Six Sentence Sunday

ImagePick any six sentences from your writing, whether a work-in-progress or a published work, and post them to your blog on Sunday.

Rather than to continue with Susan in Vegas, I thought I would go back to the beginning where Susan Hunter made her first appearance in a Word document. Here is the opening paragraph from the first book in the series, Sunshine Hunter (with a slight modification to accommodate the entire paragraph):

My perfectly restored ‘67 Chevy Chevelle careened around the corner at Walsh and Park, the tires squealing in an effort to get my attention. I was angry, and my mind was reeling. I was thinking of all the ways I wanted to kill him. People on the sidewalk were staring as I flew by, and I knew I had to get a grip on more than the steering wheel. Carbide City was known for speed traps, and I didn’t need another ticket. Why are restored muscle cars magnets for cops and tickets anyway?

Anyone can join in. To participate and/or check out some other great sets of six, check out the site:

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26 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday

  1. I like the last line; it shows characterization. This piece relates to a lot of people, so I imagine you’ll get lots of readers. Great six Maddie and thanks for visiting my blog!

  2. In six sentences, I already NEED to know so many things! First of all, where is she going so quickly? Why is she so angry? And who is she going to kill are the main ones, and I thank you for making my “wishlist of ‘to-be-read’ books even longer!!! GREAT six 🙂

    • Thank you, Naomi! I appreciate that my hook was strong enough to interest you. 🙂 The answers come pretty quickly a few paragraphs later. Her reason to kill would make any woman mad! Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

    • Thank you, Elin. As a pre-teen, I rode around in muscle cars with my older cousin. He used to make me duck down when we went past pretty girls. 🙂 Over the course of a few years, he had a Mustang, a Fury, and a Chevelle. I loved them and had to give one to Susan. Thanks for commenting!

  3. Wow. that’s amazing. Really brought back memories of how my grandmother would toss down her cigarette, grind it out with her heel and tell me: “OK, get in the car, kid– we’re goin’ for ice cream!” : )

    Great opener, Maddie– definitely makes you want to keep reading!

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