Where Does This Stuff Come From?

Writing has surprised me.

Once I had Susan’s story in mind, the words came easily. What I wasn’t prepared for were the unexpected twists and turns. When Susan was stopped outside her apartment door by a neighbor who lived across the hall, I not only didn’t know he lived there, but I was surprised to find out he was her best friend! I didn’t intend to write him into the story, but he has been one of my favorite characters, and I can’t imagine the books without him. Where did he come from?

Sometimes I’ll write a scene and several chapters later another event happens that perfectly ties in with the previous event. It wasn’t predetermined, and I have to sit and giggle for a few minutes. Characters show up and things happen that take me completely by surprise. I had no idea writing was like this and would be so entertaining.

Every day I can’t wait to start writing again so I can find out what happens next.

3 thoughts on “Where Does This Stuff Come From?

  1. For these reasons, I love writing! The twists and turns your characters take. The way things just seem to happen without us doing anything. I love it all. That’s what keeps me writing. One day I will be published, well here’s hoping anyway. Glad to see you have the same experiences happen to you!

    • From what I’ve read of your writing so far, Jackie, there is no doubt in my mind that you will be published one day – for sure. … The twists and turns still tickle me. I had my last book pretty well planned out, but Susan took it in directions I never intended because she couldn’t keep her nose out of the murder next door. 🙂

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