authors dread marketing, but now that my book is out, I get it. I feel tawdry and cheap promoting my book. Yesterday I notified some professional colleagues who sent out a notification via their listservs. They were all so excited for me and so generous to help spread the word, but I felt dirty just the same. I’d much rather be writing.

    That’s cool that Amazon sent you a “you might like this” on your own book. And I loved the spam story. 🙂

    • Self promotion is hard. I feel safe on my blog, but to promote elsewhere does leave me feeling uncomfortable. And I’m honest with myself. I know what my books are – they’re fluff. Something quick without too much depth to give your mind a break after you’ve read more meaty books – like The Seneca Scourge. 🙂 I think that has held me back, too. Advertising with the ladies at The Cheap ( will at least put my books in front of a wide group and likely hit some of my target audience. … Glad you liked the SPAM story.

  5. You got me with the logo . . . not to mention the segue to your conversation with your (clearly very supportive) mother. Best of all is the way you turn an admitted reluctance re: telling people about your books into a celebration. I’ll be right there with Tim watching your career take off. 😉

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  7. Can it be National RUM punch day? that would be good! haha I’m going to check out the books – I hope to get some reading time done in October. As a Spam aside, my father-in-law was a doctor in WWII in the Pacific, on a ship. When he came home, he forbid Spam ever to be in his house. :o)

    • From the Ultimate Holiday Site: “We’re celebrating the kind of punch you drink, be it from a juice box or with a healthy “splash” of rum.” So, yes! Have rum and punch before the day is out. Your father-in-law is a smart man! 🙂

    • She’s pretty cool. When we were teenagers, our house was the go-to house because Mom always had all the top-40 music. She likes to laugh and has always been a lot of fun. Thanks for stopping by, Margie. I can’t wait to dive into some of your photos!

  8. How about the international spammers day of talking about our books… or blogs… or anything really?

    PS – I must still take you up on your free book offer!! That will add one more (vital) statistic to your count!! 😉

    • Hi AJ! The spammers are really irritating, aren’t they? I’m so glad you received my note about the book. I think that code had an expiration date. I’ll generate another one and send it to you!

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