Six Sentence Sunday


I recently saw a blog post for Six Sentence Sunday. You simply pick any six sentences from your work, whether a work-in-progress or a published work, and post them to your blog on Sunday.

The six I’ve chosen for my Six Sentence Sunday debut are from Sin City Hunter, the third book in the Susan Hunter Mystery series.

After an incident at O’Hare Airport, star hockey player, Dell Grady, was highlighted on an evening sportscast hosted by Bob and Steve. Here are my six from the newscast . . .

He quite proudly proclaimed, “Oh, that was just Susan. I was giving her a lift to the gate, and let me tell you, it was great fun, and I’d like to do ‘er again.” He nodded to the camera and walked away from the reporter.

Jessie Manchip turned back to the camera and said with a big grin, “Well, guys, you heard it, too. It was just Susan, and Dell wants to do her again.”

Bob and Steve were laughing so hard neither of them could speak.

Anyone can join in. To participate and/or check out some other great sets of six, check out the site:

Twitter – #sixsunday

15 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday

    • Dell was supposed to be a quick encounter for Susan on the airplane, but he stayed around for the entire book – and he was adorable. Love how that crazy writing process works. 🙂

  1. I didn’t know you did stuff like SSS. Hmmm this the only one?? Guess I will find out. Great lines though! Now I got a sneak peek in one book I haven’t read yet. When I get some money I’m ordering all of them! 🙂 (oh your stalker strikes again! Been missing some Maddie)

    • Hello, my favorite stalker. I’ve missed you, too! I’ve spent all day working my way through my reader and reading blogs. Hours and hours of reading, and I only managed to go back as far as four or five days ago. I’m cutting my losses and simply moving forward.

      I had fun doing the Six Sentence Sundays for a while, but there were nearly 100 people doing them, and it took an entire day just to get around to half of them and read. Plus, many of them were on Blogger and R-rated, so I didn’t follow through on those. But I had fun participating for a while.

      • It’s like Friday Fictioneers for me. Almost 100 people do it and there is no way I can read them all. Lately I’ve been trying to read and comment on the ones I never have before. It’s fun to write, time consuming to read. 😉

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