Silly Pinterest


I know how I wrote three books in such a short amount of time. I was able to do it because I wasn’t writing blog posts, reading blogs, commenting on blogs, and then,, playing with Pinterest.

I thought Pinterest was silly. What was the point? Bulletin boards with pictures stuck on them – big whoop. I’ve already admitted I’m a dolt when it comes to social media. One like on my Facebook page, and I’ve made one tweet on Twitter. I’m not ready to spend time on either yet, so that’s not really a complaint.

I recently read a social media post about Pinterest, and thought I should give it another look. One author is pinning indie books on her boards (with permission and usually by request), and they all link to Amazon. I think she’s an Amazon affiliate and will make money if people click through from her boards to buy. Very smart.

I did a lot of searching online while I was writing my books. It might be fun to do a board for each book with images of clothing, items, and locations that inspired some of my thoughts for my writing. I don’t have time for that right now, but I figured I could at least pin my books to one board.

I spent sooo much time this past weekend pinning on just two boards. I couldn’t stop. Of course I had to look at other boards as well – and follow people! And when I would go searching for something to pin, I would bounce from one idea to another until I had so many tabs open, even my computer was confused.

When I finally slowed down and looked at the finished (not really) result, I liked it. There’s something to be said for looking at things that are pleasing to you and make you happy.

I think I can use this to my advantage in the future, but for now, someone needs to take Pinterest away from me so I can edit my book.

9 thoughts on “Silly Pinterest

    • It was easier than I expected. Pinterest’s walkthrough at the beginning made it easy to set up and easy to start boards. A little “pin it” button is added to your toolbar. When you find a desired picture online, you push the “pin it” button, and all the pictures on the page become available. You pin the one(s) you want. But be warned, making boards can usurp a lot of time. I’m under control now, but I wasn’t over the weekend. 🙂

    • Hi Brooke. I forgot that when I make any little changes to older posts, they still go out in an RSS feed – or somewhere. I wasn’t deliberately trying to draw you in to a post from last July. 😉 BUT – Pinterest really is addictive! I’m trying to make pages for each of my books, but I get so sidetracked once I start looking at pictures. 🙂

  1. I like pinterest for my food blog. I’ve gotten a few followers from that. I haven’t done it for my writing stories yet. I am thinking about it though. Like I said it draws people to your blog and that’s always a good thing. Plus I have quite a few followers on there (don’t ask me how that happened!) I’ve slowed way down on it tho as it IS a big time suck. 😉

    • I’m thinking that Pinterest has far more of my target audience than I’ve given it credit for. I really need to focus on it more. I can’t see Twitter or Facebook doing much for me right now, but I like my blog, and I’m really going to try to work harder on Pinterest soon.

      Have you had any posts lately on your food blog? I haven’t been there for a while either. -sigh-

      • I did a post on my food blog about 2 weeks ago. Since I’ve moved I have neglected both blogs and my writing terribly. I really need to get back to some sort of schedule.

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