The Fortune Cookie Writer Was High


The suspicious book sales at Smashwords remain, but things seem to be normal at Amazon. My book went live early Monday evening, and in the first twenty-four hours, nine copies were sold.

I’m happy with that number. Obviously, my six known fans showed up to buy the book. Other than the yammering I do here, and to my Imagefriends and relatives, no one knows about my books. I haven’t promoted them anywhere.

The one-day promo for this newest book is scheduled for the end-of-the month, but after that, I really should put more thought into how I want to get the word out. With Christmas right around the corner, and a new Kindle coming out, it would be foolish to do nothing and simply hope for the best.

The Next Book:

I transferred my handwritten notes for Windy City Hunter to a word.doc today (Tuesday). I tried to put them in some type of order, so I could see how the story would progress.

I love the idea of Susan and her friend going to Chicago to compete in a cooking competition. I begged my brother for one of his pizza recipes. They are unique, and definitely prize-worthy, but he still has hopes of opening his own pizza shop one day, so I received a resounding “NO.”

The idea of something happening at the condo where they’ll be staying is one I want to keep. A nosy doorman, something happening across the hall from them – there are good possibilities there.

Then there’s the Santa with his kettle outside the cooking contest. He’s really a detective and keeping an eye on the comings and goings of one of the contestants.

I can’t wait to start writing again!

But I’ll have to.

After reading and editing all four books in a little over a month, I am really tired of these people and need a break. They’ve overstayed their welcome at my house. Go home, Susan, and just stay out of trouble for a while. Eat a Reuben sandwich.


It was a bit of an under-the-weather day for me today (Tuesday). Mostly fatigue, and I didn’t feel like cooking supper for hubby. I ran down the street and grabbed Chinese for us. We split a Moo Goo Gai Pan, because I didn’t want anything spicy. I wanted bland.

Hours later, the lone fortune cookie remained on the counter. Whose fortune was it? His or mine?

I took the dog out for a short walk, and when I came back, the cookie was gone; the fortune lie on the counter. It belongs to him now. I say he’s screwed.

Interpretations appreciated.Image

14 thoughts on “The Fortune Cookie Writer Was High

  1. Goodness, that’s like a riddle or something. Maybe it’s a Yoda reference? There is no try, only do? Maybe it’s saying don’t just TRY something, go DO it? Though I would say this doesn’t apply to everything, having tried grappa before.

  2. ha ha ha I love that the fortune is completely indecipherable..and the lead you came upon it on the counter and ‘It belongs to him now…’
    I also enjoyed how you said you were tired of your characters… 🙂
    chin(s) up girl x

  3. Nine copies during the first 24 hours is quite good! Congrats. And good luck with the promotion.
    As for the cookie, well… that’s certainly very vague. Maybe it means that people keep trying out different things because they haven’t found the one thing they really want? Just a hunch!

    • Of course you had a wacky misadventure! We wouldn’t want it any other way. 😉 I love Chicago. One time, I was there on business. The men who picked me up at the airport took me straightaway to dinner. We rode in a convertible, top down, classical music flowing from speakers. It was magical with the warm summer night and the lights of the city.

      • Ok, now I feel like I am being totally shunned and have been kicked out of the WP clan and no one told me. Not only am I not showing up in Readers, my page views are at an all time low, folks are un-following me, and when I leave comments, including a hilarious one I left for you last night, they are not posting. What’s the deal? Should I take my ball and go over to Blogger or what? Don’t you peoples like me anymore?

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