Family Matters

After writing several chapters, I knew I was turning out something I could publish on Smashwords, and it was time to tell my family.

My husband and our son were talking in the kitchen; I joined them. I’m sure the grin on my face made them think I had done something to embarrass them yet again. My husband looked at me and asked a simple, “What now?”

When I announced I was writing a book, our son’s reaction was to bend over at the waist with laughter. My husband starting laughing, too, then wanted to know what it was about.

I told them it was a mystery with a little romance and a little humor. That brought more laughter, and our son walked away shaking his head. I filled my husband in on this fantastic place called Smashwords. I told him he could write a story about anything, publish it there, and then sell it. I told him that my book wouldn’t be perfect, but it would be entertaining.

My sister reads a lot of books from the library. When I told her I was writing a book, she laughed. Obviously, my reputation precedes me.

My mother has always been an avid reader. My colorful life has given her many headaches. When I told her I was writing a book, she frowned. When I told her what the book was about, she was irritated. I know she was thinking I would write something that would embarrass her.

Family. They can be tough critics.

7 thoughts on “Family Matters

  1. Hi, I think you can write a great book! Keep your focus on the book and not on what people might think! Anyone can write a book that will sell, and you can too! If your book is an eBook sell it everywhere, like and on it’s easy! You may have already known this and if so, I apologize, but I wanted to help! I’ve written 32 novels and no one in my family has read 1! What matters are your dreams! Thank you for the follow! Keep writing!

    • 32 novels! That’s impressive. My family is gradually reading, and so far, they are all on board with my books. It does make it easier to keep going forward. Thank you, too, for following!

  2. I haven’t told my family I am writing a novel or that I write short stories on a blog. They would just nay say it so I keep my mouth shut. Sad isn’t it.

    • Yes, this makes me sad. This would be really hard for me if my family – especially my mother – wasn’t supportive (and I was worried that she wouldn’t be). My husband read my first book, probably to satisfy his curiosity more than anything, but he hasn’t read any of the others. Our son hasn’t read any of them at all.

      Do you have any siblings that would care? Do you share with friends, or are your readers only online?

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