Six Sentence Sunday


It’s easy! Pick any six sentences from your writing, whether a work-in-progress or a published work, and post them to your blog on Sunday.

My six are, once again, from Sin City Hunter, the third book in the Susan Hunter Mystery series.

Last week, we left Mick and Darby in their underwear on either side of the hotel room bed. Susan wasn’t expecting Mick, her fiancé, to arrive for two more days. … Her parents are staying on the same floor of the hotel, and as they are returning to their room, they hear the shouting from Susan’s. My six are from a few moments later:


Mom was ogling back and forth between Mick and Darby. Her eyes were wide as she was clucking and saying, “Oh my. Oh my.”

I looked to my dad with misery oozing from my eyes and said, “Mom, Dad, this is Mick. Mick, these are my parents, Lilah and Earl.”

“Oh, for crying out loud,” Mick muttered in exasperation.


Anyone can join in. To participate and/or check out some other great sets of six, check out the site:

Twitter – #sixsunday

25 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday

    • Hi Sue Ann. Your post surfaced today in my wordpress spam folder! Thank you for stopping by and reading my six. The parents ended up thinking it was hilarious, but the others wanted to sink through the floor – exactly right! 🙂

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