Two Dogs and a Tarot Death Card

Image Image

I love my new book cover!

I’m delighted with the likeness of our beloved hound, Joe, and I think this storyline is my favorite of the four books.

I’m excited to finish the editing and publish!

8 thoughts on “Two Dogs and a Tarot Death Card

    • Thank you, Robin. My niece does my covers, and I was excited to see this today. We lost Joe last year due to a vet’s misdiagnosis. We coped by knowing he had a wonderfully spoiled life and lived to be 13 years old. I loved writing him into my book and think my niece did a great job with him on the cover. Joe lives on …

      • We put our Rosie down four years ago (she was 15) and I still grieve. We buried her at our cabin and every time I pass her grave I say hello. So sad. But, the tree we transplanted in her honor thrives!

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