Is Your Life a Musical?

Music has always surrounded my life.

I have four siblings, and we were all teenagers at the same time. Thanks to my mother, our house was filled with music – blues, jazz, top 40, country, and yes, even rock.

I wanted to expose our son to music, too. He was pretty young when we started taking him to our local Imagedinner theater to see musicals. Every Friday night for an entire winter, we watched a movie musical – Singing in the Rain, Oklahoma, Man of La Mancha, etc.

We did unit studies for music. We jumped on beds to classical music, sampled opera which we first heard from Bugs Bunny, and the kid eventually taught himself to play the guitar.

It was nothing for one of us to ask another a question and get a response in song. Sometimes the stuff we would come up with would send us off into gales of laughter, and we thought we would die laughing (see Roly at Comedy in Crisis). Of course, the rest of my family thought we had gone bonkers, because we turned our life into a musical.

It’s been quite a few years since then, but there is still a lot of music in our home. My husband and I play Dr. Mario on an old Nintendo 64. We turn the sound off, put our own music on, and play into the wee hours of the night while we chat and listen to music. I’ve noticed he likes to sing along with the girl backup singers. Just the girl backup singers. It’s hilarious. And he’s ruined about a bajillion songs for me because he changes lyrics, and then I have his lyrics stuck in my head.

So, that’s it. My musical life. I have nothing profound to say. I simply wanted to veer away from a writing post today. But I did put song lyrics in my first two books, and then panicked when I found out it could cost me a fortune, and I had to REPUBLISH!

6 thoughts on “Is Your Life a Musical?

  1. Maddie, we seem to have so many similarities. My kids and new husband share a love of music, two of my kids play instruments and are always trying to start a band. Whenever we get together, we fight over the fancy interweb tv so we can show each other the latest greatest band. We actually did this just last Saturday night. My oldest son showing my youngest step-son the Steam Powered Giraffes, and younger stepson replying with a K-Pop video from a lunatic simply known as PSY. It’s great fun, and something I think we’ll always share. A very special note along this line-when my middle son was stuck for a year in a munitions depot in the Kuwait sand box, I would get a random text every so often that went something like this: “Mom! Turn on Alt Nation ( an XM radio station for those who don’t know) right now, Neon Trees new song is on, it kicks ass? Have u heard it yet? So glad we still have things to share even though they are all growed up.

    • Isn’t it amazing how easy it is to communicate now? I remember waiting and waiting on letters from my cousin when he was in service. Again, a big thank you to your son for serving! Our son bought a newfangled television for his apartment, and he keeps yammering about all the cool things he can do, but I’m clueless. I’ll have to have him show me one of these days. Kids and music – it’s a nice way to bring family together.

  2. Music is my life, my life is music…even when I’m writing novels.

    Actually, I included lyrics in my latest novel too. But since they’re all mine I won’t have any copyright or royalty issues. Thank Elvis.

    • I saw you had your own lyrics in your book! I was impressed. I love the premise for your story and fully expect to read it one day. I’m reading three other WordPress bloggers books right now, have one in the queue to buy, and will add yours to my list. Daniel Klein wrote murder mysteries with Elvis doing the sleuthing, and I’ve found them entertaining. I’m in the middle of one of those, too. I really do finish what I start reading. 😉 There are just so many good books and so little time!

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