A Fine Place for Writing

We live in a century home. It was built in 1903.

We knew the house needed work when we bought it, but other than necessary repairs, we haven’t yet been able to do the remodeling we originally planned. I don’t care. I love our old house with its two staircases and creepy basement.

I’ve claimed the dining room for my office and my used book business. This year it has also become a fine place for writing. Allow me to show you around my room: Image1 – Crazy patterned wallpaper which was here when we bought the house. It has a “magic eye” effect. I can do the eye thingy and get the design to “pop out,” but there’s nothing in there.

2 – A really great wood desk weighing a million pounds. We paid $35 for it at a local thrift shop.

3 – Candy dish with m&m’s for editing.

4 – Sticky note left by 25-year-son. It reads, “I love you!” He left it on my desk one day when I wasn’t home, and I couldn’t make myself throw it away, so it’s taped to my computer.

5 – Pink mp3 player with pink earbuds. I truly am a pink girl at heart.

Yes, my vhs/dvd player is up on blocks. Hubby rigged it for me so the stupid cable box could have air flowing around it.

On the wall behind my desk are bookshelves holding what’s left of my used book business. It wasn’t too long ago, I had over 5,000 books in inventory, but I’ve downsized. I’d rather write than sell used children’s books, and I’m tired of carrying heavy boxes to the post office. The books in cloth bags on the floor are waiting to be processed. I might get around to them one day. ImageTo the right of my desk is the shipping department. It’s obvious my table is in front of the old fireplace, but we haven’t used it for many years. I cropped the picture because the ugly brown box of packing peanuts under the table made the whole thing look worse than it already does.

ImageWhat you don’t see is the sofa along the bay window directly behind my chair. It was never for guests; it was always for dogs. There were days when all four of them would sleep on the sofa while I worked. Today, it seems silly to have a full-sized piece of furniture for just a beagle, but he does seem to enjoy it.

I like having this spacious room to work in every day. I can open the window beside my desk for lovely breezes and plenty of sunshine comes into the room. I can see into the kitchen while writing, and it’s easy to yammer at hubby when he’s out there foraging for a snack or taking a quick puff on a cigar.

Thank you for taking this little tour of my fine place for writing. It’s time to get back to that nifty notebook on my desk which is harping at me, because I’ve used the word “shocked” a dozen times in my current work in progress, and no one can be shocked that much in one book.

Let me know what your fine place for writing is like. Or better yet, do a blog post and show me.

24 thoughts on “A Fine Place for Writing

  1. I love it and will be keeping my eyes open for a solid desk the one i have is a flat pack job that never really fit together properly but I was too impatient to return it hernce the reason it is now getting modified a little lol
    as it will be a work in progress (my bedroom needs redecorating aswell I will post pics as we go along)

      • i saw a beautiful old fashioned roll top ladies writing desk not long ago sadley it was far too small to be practical it would barely have fit a laptop on it but I shall be keeping an eye open for now I shall be adapting to make use of what I have including two bookcase which are going to be used to provide an extension for all my old uni worl I have stored in box files until I sort then all out at some point in the future

        • I love roll-top desks; my grandmother had a beautiful one. Hers, too, would have been impractical for much more than writing letters. I can’t wait to get these children’s books off of the bookcases so I can put *my* books back on them. It will be nice for you to have all of your materials out in the open on bookshelves. As a side note, did you get your Facebook account straightened out?

  2. Ergonomics: a term derived from the Greek Έργον, meaning “work”, and Νόμος, meaning “natural laws”. A whole lot of stuff has been said and written about that, but I always think of it as whatever works and feels natural.

    • When I see the word, I always think of keyboards and chairs (that’s advertising for you). I’ve moved around the house with my business, but when we finally set everything up in here to accommodate me and the dogs, it was what felt best. It’s been a joy to be able to work at home, and now writing is pretty cool, too. On your blog – is that your real desk – so neat and clean and tidy? I admit to clearing off my stacks of papers and a stack of books before taking the picture, but hubby’s desk is squeaky neat and tidy.

      • That neat and tidy desk is actually the dining room table. ;-P I worked for two days on that shot, standing on the counter and shooting down, cropping and rotating because the top of the laptop wasn’t perfectly aligned with the top of the picture. Truth be known, I usually write standing on my head while farting the Star Spangled Banner.

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  4. If it is functional, that is what matters. 🙂 I would have to change the wallpaper though. 🙂 Or put up bright pictures. I am using my hubby’s desk that he had when we first met. It has seen better days but is sturdy. I have a nice corner one in our house back home, but it was too big to bring here to the home away from home. 🙂 I do miss it. I love the M&Ms….I have black jelly beans and dark chocolate M&Ms from Easter. 🙂 I love seeing where other people write or create at in their homes. 🙂 Awesome post as always. 🙂

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